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Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
October 03, 2003

     "Don't spend time beating on a wall, hoping to
                   transform it into a door."

                  ~ Dr. Laura Schlessinger ~


How To Make Money On The Internet In 5 Easy Steps
By: Dave Cole

One of the greatest things I like about having an
online business is that it allows me to express my creativity.

It provides me the freedom to be me.

No one looking over my shoulder and telling me
how to do things, or what to do, or when to do it.

Don't get me wrong, I work hard and spend some long
hours, but it's something that I love to do. Believe it
or not, the time just seems to fly by. I hate to quit and
go to bed at night, and I can't wait to get  up and start
again the next morning.

When I want a break I get up and take one, if
I want to take a day off, I can and do. I don't have
to wear a suit and tie, in fact I'm sitting here
typing this wearing an old, but very comfortable
pair of bib overalls.

I've got 3 cats sleeping on my desk, the dog on the floor, the radio playing oldies, and a cup of hot herb tea beside me.

And I'm making good money doing it!!!

Incredible. How can you beat it.

Now, in the last issue we told you how we were able
to get over 30,000 visitors a month to our web
site in such a short time and do it so cheaply.

I mean, isn't this every marketer's dream? To drive that
kind of traffic to your web site and do it for pennies.....

I'm probably going to upset a few folks here, but a lot
of people want to join up with a program, and do the

*  place some ads here and there
*  add a sig file
*  possibly spend a few bucks on sending out bulk email (which never works unless you can pay thousands upon thousands of dollars to email 60 million)

*  place some more ads in "targeted" ezines
*  submit to all the FFA and links pages (which used to work, but not now)
*  Place some more ads in classified ad sites (which used to work when there was only a handful of them out there)

*  Possible buy some "targeted" traffic

*  Buy some El Cheapo leads and load them into an autoresponder with the 7 carefully crafted messages...... (which used to work but now is only considered more spam emails being deleted from the recipients)

*  Buy some "targeted" traffic from pay per click engines, which does get some good visitors, but you'd better have a hefty bank account to keep it up.

You know what one person told me one time?
"I just want to place ads and sit back and collect the money."

Well, Golly, Gee do I...and so do you and so does every company in America......however......

Did you surf on over to our site and see what it was all


Get This:

Our main job in getting visitors there is by providing them with quality, free information on a wide variety of topics within the pet care field.

Our main PURPOSE of the entire site and entire project is to get them to sign up for our free newsletter.

Then, with their opt-in permission, we can send them on a consistent basis, a series of emails they won't consider spam, but hopefully will look forward to reading. These emails contain more quality and interesting info on pets, plus they contain various blurbs for our pet products.

As people come to learn to Trust us and as we build our Credibility with these folks, they will then purchase what we have to offer.

Sounds so simple.

And indeed it is.

However, it takes work to put up all those web pages, do the research for them, and publish a newsletter. But did you really believe that making money with an online business was all about turning your computer on and placing some ads and then collecting money?

If you were going to open an offline business, just think
about the costs and all the time involved and the failure
rates and all the advertising you would need to do......

We invested well over $150,000 in our farming business and it was non-stop, 7 days a week, 16 hours a day, constantly fighting the elements......

We sunk another $175,000 into rental units looking for
an easy residual income. What a total pain in the butt
they were. Trying to find good tenants, people tearing up the places, leaving truckloads of junk when they moved out, ripping me off for months of rent money, trying to collect money from dead beat all the maintenance.....on call 24 hours a day to unplug toilets and un-thaw pipes......need I go on?

In not quite 4 years time being on the Internet, and most of it part time. We've invested far, far  less than either venture, spent far less time. I sit at home in front of an air conditioner in the summer and in front of a heater in the winter....I love doing it, it allows me to express a lot of rewarding....and I'm making far more money in far less time than I ever did with the farming or rentals.

Now what about you?

It's been said everyone is an expert in at least one thing. And if not, there's no reason why you can't become an expert in some chosen field you like. Even though I've been around animals for the past 30 years, I sure wasn't an expert.

But I made myself study the field and am learning more and more every day.

I sure didn't have any qualifications to write a newsletter. English was my worst subject in school, in fact writing reports I dreaded with a passion.

But I studied and learned how to write newsletters and
am still learning.

You can do that too!

What do you love? homes..... whatever it is, there's a ton of people out there that are looking for quality information on the subject.

You can provide them with what they want.

1.  Find what you love

2.  Buy a domain name related to it

3.  Build a web site around your topic of interest

4.  Publish a newsletter on that topic

5.  Sell products related to that interest.

Isn't that so simple. Isn't that something you and
just about anyone else can do to.

I'm creating my future. You have that power and ability
to create whatever future you want also.

You Can Create The Future You Want


"I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is  limited. Imagination encircles the world."

                               ~ Albert Einstein ~


Now Is The Only Time You have

You are always drawing to you, that which you do or
don't want as experience. Connection is creation.
So, connect with what you do want.

When you look at what you'd rather Not have,
look to what it is you'd rather have.

As you follow your heart and change the inner view,
the outer will follow through. If conditions are
not acceptable, what would be acceptable?

What kind of conditions would you love to see,
personally or for humanity?

Exercise your power as a creator!

As you exercise anything it gets stronger. Imagine
what a better life looks like. It is the most joy
filled step you can take towards the growth and
evolution of your soul.


Excerpted from: Merlin's Message

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As always, enjoy your life, enjoy your day, it's God's
great gift to you,

Our great blessing is:  YOU!



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