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Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
November 01, 2002


Integrity.....What's That?
By: Dave Cole

There's a law of the universe that says "What you sow, that you shall also reap."

I'm going to stand up on a soap box here and do some
complaining. We talk with a lot of folks every day. Most are really nice, most are sincere, and are honest.

It's a pleasure to do business with them. It's a pleasure to call them and chat.

They are winners....not whiners!

They are respectful.

Even if they are not interested in what we offer, they have the common decency to at least tell me upfront, no, I'm not interested.

That's honesty.  I appreciate that.

My business isn't for everyone, I realize that, but at least be a person with enough integrity to tell me it's not right for you.

But some people are losers.

They tell me they're interested but when I call back they
either hang up the phone, or have someone tell me they're not home, or screen their calls, or never return my calls or emails.

They have no integrity.


That's a word you don't hear much of now-a-days.

Do you really think that a person can go around blowing people off, lying to people, not holding up their commitments..... sowing seeds of dis-respect....and then expect that person to prosper in business?


I don't think so.

You got a business you're working, that's really great.
That takes courage.

You want that business to prosper?

Be a person with integrity.

Honor your commitments. If you don't have time to do
something, then say so. If you're not interested in a
proposition, then say so. Don't put people off and tell
them you'll get back to them if you aren't really interested.

Don't have your kid answer the phone and have them lie for you that you're not home. I mean let's get serious
here. If you're that kind of person, believe you me...
I don't even want you on my team.

We create our lives everyday by choosing what we focus on. What we focus on is what we become.

Sow seeds of dishonesty and that's exactly what you'll reap. And if you're sowing seeds of dishonesty, that's what's in your heart......and is that really the kind of person you want others to think you are?

Is that really the kind of person you think others will want to do business with?

Sow seeds of honesty and integrity and you'll find a
much greater prosperity surrounding your business and
your life.

It's a law, and a law can't be broken.
You can only break yourself on these laws.

That's why 99% of these hype filled, get rich quick schemes floating around the Internet today make exactly no dollars for anyone.

They don't have any integrity.

They're money making schemes designed to take your money and leave you high and dry.

Are those the kind of companies you really want your good name to be associated with?

Stand out from the crowd.

Be a winner, not a whiner.

You're not a loser. You are a winner. Display your integrity and your honesty. Prove to others you are a real genuine person who cares and who honors his word.

You'll find that prosperity flows to you instead of away
from you. I promise you that.


    "I told my psychiatrist that everyone hates me. He said I was being ridiculous - everyone hasn't met me yet."

                        ~ Rodney Dangerfield ~


16 Traits of Highly Successful People

1. Successful People Enjoy Their Work

2. Successful People Have High Self-Esteem And A Positive Attitude

3. Successful People Use Negative Experiences To Discover Their Strengths

4.  Successful People Have Integrity And Help Others To Success

5.  Successful People Are Persistent

6.  Successful People Take Risks

7.  Successful People Have Developed Good Communication And Problem-Solving Skills

8.  Successful People Surround Themselves With Competent, Responsible, Supportive People

9.  Successful People Are Healthy, Have High Energy, And Schedule Time To Renew

10.  Successful People Believe In God, A Higher Power, And Sometimes  Just Plain Luck

11.  Successful People Have A Sense Of Purpose And A Desire To Contribute To Society

12.  Many Of The Successful Challenge Traditional Concepts

13.  They Are Constantly Coming Up With Innovative, Fresh Ideas

14.  Age Is Not A Barrier

15.  They Continue, Even In Their Late Years, To Be
       Productive, Many Choosing Not To Retire Until Long After The Traditional Age.

16.  The Successful Continue To Schedule Time For Their Education


Put This In Your Pipe & Smoke It For Awhile

She is 92 years old, petite, well poised, and proud.
She is fully dressed each morning by eight o'clock,
with her hair fashionably coifed, and her makeup
perfectly applied, in spite of the fact she is legally

Today she has moved to a nursing home. Her husband of 70 years recently passed away, making this move

After many hours of waiting patiently in the lobby of
the nursing home,  where I am employed, she smiled
sweetly when told her room was ready.

As she maneuvered her walker to the elevator, I
provided a visual description of her tiny room,
including the eyelet curtains that had been hung on
her window.

"I love it," she stated with the enthusiasm of an
eight-year-old having just been presented with a new

"Mrs. Jones, you haven't seen the room...just wait," I
said.  Then she! spoke these words that I will never

"That does not have anything to do with it," she
gently replied. "Happiness is something you decide on
ahead of time. Whether I like my room or not, does not
depend on how the furniture is arranged. It is
how I arrange my mind. I have already decided to love
it. It is a decision I make every morning when I wake
up. I have a choice. I can spend the day in bed
recounting the difficulty I have with the parts of my
body that no longer work, or I can get out of bed and
be thankful for the ones that do work. Each day is a
gift, and as long as my eyes open, I will focus on the
new day and all of the happy memories I have stored
away...just for this time in my life.



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Todays Great Tip

If you're in a network marketing company, try prospecting
professionals like hairdressers, barbers, or dentists.

Once they become a distributor under you, tell them to tape a 100 dollar bill right in front of where their client is sitting. Then put a little sign under the bill that says "Ask Me!"

That gets everyone's curiosity. Then have your distributor explain to their client that we show people how to make one of those every day or two.

The person can't get up out of the chair and walk away, they have to listen to a presentation. It's a great eye catcher and a great way for your distributor to introduce your product and company.

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