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Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
November 30, 2002

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble

What's cooking a turkey, got to do with making money?

Hope you all had a great turkey day. We went to my mom's who prepares absolutely the best dinners in the world. Yum, Yum!

My mom is a special lady and a great cook.

Couple of reasons why mom cooks so well.

1. She's got years of experience doing it.

2. She loves to fix these meals for her family.

When she first married my dad, she wasn't the best cook in the world. She went through a learning curve and had a lot of mistakes (she still makes a few now and then). But the more she did it, the better she got at it.

That's two things I want you to know today that will help make you more money.

If your just starting out you are going to make mistakes.
That's a fact, best thing for you is to do it, learn from your mistakes and go on. You'll still make mistakes after years of marketing too. Forget it, learn from it.

The first turkey my mom cooked I'm sure didn't turn out nearly as well as the one she did this Thursday. But after that first turkey, she didn't quit. She didn't fall apart and give up, she learned and the next time made a better one.

She stuck with it and was determined to become the
best cook she could.

Another thing you must do in your marketing efforts is do it because you really love the game. My mom loves to take care of her family. She's the best mom in the world and does a fantastic job of making a family feel like a family.

The article below will be a big help to those of you in
network marketing. It's simple and easy to understand and do tips on how to approach calling generic leads. It's what I use and have found works the best for me after trying a whole bunch of different scripts.

Second thing I want you to do is go over to and pick up a copy of Mark Yarnell's book, "Your First Year in Network Marketing."

This is a great book for beginners and in fact is part of
the training I give to my new reps with HealthyPetNet.
The first year is a learning curve and Mark's book really
helps to get a beginner to know what they will experience.

Also, the first few sets of leads you get, you've got to
look at them as an education. You'd spend thousands
upon thousands of dollars if you went to college to get
an education. Network marketing is an incredibly cheap
business to get into and you can get a great education
for only a few hundred dollars with these first sets of leads.

So don't go through one set and give up if you don't get
any takers for your business. Look at it as a learning experience.

No one was born with diamond or pearl or 9 Star
stamped on their heads. There is a learning curve to go through, but with the right set of tools and mindset you can get to a high level in your comp plan a whole lot quicker with network marketing than just about anything else.


How To Introduce A Lead To Your Business
By: Dave Cole

As network marketers we do a major part of our
business by calling leads. For a person just starting out
this can be rather intimidating and too often a person
doesn't know how to "open" up a call, gets a lot of
rejection, and then decides this isn't for me.

Today I'd like to give you the opening that I have been
using with good success. It's short, to the point, friendly, yet business like.

I find out in a matter of seconds whether the person on
the other end of the line is worth spending my time with,
and generally I find out quickly if this is a person who
is a serious candidate or not.

Too often we have a tendency to "chase" after our leads, somehow "hoping" they will sign up. Let's talk a bit about that first.

To make any kind of call a success, you must first and
foremost have an attitude. You've got have posture.
You've got to have confidence in yourself and in your
product and your presentation.

You get confidence in your product by using it! How simple is that. If you can't get enthusiastic about what you have to offer, be it the opportunity or the product, then do yourself a big favor and find something you can get excited about.

Studies have shown that around 60% of all sales are made because the presenter was enthusiastic about their product.

Next, you've got have a confidence in yourself. You can't be scared or un-sure of yourself and expect to get results.

A few people just naturally have confidence in themselves, for the rest of us, confidence comes with practice and experience.

I've went through thousands of leads. I've got thousands of rejections. I've tried lots of different scripts to find out what works best for me. I practiced every one of them before I got on the phone.

The thing is, if you're going to call 10 people and get 10
rejections, and you're afraid of losing your dignity, either you get over it quickly, or find another business to be in.

Every network marketer out there gets far more no's than they get a yes.

Every call I make, I look at it as a learning experience. I
look at it as a game. I'm a hunter.....a head hunter. I look for people who are interested in becoming a part of my opportunity.

I have fun calling people. But there are days when I just
don't have that good feeling about myself, so I don't
call. I wait until I do. I wait until the time is right for me
and I have that confidence in me.

