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Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
March 07, 2003

Developing Wealth Consciousness
By: Richard Carlson, Ph.D.

Wealth consciousness suggests a complete absence of
money worries; an awareness that there is always plenty of money to go around.

People who live with true abundance never worry about having enough -  they know that creating wealth and affluence is a function of their own mind-set.

Worry keeps us from feeling free and joyful. We are never truly free until we break the chains of fear. But once we do, our lives will never be the same.

A life without worry is a life of abundance, a life well lived.

That which we focus our attention on expands. If we spend our mental energy worrying, it's difficult if not impossible to create great abundance.

Our fear gets in the way of our creativity and traps us in the status quo. In other words, our fear "interferes" with our means of creation.

On the other hand, if we are free of worries, if we maintain wealth consciousness, money will flow to us in inexhaustible ways. We literally create ways to keep money flowing in our direction. Our antennas will be open to embrace them.

The most important point about wealth consciousness can be summed up with the adage, "Don't put the cart before the horse." Make no mistake about it:

Wealth consciousness comes first!

You will not suddenly develop wealth consciousness if and when you become "wealthy."

It's the other way around.

You develop wealth consciousness by eliminating worry, by trusting in the universe and in your own inner resources. Once you secure your wealth consciousness, true abundance is just around the corner.


    "My dog is worried about the economy because Alpo is up to $3.00 a can. That's almost $21.00 in dog money."

                          ~ Joe Weinstein ~


Headlines In The News This Week

*  New Jobless Claims Climb Again

*  New home sales tumble 15.1% in Jan

*  Stock funds drained of $466 Million in January

*  American Air Could Go Bankrupt

*  Market Continues Losing Ways

Above are just a few of the headlines in the past couple days issues of Investors Business Daily.


Think you're secure in a job with a big corporation?

Think the stock market or mutual funds are a "safe" long term investment?

Do you have a Plan B?

Yea, you know where I'm headed here. Plan A is your job or your investments. But have you looked at the headlines for the past few years.....layoffs, corporate downsizing, companies going out of business, interest rates at all time lows, the market keeps going lower and lower.

Plan A isn't something you can really rely on to take care of your family and your future.

Several years ago I started a Mutual fund for my son, Karl's college education. Every month, it just kept getting lower and lower and lower.

Enough of that.

The first of September I signed him up as a rep under me in my network marketing company. Right now, he's got a Growing Income of around $400 a month that will keep coming in every month, whether I do another thing with his business or not!

And if I continue to work his business at the same rate, by the time he's ready for college, he'll never need to work a day in his life, if he doesn't want to.

Do you like that kind of thinking?

What's your Plan B?

What got layed off or got sick and couldn't work, or think you'll make money "sometime" in the stock market.

Folks the market isn't going back up anywhere near where it was for years....count em...looooong years ahead. You can bet on that.

Many of you have already started a side business at home.

You are securing your financial future and your time. You are going to be the ones retiring early, and not worrying whether you'll get layed off or layed up and unable to work, or you are making sure your kid can have the money for college.

Good thinking on your part!

But if you haven't started yet, or you possibly aren't making the kind of money you think you should, or just would like to expand your portfolio, then may I suggest you take a look at this.


   "How far would Moses have gone if he had taken
                            a poll in Egypt?"

                      ~  Harry S. Truman ~


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