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Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
November 22, 2002


You know guys, I just love the articles that Tom Wood
over at The Duplicator puts out. Tom is a man that has done it. He's made the money, he knows what he's talking about.

I'm consistently harping on one thing that I believe is
so important to your success and your ability to make money with your own business.

We need to listen to what the experts are telling us.

I do, you do, we all do.

And guess what?

Those experts.....they listen all the time to other experts!

No one knows it all. In fact one trait that highly successful people have is that they never quit learning from others.

The millionaires, the guys making a hundred thousand
a year, they all dedicate themselves to learning as much
as possible about their chosen field.

Talk to some of the guys we consider the "gurus." You'll find they are on conference calls hosted by other big names, or reading books by other big name guys, or buying markting courses by other big name guys.

Theres always a gem of wisdom out there, a gold nugget, some little thing that will amke you an extra hundred or thousand.

So what if you've got to pay a hundred bucks to get a book or marketing course when that course is going to make you $500 or a thousand extra dollars. Thats a great investment.

One of the experts I listen to that has helped me tremendously to become one of the top 7 people in my network marketing company is David Ledoux.

David has some absolutely awesome material that will
help you build a bigger downline and a bigger check
quick......and I guarantee that if you follow what David is saying, you will be able to effectively double your efforts and income within a shorter time.

If your in a network marketing company, you've got to
get this book:  The Ultimate Blueprint For Massive
MLM Success

I haven't met one person yet who has got the book that
has told me there wasn't anything new in there and
that it didn't help them grow their business.

And while you're there, sign up for his free affiliate program, it pays a very good commission.


What Does It Take To Make A Million Dollars?
By: Tom Wood

What does it take to make a million dollars?

I mean it.

What does it take?

I meet a lot of people who say they want it.
But I don't meet a lot of people who know
what it takes.

What does it take to win a World Cup Football/
Soccer final?

Can you answer that question more easily?


You know if you watched the games. (over
a billion people watched the game today!)

And if you didn't watch the game, you still
know what it takes to be great.

Because you have seen greatness. You've
observed it.

All greatness takes the same thing.

If you want to be a great parent, or a great
business woman, or a great football/soccer player.
It's the same thing.


So many people want to make a million
dollars in business without being great.

But you have to be great.

You can't accidentally make a million dollars.

You can't make a million dollars with mediocrity.

You must LOVE IT!

You must study.

You must commit.

You must make your business your lifestyle.

Can you imagine a World Cup Soccer Player
only sort of liking the game and doing it


It's hard to imagine anyone in their home-
based business making $100,000/month on
a part-time basis.

All the $1 million earners I've interviewed
LOVE THE GAME.  The love it with absolute

I'm not saying you have to start full-time.
I'm saying you have to eventually get

You have to make your business your lifestyle.

This is why I tell people that when they are
chosing a business, to make sure they are in
love with the product.

Like a World Cup Soccer star is in love with
the game.

You've got to love it.

You've got to love the people.

You've got to love the challenges.

You've got to love the recognition.

You've got to love something enough to get
you through the things you don't love.

For example.  I hate rejection on the phone.
I make a ton of money in my home-based
business, but I still don't like being
rejected on the phone.

I love big events more than I hate the
phone. So I remember that. I remember that if I
work the phone enough, I'll eventually be
speaking at a big event.

I also use my head and use TheDuplicator
lead system so I can talk to more people
who are interested and fewer people who
are not. Less rejection makes me a happier

What do you love about your business?
Can you do more of that?  Can you work
through the stuff you don't love? Can you
get more energy to make things happen?
Can you find your passion?

You've got to find something you love.

You've got to love something so you can give
your home-based business everything.

Like a world-class football/soccer player.

Love of the game lets you be great.

Be great... find the love.

Tom Wood
Over 200,000 served worldwide!


  "Deliberately seek the company of people who
    influence you to think and act on building the
                    life you desire."

                 ~ Napoleon Hill ~


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A farmer was helping one of his cows give birth when
he noticed his four-year-old son standing at the fence
with wide eyes, taking in the whole event.

The man thought to himself, "Great, he's four years old
and I'm gonna have to start explaining the birds and
bees now. No need to jump the gun. I guess I'll let him
ask and then I'll answer."

After everything was over, the man walked over to his
son and said, "Well son, do you have any questions?"

"Just one," gasped the wide-eyed lad. "How fast was
that calf going when he hit that cow?"

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