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Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
May 1, 2002

Dave's Annual Spring Training Issue

In baseball we go through spring training to get our
players ready for the upcoming season. We go over
fundamentals and practice, practice, practice.

Baseball and marketing have a tremendous amount
of similarities. So today we are going to get back to
basics. Go over the fundamentals and get you ready
for the upcoming marketing season.

I want you to be a Winner.

I want you to be a Leader.

You may find the info in this issue a bit strange from what others are teaching. You may have never heard of
some of these ideas before.....but I ask you to
seriously give consideration to what I'm saying,
then let me know your thoughts.


I Want To Be...Somebody New
By: Dave Cole

How You Think...Determines How You Act
How you act....determines how others React to you.

We receive back from others the kind of treatment
and respect we think we deserve.

If a person somehow feels inferior or inadequate,
they will act that way.


If you are an online marketer, you have an
important job to do this year.

You are not a "salesperson," you are a representative
of your chosen company.

You definitely should feel very good about what
you are doing and should believe your work is
IMPORTANT, helpful, and needed.

Plus you are in the business of helping other people
make their dreams come true.

You Are Important!
You do and should command respect.

Look and Feel Important
Act Important
Be important


Many people have the cycle of success a bit backwards... they think you must:

1. Do
2. Have
3. Be

i.e. You do the work to have the symbols to be the
successful person


You must FIRST .....BE

Be the kind of person you want to BE. Then you
will automatically do the things necessary to
obtain what you want.

BE-ing means you already are a success; with or without the "symbols" that society "thinks" must be there to "prove" your success...(what a bunch of pressure baloney that thinking is)

1. BE
2. DO


In this coming year work as much on BE-ing the kind of
person you really want as you do on DO-ing your

BE.... and the Do and Have part will follow as
naturally as night follows day. That is a Law
of Prosperity! And it works just as surely as
the Law of Gravity does.

Right now, write down who you really want to Be.

Next prefix it with I AM

I AM a highly successful network marketer
I AM financially free
I AM a kind and loving person
I AM healthy, wealthy, and wise
I AM an important person
I fill in the blanks

Never consider yourself in terms of who you were....
think of who you want to be.

Prosperity is a Choice. A choice only you can make
for yourself.


Setting goals will rarely work if a person is still
operating under an "old image" of who they are.

Change the Image of yourself first, then once you
see yourself and believe yourself to BE the person
you want to will have no difficulty in
setting and attaining those goals.

You Deserve whatever you want in life. If for any
reason you somehow feel you are un-worthy to receive
what you want  - GET OVER IT QUICKLY -

We at ChooseToProsper are rooting tremendously for
you during this year.

Please write us and tell us any of your ideas on how
we can improve and better help our readers.



      ""Character is built daily by the way one thinks
       and acts - thought by thought, action by action."

                             ~  Helen Douglas ~


I Am Already Somebody New

As our long time readers know, I manage the local
Pony League baseball team (13 & 14 year olds).

I teach my kids to be aggressive. Aggressive on the
bases, aggressive in the batters box.

You can't be a wimp and be a good ball player.

You can't be a wimp and be a good business person.

Hitting a baseball begins in the mind and in the heart.
I can teach anybody the proper mechanics of the swing,
but if a player doesn't have that confidence when he
goes up to bat, it's all over.

Some kids come into practice with a sign on their backs, that says "Kick me....I'm a football."

I've got to get that kid to realize he is somebody, he
can do it,...thats the biggest challenge I have, motivating
players who have been defeated in the past and getting
them to realize that the past does not equal their future.

For some kids they just never get it. It's sad. They've had so many things in their past "program" them into believing they can't do it.

One of the powerful things I teach these kids is visualization. Top Olympic athletes and top Major League ballplayers take serious time out and do this.....because it works.

I tell my kids to lay in bed at nite and see themselves getting hits. See themselves making plays, see themselves throwing the pitch where they want.