Before I make a single call, I have a list of qualifications
a person must meet. If the person doesn't have those
qualifications, then I'm not going to waste my time. I
certainly do not ever try to"drag any person" into the

If I do that, then chances are that person won't do anything anyway, so why bother. I don't need a person in my organization who does nothing but bother me. I'll spend as much time with anyone who proves to me they are working, but it's best to pre-qualify your prospects and save you a lot of time later on.

What do I look for in a prospect? They must be respective of me and what I'm saying. I'm a professional, my time is valuable, and I have an incredible life changing opportunity to offer. A person who interrupts, or is rude, or who doesn't have the consideration to turn down the TV or radio behind them, is most likely not who I am looking for.

A person who has a difficult time talking, or who just says very little is not who I am looking for. I'm looking for folks who have confidence, who can listen then express an opinion. A person who isn't afraid to ask questions.

I'm looking for someone who is alive.

I'm also looking for someone who has the vision for their future and the financial means to meet the start up fees and then do what it takes to build their business.

So let's give Perry Prospect a call.

Perry is a generic lead I've purchased from a lead company. They supposedly have answered an ad for a work at home opportunity.


Ring, Ring Ring.

"Hi, is Perry home?"

"Great, may I speak with him please?"

"Hi Perry, how are you doing today?" (put some friendliness
in your voice, act genuine and like you care)

"Perry, I'm in a really neat business...I help pets and
help people live longer and healthier lives."

"Perry, I'm calling today to find out if you would like to
learn more about how you can make some good money
from your home helping pets and other folks like yourself live longer and healtheir lives?"


At this point I will either get a no or yes. If a person gives me a no, I've spent about 15 seconds of my time to find out everything I need to know about this lead.

A no answer means one thing.... I call the next number.
I don't take it personal. It just wasn't the right time in that person's life.

I get a yes, then I'll do two things: start the relationship
and start the interview. Remember, this person has so far showed me they are respectful by listening, but they
have not yet proven they are worthwile candidates for
my business.

Next question is: "Perry, is this a good time for you to chat?"

No, then we set a time, yes and we go on.

By asking them that, I've shown that person that I respect them and their life.

"Perry, do you have any pets?"

This is a great icebreaker. It gets the person to open up to me by talking about a non-threatening subject and a fun subject. I do a lot of listening here. The object is to get the person to trust you. Trust comes when a person feels like you care about them. And I truly do care about the health of their pets, so this is not just a ploy or tactic.

And it's the rare bird who will join your opportunity if they don't trust and have some level of confidence in you.

I'm also finding out how the communication abilities this
person has. If someone says to me "I have a cat." Then shuts up, the person probably doesn't have the communication skills needed to be a success.

I'm learning whether this is a person I want to work with or not. Did you get that! I'm in control, I'm looking for someone special, not just anybody. You've got to prove to me you're the right person for me. Thats called posture.

I'm not afraid to let this lead go, I'm not afraid to not
sign them up. I'm not looking for just any old body. If
Perry doesn't sign no biggie, I've got 100 more prospects to call.

I've always got more leads to call than I've got time.

Finding the right people for your organization is also what's called money in the bank.

As we continue to chat, I'll ask them how much money
they have to comfortably invest at this time. If it's not enough, and if the person is interested in the opportunity, then I'll suggest they purchase the products and get a start that way.

Remember: even tho a person is not right for your opportunity, your fallback position is: get them on the products.

If that doesn't work, then your next position is, ask them if they know anyone who is interested.

Calling generic leads can be fun, it definitely is a learning
experience, and sometimes it can be depressing. But
don't ever give up. You never know, that diamond
may be just a phone call away.

Also remember, your initial call is not to get that person
to join. Your objectives are:

1. Find out if this is a person for you.
2. Start the relationship building process
3. Find out what their "hot buttons" are, what motivates them
4. Get them to look at your web site, or send them info on your opportunity.

Ask the person when they will look at your information. Then set up a specific date and time to follow up.

Good luck and have fun.


        "If life were fair, Elvis would be alive and all
              the impersonators would be dead."

                       ~ Johnny Carson ~


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