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Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
March 28, 2003

We talk with a lot of folks every day about our business
opportunities. Most people would love to have a viable
home based business that makes them a good, extra income every month or even full time income that would allow them to quit their jobs.

There are a lot of really great people out there looking.
There's really no shortage on that.

However, when it comes down to the bottom line, too
few people actually "do something about" fulfilling their
dreams and doing something that would make their lives
a whole lot better.

We hear all kinds of excuses, they don't have the time,
don't have the money, it's not right for them and so on..... but, I honestly believe that most of these excuses are really cover ups to something called fear.

Fear stops us in many, many ways.

Fear stops me. I'm afraid sometimes to make those calls I need to, or talk with that certain person I really should...... I'm afraid I will say something wrong, or do something stupid, or afraid the person will reject me.

Fortunately, I'm learning to overcome some of my fears
and instead see my vision, and instead see what I have
done right and what I want to accomplish.

I am learning to see that many of the fears I have are based on past issues....past things that made an impression on me then....but really have no relevance to me now, yet I still carry those old fears around.

When this article below came across my desk, I thought
it really made some good sense, so I thought I'd pass it
along to you guys. It helped me take a closer look at
myself and some of those fears I had.

Happy reading, and I really do wish you the very best,


False Evidence Appearing Real

When I was young, my parents wouldnít let us watch a lot of things that came on television. They told us that certain programs were for adults only and therefore, we werenít allowed to watch them. One of the things my parents wouldnít let us watch were Soap Operaís, yet, my mother was an avid fan of Days of Our Lives.

The grammar school that I attended was right around the corner from my house, which allowed me to come each day for lunch. One day, at lunchtime when I arrived home, my mother, as usual, was watching Days of Our Lives. I sat down at the kitchen table to eat my lunch, which my mother had already made for me, and placed myself so that I could get a glimpse of what was happening on the television.
My mother was so engrossed in the show that she didnít notice me sneaking a peek.

I remember it as if it were yesterday. I guess I remember it so well, because I was doing something that I knew I had no business doing. I was watching Days of Our Lives, which was only for grown-ups and here I was, 7 years old, and watching it, with my mother right in the room.

There was a woman who walked into her bedroom and from under the bed jumped a man wearing black clothing and wearing gloves. When he jumped from under the bed, he scared the living daylights out of me. I must have jumped clear out of my seat, which drew attention to me and my mother raised her voice to tell me to turn around.

Well, that was enough for me. I was totally petrified. I have no idea what the man did after he jumped from under the bed. But I created an entire ending in my mind. It scared me so much that for a long time, I was fearful of going into my own bedroom. I was so scared that I would reach into the room and turn on the light without entering the room and then jump,
clear across the room into the bed because I was afraid of the man who I just knew was now hiding under my bed.

Every morning my mother or father would get on me for
falling to sleep with the light on. ďWe donít own Public Service,Ē is what they would say to me. ďTurn the light off. That costs money.Ē But I was afraid to turn the light off because if I turned the light off, I simply KNEW he would come out and hurt me the same way he hurt the lady on television.

I had totally convinced myself that he was going to come out and hurt me in some way. You could not have told me otherwise. I was truly scared to death of walking past my bed.

This went on for about six months. After about that time, I started wondering how come he never came from under the bed. So, I got up the nerve one day, during the daytime, to check under my bed and that is when I discovered that there was no one under there. And, I simply had to laugh because with the amount of dust that accumulated, I could tell that no one had been under that bed for quite some time.

See how I created a terror in my own mind. Without any evidence whatsoever, I believed, with all my heart, that there was a man living under my bed, waiting for the right time to come out and hurt me.

What proof did I have? Absolutely NONE. It was all something I created in my mind. I created a man living under my bed. I believed that he was there. I created the fact that he had nothing better to do with his life but to stay under my bed and wait for the opportune time to come out and hurt me. Yet, he never came out.

Thatís the way most of us live our life. We work on jobs that we hate that donít pay us nearly the amount of money we are worth. But we stay on the job because we fear if we leave, we wonít be able to find anything else. We create an entire scenario that if we quit or get fired, we will lose our homes because we wonít be able to pay the rent or mortgage.

We picture our families, and ourselves living on the street, with nothing to eat and nowhere to go. We picture ourselves reaching retirement age with no income and having to rely on public assistance to make it through the month.

But none of this is real. All of these are things we have created in our mind. There is no evidence that any of this will be true. Yet, we believe it so much because fear has us crippled into believing that it is true.

Motivational Speaker, author and salesmen, Zig Ziglar states it best. He says that FEAR stands for:
False Evidence Appearing Real.

All fear is false evidence appearing real. The Bible tells us that God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

When you go to a scary movie and it scares you to the point that it makes your heart beat faster, yet you know that this is just a Hollywood story and these are just actors. None of this is real. Itís simply something someone created using their imagination. But, that doesnít stop us from being scared.

When you know what you want to do with your live, but fear holds you back because you are fearful of what your friends and family might think. Shake it off. Itís False Evidence Appearing Real. When you tell your friends and family, you will notice that most of them will support you and your idea.

When you have to make that contact that will help you get to the next level, but fear stops you from stepping up to the plate, itís simply false evidence appearing real. The same way you created in your mind, a negative scenario, change it to a positive scenarios. Imagine the person is sitting there waiting to hear from you. If you donít make that contact, you will, in fact, be hurting that person in some way.

Itís all how you look at it. You are the one who creates the fear. Therefore, you are the one who can remove the fear.

ACTION POINT: If there is something in your life that
FEAR is holding you back from, take time and think about exactly what it is that you are fearing. Try to come up with the evidence that your way of thinking is correct and that you have proof that supports your beliefs.

Then take that same scenario and create, in your mind,
something positive. Think constantly on the positive and push out all negative, fearful thoughts. In time, you will discover that the thing you feared was simply the false evidence you were feeding to yourself and by simply replacing the negative thoughts with positive thoughts, you will be able to overcome that fear.

Reprinted from Your Life's Purpose
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     "Watch your thoughts; they become words.
       Watch your words; they become actions.
      Watch your actions; they become habits.
     Watch your habits; they become character.
   Watch your character; it becomes your destiny."

                    ~  Frank Outlaw ~


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