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Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
November 16, 2002


Read what our featured author has to say below about
promoting programs on the Internet. I'm sure after reading Kim's material you too will agree that being involved only with Quality programs that have proven track records are the best way to go right now on the Net.

That's another reason why I think you will do very well with becoming an affiliate with Terry Dean. He's got the name, he's done the branding for you, he's got the solid reputation and proven business.

People on the Internet today are doing business with proven experts who have spent years building their reputation.

All these affiliate programs coming out of nowhere and
having no names behind them are not going to make you any significant amount of money on the Internet during the economic times we are in right now.

I hope today's issue makes a lot of sense for you.

And I'm going to borrow a line from my good friend
Frank Garon at InternetCashPlanet here and tell you my own "shameless plug".......

This is Cinderella Ball nite at the local high school and
I need some extra money to pay for tux rental, flowers,
pictures, and dinner for my son Karl and his date. so
sign up for Terry's affiliate program and go make me
and you some money.   <grin>


PS: Karl and his date sure were a good looking couple.

PPS: People buy stuff from Kim Klaver (below) too because she has proven herself over the years to be an expert in her field.
She's also made more than a ton of money in network
marketing so you'll find Kim provides you with some
really solid info and not only that, her stuff is fun to read.

 While you're there, Sign up for her affiliate program too, the link is near the end of  her article.


Karl & Jessica



Why Are Internet Sales So Hard
By: Kim Klaver, AKA  Ms Stud

Repetition is the key when it comes to motivation. We read According to a current Fast Company survey, most people do not trust sales people.  Especially those who are selling stuff online.

But everyone buys things, don't they?

And millions of people buy things online.

So who do people trust to buy from online?  And how
can you be one of them?

Here are two ways people buy stuff online...

1.  For KNOWN STUFF.  People buy from 'trustworthy' websites that offer items which are already known to the buyer. E.g. a CD, a DVD, a book, etc.   Name sites like, or a site recommended by a friend where the friend had a good experience.

2.   For NEW STUFF.  People find their way (through friends or responding to something online) to a site whose information or program or teachings they are not familiar with.   They come to check it out.  Don't we all do that?

However, to make a sale, it is not until someone shows
themselves to be a trusted, experienced advisor in some
area of interest to the reader that the person gets warmed up.
And they stay a while to  see what more there is.
Whether it's a new or alternative product or service that's being offered, or an alternative to a mainstream job.

Acording to the survey,  people who show that they
KNOW something about the NEW STUFF are persuasive because they demonstrate by the content on their site (or in their newsletter) that they are:

"solving a genuine problem...I don't want to be persuaded. I want my problem solved." and

"successful sales people are more likely viewed as trusted advistors."

It's the old "You have to give, to get."  You put out first.
Offer something useful in the way of information, advice, or reports that are written by someone with experience about a topic of interest to your readers, that's related to what you are marketing.  Can be you or someone else.

I mean something more than a big empty claim about product or opportunity by someone who demonstrates no experience, offers no evidence of their own success or extended experience in the field.

So, how do you create or get content for your readers
that shows that you ARE more than just a soupy sales
person that no one likes?

What kind of information or advice can you offer about
the subject, and where do you get it if you don't write it

Two examples.

1.  Consider - advisor/coach role

The site has several hundred pages of tips and features, all of which I have written over the past years, based on my own experience building up a Giant Heap of my own, and teaching and learning from thousands of people both in and outside of my former organization.

All of this is advice, information, and knowledge I have
gained over these years, and it is all available to anyone, free.

The site gets millions of hits per month because of it.
I add something new almost every week available to
anyone, free.

People buy my stuff, even when it is still "NEW STUFF" because they can read any number of advice pieces and decide if they'd like more.

You can do the same with your experience on your site or in your newsletter.   Both with your product and service, and your business.  We will show you how to show your experiences first, so people can warm up to your knowledge and you, and then they take the next step:  Buy some of your stuff.

2.  Newsletter - either advisor/coach role or bring in outside 'reports' and information you have gathered.

For example, through Magic Monster, we plan to announce a 'Top Banana' club for 20 people who are comitted to working the Internet as a primary reaching out method for 12 months.  And of course, has a giant 'Affiliate' program to help you market our stuff online, so you can earn good referral fees. 

Now, I am personally not the one-all-end all source of
knowledge about the Internet, so I team up with someone who is.  Nevertheless, I do know how to get information from others who are advisors. For example, if you use the Internet by sending out autoresponders, emails, and newsletters, you might want to know this:

WOULD YOU LIKE A LIST of the top 200 words and phrases that the spam killer programs, like Mcafee Spam Killer, use to identify and filter 'spam' email?  So recipients don't get that email?

And did you know this zapper applies to your opt-in email lists? Read: Your recipients may not receive your emails if they contain certain words?

For example, did you know that if you use, say, the word f-r-e-e anywhere in the subject of body of the email, the email gets 'zapped'? Or if you include an 'eight-hundred' number?  That  your opt-in recipients do NOT GET IT. (I've purposely spelled them funny so this doesn't get zapped to you.)

Wouldn't you want to know the whole list if you're marketing online? If this is what they can do to opt-in lists, think of email in autoresponders to all those expensive leads!  Yikes!

So those are two examples of how you can show you are offering useful information to someone on your site, and of course the topic depends on what you are marketing.

IF YOU WANT TO LEARN ABOUT becoming an affiliate for, go to

And there is NO Cost to become an affiliate.

To become an affiliate, you need either a website, or a
newsletter.  So that there's something to work with to improve your content and help you avoid being pegged as 'spam' if you send out newsletters via email.

And we will show you how to help market the training materials to the right people, so you can earn income on them along with us.  Just like associates do who are affiliated with


Kim Klaver AKA Ms Stud
"Do you say any of the '5 worst things'
to a good prospect?"


     "I don't think people netWORK, as much as
       they just netDREAM about their business.
               Because of that, they are not
     experiencing the success that they dream about."
                       ~ Kim Klaver ~



"Freedom in Network Marketing is defined as getting up in the morning anytime you feel like it without adversely affecting your monthly income."

Would my income continue as a surgeon if I lost the use
of my finger? Would my income continue as a lawyer if
something happened to my  memory? Would your income be affected if something happened to you?

Plus I can work at any time, any way, and anywhere I
so desire. That's freedom!



I'm going to a lecture
The man was in no shape to drive, so he wisely left
his car parked and  walked home. As he was walking
unsteadily along, a policeman stopped
him. "What are you doing out here at 2 A.M.?" said
the officer. "I'm going to a lecture." the man said.
"And who is going to give a lecture at this
hour?" the cop asked. "My wife," said the man

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