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Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
November 21, 2003

It's About Value

I want to chat with you guys about something today
that is little discussed in most of the newsletters.

Unfortunately a large percentage of the newsletters
out there exist for one extract as much
money from their readers as possible while providing
the minimum amount of content and work.

Now I know that's going to upset some newsletter
editors, and please don't get me wrong, i'm Not picking out anybody in particular or going to name names.... however, how many of these ezines are only full of classified ads and re-printed a hundred times articles.

I honestly believe we have one of the better newsletters out there. I'm not bragging, but I do feel pretty good about how hard I work to put this thing out to you guys and I feel I'm giving you guys a lot of good content that is not a bunch of copy and paste article stuff.

Anyway, that's not what i'm wanting to say.

You've all heard it, "Anybody can make money on the
Internet." Well, perhaps, but for arguments sake, let's say this is true.

So what if you can make money on the Internet?

Is that really what you are seeking?

Now think about that.

Are you really, I mean really seeking ways to make money Or.....are you seeking contentment, are you seeking something rewarding....are you seeking something that can add VALUE to your life.

Something that you will feel good about, something that you will feel like you're doing something worthwhile with your life?

Sure money is important, but what good is money if you are a slave to it. And what I mean is, what good is killing yourself for the almighty dollar if what you are doing to get it is not feeding your soul.

You know, I believe in soulmates. I also believe that
there are certain occupations or lines of work that are a "fit" to each person's unique personality and attributes.

If you're in a job or home business or line of work exclusively for the money aspect of it and you don't enjoy your work or don't feel satisfied at the end of the day or don't feel like what you are doing is anything more that feeding the bank account......

Then......tell me, is what you are doing really, I mean really worth it?

I love publishing this newsletter, I love the Internet business I'm doing. I feel really, really good about what I do, and I feel like I'm accomplishing something worthwhile and accomplishing what my life's work is meant to be.

I feel creative, when I do this, it is energizing, it is uplifting to me (and hopefully to you and all my customers)......I VALUE my work and my work adds VALUE to my life.

Read that last sentence again .....does this make sense to you?

You know, if you are with your soulmate in marriage or in a co-habitation, then you will know that relationship is genuine because you VALUE your mate.

You're interested in providing that mate with what you can because you want to do something for that person.
The relationship is energizing, it's uplifting, it feels like you are doing what you are supposed to be doing.

You do those little things that makes your mate want you. There's this "something" that comes from within that just makes you feel like you will go to the ends of the earth to please your partner.

You don't have to do all the things right, in fact some
of the things you do will be wrong, but even when they are, you'll  look at them as learning experiences and go one, and your mate will too.

Your mate is not just a means to an end, or not just someone there to "take care of your needs" or not just someone that is there just for the sake of their being someone there.

So really what I'm trying to get across to you is, spend some time seriously thinking about your life's work.

All of us are approached every day with emails and phone calls and newsletters....all of which are proclaiming they will make you rich and take all your troubles away.

And for certain, there are some really good opportunities out there, but....before you leap or jump into something, please give it some thought.

Friends, it's not about making money.

It's about becoming all that you can become.

And only by picking the right opportunity for you can you really accomplish this.

And, when that opportunity comes along, follow your instincts. Go for it and go for it with all your heart.

Even though you may already have your soulmate, there is still lot's of work to do, and lots of times when things won't go right. You'll do the right things and still things will go wrong.'ll  have that motivation from within to keep on trying to satisfy your mate, to keep on trying to want to please them, to keep on persevere, to not give up.

You will VALUE that relationship above all else.

It's the same in business, perhaps worse. Things will go wrong, things will screw up, you will lose money, etc. BUT.....if it's the right opportunity for you, then you'll have that inner motivation and desire to keep on keepin on and never give in or never give up.

And really, that's the reason why 90% of people don't make money on the Internet. They get involved with programs for one reason:  To Make the Big Green.

I'm saying to you now: if you really and truly want your
business to become successful, then pick the one right
opportunity for you, and then give it everything you've got.

I'm saying to you now: when you find that right opportunity for you, also will find that you VALUE that business, you find VALUE in that company, you will then find VALUE in your life and in your work.

And you will find that satisfaction you are looking for.

The old time baseball players who really loved the game used to say, they'd play the game even if they didn't get paid.

They loved the game that much. It added so much VALUE to their life, they felt like they were doing their life's work.

You'll find that when you get involved with your one right opportunity, you'll know exactly how they felt too.

good luck!


Life is too short and too wonderful to waste time doing
         things you really don't want to be doing.

                           ~ Bruce Isaacs ~


A Matter Of Opinion

Why is life so difficult? Often it is because you
decide to make it so. Whether something is difficult
or unpleasant is, in many cases, only a matter of opinion. In fact, the things that some people consider to be unpleasant are seen by others to be quite pleasant.

Have you ever worried endlessly about something
that turned out to actually be enjoyable? Have you ever avoided and complained about things that ended up being no big deal?

Certainly life has its challenges. But is there any reason
to make yourself miserable by deciding that those
challenges are difficult or unpleasant?

Take life as it comes, whatever it may bring. Don't
waste too much time judging how difficult or unpleasant it is. Instead, take what you have and make the most of every moment.

Ralph Marston


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