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Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours                    Nov. 15, 2000

You Can Do It!

     I was very fortunate in having a father who had the ambition and gumption to get himself up out of bed at an early hour every morning and go to work every day in order to provide for his family. Many times
on holidays, weekends, or in the middle of the night he would be called out for over time, and he would go a lot of these times to make extra money for us.

     My father was an unselfish man and all the fruits of his efforts went to bettering his family's lifestyle. In my eyes he was a great man because he gave up over 40 of the best years of his life so that his family would have better living conditions than he had known as a boy.
     He taught me, through his consistent actions, that if I wanted to do something, I had to get up out of my comfort zone and do whatever it took to obtain it!

     My grandfather was a coal miner during the depression and World War II days. Before the war, work was often scarce for the miners and
was very hard labor. The miners worked in despicable conditions. The coal companies would take whatever liberties they could in pushing the miners to work without rights and in horribly unsafe conditions.

     My grandfather started as a hand loader, meaning he would have to shovel the coal by hand into wagons, working all day on his knees because of the low ceilings in the mines. Often they would have to dig out rock and slate to first get to the coal, which had to be hand loaded too. The miners didn't get paid for loading rock, they only got paid for coal. So part of their day was spent working for nothing just to get to the coal.

     All in all, they were paid a miserable wage, and were treated more like slaves than human beings. Once the unions came the miner's conditions
improved, but they still were in a continual fight against the companies to improve working conditions and wages.

     One year work was so scarce for my grandfather that he actually had to borrow money from the company pay master to buy Christmas presents
for his 6 kids. My dad and his brothers and sisters each got 1 orange that year as their Christmas present.

     My grandfather went on from those lowly and tremendously hard conditions to become a Pennsylvania State Legislative Representative.

He had a goal, a desire, and a willingness to do whatever it took to achieve that dream.

     In the running against him in 1948, was a very successful and popular businessman who was the incumbent. My grandfather did what it took to win that election. Every night after a hard day in the
mines he would campaign by walking the streets, knocking on doors, telling people of his candidacy and of his ideas for a better future.

     It wasn't easy for him, as he was up against a very popular person who had the money and name to back him. But, my grandfather won that election because he was the one who had the tenacity to do
whatever it took to succeed.

     My father succeeded in life because he gave up some of the comforts of home life and went out to work when he could have been home relaxing. He provided and gave his life so his children could have a better one than he had known as a child. He didn't know any other way.

     Both of these men were very hard workers and tried their best at what ever they did. They both lived in a time in our history that gave the average
person few chances to break out of the ordinary rut. But without their dedication to doing more than what everyone else was doing, they wouldn't have been able to accomplish what they both did.

     We now live in one of the most prosperous times the world has ever known. The opportunities around us are everywhere and seemingly endless. It is your choice whether you stay where you are or whether
you get a vision and a goal for your life and then dedicate yourself to getting there.

     You may be finding yourself in some hard to face situations. But, with a very great determination, a willingness to do absolutely whatever it takes, and a belief in yourself that YOU CAN DO IT, you
can rise above those conditions and have and become whatever you truly want and desire.


     There once was a lowly Swiss cow herder named Ces'ar Ritz. Mr Ritz had a dream and a tremendous amount of determination to better himself
and his life situation. He too had to start at the bottom and spend years of hard labor and years of learning his new trade.

     For several years he worked at various hotels. Finally his break came and he was named manager of the luxurious Grand Hotel in Lucerne and
the Grand Hotel in Monte Carlo. After many more years of hard work and believing in his dreams, he opened up a hotel of his own in Paris,
France. His success only escalated from there.

     Perhaps you have heard of the world famous Ritz-Carlton hotels? They are among the most elegant and magnificent hotels in the world.  Mr. Ritz
also founded a college by his name in his home country of Switzerland.

     The Ritz-Carlton hotels operate on the basic principles that customer service is to be above and beyond all, and that their guest satisfaction is
to be the hotel's highest mission.

     Despite being perhaps the richest hotel chain in the world, their focus is on providing their guests with the best service that is available on this planet. All their employees are thoroughly indoctrinated with this philosophy and don't have a job if they don't follow through with it.

     As network marketers we need to learn from these two stories and make our goals to do nothing less than what we have learned today.


     In case you are wondering if there is big money in this internet business stuff. The Wall Street Journal reported last week that Yahoo was going to
buy out Kimo is Taiwan's largest portal site with close to 30 million page viewers a day.

     The price?     $146 Million!


     This important announcement came across my desk this week from the editor of the highly respected e-zine, Ahboe. I checked it out on the AT & T web site and it's true.

     If you get a message on your pager, cell phone, or answering machine asking you to call an area code 809, DON'T DO IT!!!

     You will be charged up to $2,425.00 a minute!


Lastly comments from our readers: This comes from Trish Bell, one of
our Prosperity course members.

     "What a wonderful, truthful, encouraging, well put e-zine. I will definitely send it to my downline members. Your section about following the blueprint,
excellent! A couple of weeks ago I had a printed schedule that Greg and I both knew what needed done and when right down to morning, noon, etc.
This last week, things have been turned upside down here at home making the schedule impossible to follow. All my businesses are showing the
effect of not following the blueprint."

     But one thing about Trish, she's a great marketer and realizes the importance of making and following a business plan. And Trish, thanks for the great comments on the e-zine. Keep up the great work!

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