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Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
March 1, 2002

My Biggest Mistake In Network Marketing
By: Tom Woods

I was devastated.

I was curled up in the womb position on my bed for 3 days: drinking my tears and breathing my depressing thoughts.

I wondered, "What am I doing...?"


I had just started my network marketing business.

I was excited. I saw the vision. I believed.  I worked
hard.  I did what my upline told me to do.

I called all my friends and family.  I worked with the
workers. I let the system help those who weren't ready
to work.

I was on my way to becoming an instant success.

At least that's what I thought.

After the first month, I had some success. But it wasn't
earth shattering. I couldn't understand how all those
people had made $10,000 in their first month. (I know
now that they didn't!)

But I kept working.

My second month was bigger than my first month. But for the amount of work I had put in I think I had earned
about $1.10 per hour. Yikes!

But I listened to my upline and knew that the big money
was years down the road.  The work I was doing now would pay me for a lifetime. (it's true!)

Even though I can look back now and see that is true,
I started having some doubts back then.  How do I know they are not just saying that to make money off of me?

My third month was bitter sweet.  I started having much
more success, but my downline started quitting!  How
would I ever build an empire of freedom if everyone quits?

My upline told me to go to my "chicken list".

You know... the list of people you are too chicken to call.

"They are the people that don't quit", he said.  Quitters
in this business are also quitters in the rest of their
life. Find people who don't quit in their life and you
will have a rock-solid business.

So I made my list.

On it was:
A CEO of a Fortune 100 company
An Olympic silver medallist
A Mayor
And a bunch of other people who I thought would never in a million years do this business.

Then I told my downline to make their chicken list.

I would call their list, too.

I was going to succeed.


I lined up my list and thought who would I like most in
my business.  The Olympian!

He was bright, athletic and intense.

And he doesnít quit!

I called him up and got him to meet with me.

I was so nervous that I could feel my heart beating
against my rib cage.

I explained the business to him.

Maybe there was still some doubt in my voice that this
"network marketing" would really work.  Maybe I didnít build enough rapport. Maybe... maybe... I don't know what went wrong... But after I finished, he looked at me straight in the eyes and said...

"Tom. I think what you are doing is evil.  I'm very
familiar with these schemes. They are all a bunch of
lies and they are spawned by Satan himself."

He continued, "If you contact me or anyone I know about this, I will make sure your reputation is ruined. I
don't ever want to hear from you again".


What had I done?  Am I really evil?  Is this industry
a scam?

I respected this man so much... and now I'm no longer
his friend.  I was shaking as I got in the car and
drove home.

When I arrived home, I jumped into bed and cried.

I stayed there for three days.


I was depressed. I wondered if I had made a big mistake in my life by believing in this industry.  But then I started looking at the situation more clearly.

Why am I listening to this guy?

Because he is an Olympic Silver Medallist?

That's second place.

And it's in sports, not business.

In fact, his business success was non-existent.  He was
as poor as I was.

And what person in their right mind treats people like
he treated me? Why would I want to be friends with someone who was so mean to people?

I was getting mad. My big mistake wasnít in believing in
this industry it was in caring what he thinks.

"I'm not going to let some mean-spirited runner-up tell
me who I am", I said out loud.  "I'm in charge of my life.

I'm responsible for my destiny."

How could I have made the mistake of caring what he thinks.

He's not going to cry at my funeral. Why should I spend
one more second worrying about his opinion of me.

The truth is, I KNOW that network marketing will work.
The foundational principles of word-of-mouth, leverage
and duplication are the most fundamental business

EVERY industry uses these principles. Network marketing is the only one that let's the little guy take advantage of them!


Right then and there I DECIDED I was going all the way.

I developed an attitude that I was going to the top of
the mountain or you would find me dead on the side of
the road.

I didn't care if my downline quit.  I'd find better ones.

I didn't care if my upline quit. I'd find better ones.

I didn't care if my company quit. I'd find a better one.

I didn't care what anyone thought. I was going to make
it to the top and I was going to treat people with

I would never steal anyone's dreams, like the runner-
up tried to steal mine. If someone wanted to quit
network marketing and start something else, I would
believe in them.

If someone wanted to join my team and make it to the
top, I'd believe in them.

I would do whatever I could to help people make it.

That's why I started this newsletter.  Itís been free
for 6 years.

I give away more training than most companies sell.

Because I know how important it is to have someone
believe in you.


I kept at my chicken list.

And I kept working with my downlines' chicken lists.