The subconscious mind responds to pictures....not words.

If a kid walks up to the plate thinking, "Don't strike out"
the chances of him striking out are pretty good. The
subsconcious is unable to interpret what "don't" means,
but it can make a picture out of "strike out."

We want our players to talk the talk, tell themsleves
"See the ball, Hit the ball." This is something tangible that their subsconscious can relate to.

Their success or failure is directly related to their ability
to "program their mind, or confidence levels."

When they believe they can do it, they will. They will then get aggressive and know they can hit anything.

I can teach anyone the mechanics of building a business,
that's easy. But what isn't easy is getting a person to
re-program their minds from what they were or from their past failures to believe they can be somebody new and that they can succeed with the right business venture.

Too many times in the past a kid has been taught the wrong fundamentals of how to hit or field a baseball. They come to me with 2 strikes against them, behind the 8 ball so to speak.

They've had far more failures in the past than succesess and now don't believe they can really be a good ball player. They're willing to try, but just don't "have it" inside.

Too many times people put themselves "behind the 8 ball" because they get themselves involved in all these "too good to be true" businesses or schemes, or hypey
stuff that is guaranteed to make sure they fail.

Then after a string of failures marketing, they find
it difficult to re-program, or never even realize how vitally important that part is FIRST!

While it may seem cruel, I tell every player that their
way is the Wrong way!  My way is the Right way!

I'm the leader......I know what I'm doing. I must break
these kids failure habits before I can get them to develop new ones.

I Am a good ball player
I Am a good hitter
I Am a good coach

The kids must see themselves as a winner in their minds
BEFORE they become a winner on the field.

I Am a good online marketer
I Am a good editor
I Am a good writer

I must see myself as a winner in my mind BEFORE I
become a winner out there on the Net or on the phone,
or whatever I am doing business wise.

Folks, I'm going to tell you right now: baseball, marketing or building a business is at least 75% mental!

25% in baseball is doing the fundamentals right. 25%
of marketing is finding a top quality business and
following proven methods of building your business.



Who are you?


     ""There are two kinds of men who never amount to
       much: those who cannot do what they are told, and
                     those who can do nothing else."

                                ~ Cyrus H. Curtis ~


More On Passion

Attending the Columbus dog show last weekend I
had the opportunity to talk with various other vendors.

One of the gentlemen was running a booth that sold
air purifier machines. While talking with Patrick, he
informed me that their company had over 400,000
distributors worldwide.....and he was consistently
in the top 10!

I asked Patrick what was the reason for his tremendous
success. He looked me right in the eye, had a slight grin
on his face and said one word: "PASSION"

He loved his business, he was passionate about his
products, he knew he was doing something worthwile.

Are you Passionate about your products?

If not, do you really believe it's going to work for you?


   "Only those who risk going too far can possibly
                  find out how far one can go."
                            ~ T.S. Eliot ~


It's Time To Get Jiggy

I am looking for 2 people

The first person must have the potential to become a
winner and a leader. You must be willing to invest 10
to 12 hours a week in order to have an income of $126,225 four years from now.

Thats only 2 hours a day to trade for a lifetime of time and financial freedom.

The second person must already be a winner and a leader and be willing to invest 30 hours a week in order to have an income of $378,675 in four years.

I am not interested in wasting my time on tire kickers
or wanna bees. I am dead serious, and I only want
to hear from folks who are serious.

I want people who are Aggressive....someone who is
ready to step up to the plate and hit a home run.

If you are either one of those two persons and want
time freedom and financial freedom, and you are willing
to do what I tell you....and not what you think is right.....

If you're a wimp....get back on your couch and watch
the game on TV.

I will show you how to build this business, put you in touch with top company leaders, include you in my Master Mind group, show you how to get thousands upon thousands of Free leads, and spend as much time with you as needed to ensure your Total Success.

Go here:


            "The only one who can beat me is me."

       ~ Michael Johnson, Olympic track champion ~


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