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Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
March 14, 2003

We all want to build our businesses and we all want to make money and we all want to get things done that need to be done.... yet, if you're like me, it just seems that the things we should be doing keep getting put off and put off and we spend our time
doing all the "other " things.

Like cleaning our desks
Getting ready
Doing email
Reading more and more informational material

and so on and so on. While there's nothing really wrong with any of those, I consistently have to ask myself, "Is this going to help me achieve my goals, and what I want, and build my business?"

In short, I do a lot of procrastination. Too much.

Like here I am today at 4 PM just starting to get this
ready, I had all day and all week knowing that every Friday, a new issue goes out, but I put it off and put it off, and now i'm kicking myself, cause what I really want to do is go take a nap!

I also spend too much time following petty distractions
that only end up being big time wasters. Then at the
end of the day, I look and see what I've got accomplished, and when all I see is trivia, I get discouraged and then start kicking myself for not doing better, and you probably know the cycle from there.

So when Susan sent me her article this afternoon, it
kind of hit I hope her editorial will give you
a little humor along with some good lessons. She makes
a lot of good points, that I sure need to follow.


PS: I did get my taxes done three weeks ago! <grin>


Tax Time & National ProcrastinationWeek
Coincidence?   You Be The Judge
By: Susan Dunn, The EQ Coach

It's tax time again, and also National Procrastination
Week.  What a unique opportunity.

I'm doing what I've always done.  Putting it off .
putting it off.  Are you?  I'm procrastinating, and
thereby making the situation worse.  I'm fairly
organized - after all, I'm a licensed Accountability
CoachT. ( )

It's all organized, I just need to get it together  and make the appointment with the accountant.  As  the world turns ...


Well, I write articles (as you know) and often I write
about what's right in front of me - and right now it's
my procrastination about tax time.  So I decided to
take a look at what's going on and learn something
from it.  I'm The EQ Coach, so here goes:

· My emotions are befuddling me.  I don't LIKE this,
and it's stalling my action.  It's not that I hate paying
taxes so much, it's that I'm worried I'll get it all wrong.

· When you read that, do you think it's silly?  Most of
the things that we ^obstacle^ ourselves with look silly
to other people.  (That's why I recommend coaching!)

· If I'd go ahead and get this done, it would be off my
mind.  Instead, I wake up every morning and "worry."
It's a waste of time and energy.  I've created a
toleration for myself, a drag.

· I'm rehearsing anxiety . the more I exist in this state,
the more I'll be reminded of it next year, and the next
year, and that will add fuel to the fire.

· I tell clients "when you have something you don't
want to do, but must, do it first and do it fast."  Why
am I not taking my own advice?

· I used to tell my kids, "In the time you argued with
me about this, you could've gotten it done."  Why
don't I take my own advice?

Meanwhile, I'm working with a client who's started a
new profession - outside sales - and for two weeks
now when we talk, he says, "I'm organizing my office,
getting ready."  I wonder why he doesn't JUST DO IT.
'Quit organizing your office and just go sell a roof,'
I think.

He's doing the same thing I'm doing!  Different object,
but same tactic.

He asks me "Why do I do this?"  "Because you don't
want to," I reply.  "But I need the money," he says.
"Why do I do this?  It makes me so mad."

He would like to analyze why he's not doing.  This is
another form of procrastination.  'Let's talk about why
we're not doing it, rather than doing it.'  Kind of like
my writing this article, you may be thinking!

I move him to self-talk.  How could he frame this in
his thoughts and mind so that it was more palatable?


We talk all the time about passion, and doing only
what you like to do.  But of course that isn't the Real
World.  There are two kinds of "like to do" things.
The kind you enjoy doing, and the kind you feel good
AFTER doing.

Saying "I love to work" isn't quite the answer to his
situation.  Cold calls aren't fun.  Sales people need
exceptional resilience and positivity, which this man
has . he just needs to remember the thrill of the
sale, the feeling "after".  We talk about that.

He's going to feel so good once he sells a roof and
has some income coming in.  He'll have energy
freed because he won't be worrying about bills.  His
self-esteem will soar from the success.

I'm going to feel so good once I get this stuff over to
the accountant.

It just requires TAKING ACTION.


I consider Intentionality to be the highest-level EQ
competency.  And that's what I forgot this year!  Next
year I'm going to get my Intentionality operating.
Intentionality means doing what you say AND being
accountable to yourself for your motives.  I guess this
year I intended to torture myself over tax-time again,
to procrastinate and to worry.  Next year I'm going to
remember this and do it differently.  How about you?


I could've gotten this all done in the time I wrote this
article.  Think I'll close down the computer and JUST
GO DO IT.  I'm going to feel so good when I get this
off my to-do list.

©Susan Dunn, The EQ Coach, offers individual
coaching and Internet courses on emotional intelligence
to improve every area of your life.  Take The EQ
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