We brought in the most incredible people. People
with vision. People with belief. People with emotional
fortitude.  They have created residual fortunes.
Empires of freedom!

None of my top people are Olympians.

They are ordinary people who have the Olympic spirit.

Their medal is the freedom they provide for their family.

Their fame is the day they walk across the stage with
thousands of peers cheering them on for their business

Their commitment is to help other people achieve their

We are not dream stealers.  We are dream builders!

We are the ultimate dream team.


I'm going to be personal here.

I shared with you a very tough time in my life. Not
because I wanted to, but because I thought it might
make a difference for you.

I don't know what you are going through in this industry.

I don't know the challenges you face in your life.

I am sure that they may seem insurmountable at times.
But I want you to know something...

I want you to know that you can make it.

I want you to know that it MIGHT be easy for you... but even if it's hard... even if you work harder at this
success than anything youíve ever worked for.

It is so worth it.

You are next. You are the one I want to see make it
to the top. You are the one who I want to see walk
across the stage. With a huge smile. And inspiring words.

You are the one who will then help others get
financial freedom.

Your pay day is coming.

Are you ready for the challenge?!

Make it happen...

With passion...
Tom Wood

Find out about Tom's online marketing system here:


          "An inventor fails 999 times, and if he succeeds
             once he's in. He treats his failures simply as
                                 practice shots."

                              ~ Charles Kettering ~

What Recession???

Treasury Secretary, Paul O'Neill says, "We do believe
there is quite a bit of evidence that we are in the
early stages of an economic recovery."

Dave Cole says, "There was an economic downturn????
Someone must have forgot to tell me about it, we made
more money this past year than ever!"

Just think how nice it would be to have an "extra"
paycheck coming in from your Internet business.
You'd not ever need to worry about which way
the "grey suits" in Washington wanted to manipulate
the would stand secure knowing
that your Internet business would still be
there making you money.

One of my partners, Kristen, was hit this past month
with a real family crisis. Her husband became very ill,
her mom and two of her close friends passed away.

Kristen had almost no time to work her PetOpp
business, yet her business still grew, and last month
was the best month financially she had ever had online.

See that's the beauty of a really good network marketing opportunity. Even if you are not able to be there and work it all the time, the people under you are out there working making you money 24/7.

Fortunately Kristen was able to spend the needed
amount of time with her husband and friends and still
have her business grow and have a nice check coming in.

If it's the right time for you, and you want to have the
security that a real business of your own provides, then
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"It's great to be in this business - I really love it. I really
was impressed how we went from 2 to 4 star this
month barely working. Of course, I know we're only
coasting on what we did last month, but it's still pretty

Kristen H.


My Wonderful Wife!

During a recent publicity outing, Janet sneaked off to visit a fortune teller of some local repute. In a dark and hazy room, peering into a crystal ball, the mystic delivered grave news.

"There's no easy way to say this, so I'll just be blunt: Prepare yourself to be a widow. Your husband will die a violent and horrible death this year."

Visibly shaken, Janet stared at the woman's lined face,
then at the single flickering candle, then down at her hands. She took a few deep breaths to compose herself. She simply had to know.

Janet met the fortune teller's gaze, steadied her voice, and asked her question.

                  "Will I be acquitted?"


   "Small opportunities are often the beginning of
                        great enterprises."

                        ~ Demosthenes ~


When It Rains...It Pours

Friends, as many of you know we had some real problems with our mailing software last weekend. We just did not get page 2 of the Market Bulletin out, but we will try to get your ads in this weekend's edition.

We purchased a new piece of mailing software, installed
it and it didn't work.......sigh.....back to the drawing
board. We spent a lot of time fooling with this and
in the meantime all our auto-responders managed to
get a bug and quit working.

When it rains it pours. But despite the adversity we had
thrown at us, and with the tremendous help of our
wonderful partner, Diana Ward, we're on our way
back into the mainstream.

Today's issue is the first mailing with our new mailing
system. I think it's going to work out very well, so
let me know if your issue arrived in good condition will
ya please?


      "I feel sorry for the person who can't get genuinely
       excited about his work. Not only will he never be
    satisfied, but he will never achieve anything worthwhile."

                             ~ Walter Chrysler ~

 "He who has a thing to sell
And goes and wishes in a well
Will not as likely get the dollars
As he who climbs a tree and hollers."


        "Each of us has a fire in our heart for something.
          It's our goal in life to find it and to keep it lit."

                        ~ Mary Lou Retton ~

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