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Taking Home The Gold

     In one of the biggest upsets in Olympic history, a United States Greco-Roman wrestler, Rulon Gardner, pulled off an unimaginable victory. He won a gold medal by beating a Russian wrestler, Alexandre Kareline, who has been called the most frightening man on the planet, is a three time Olympic gold medalist, and has NEVER lost an international competition.

     Gardner, an American farm boy, was a virtual unknown but managed to make the Olympic team by beating out a former Olympian to get there.

     In a television interview after his victory, Gardner said he got there and won only by hard work. In a press interview he told the reporter he kept thinking to himself over and over and over, "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can".

     In the women's softball matches, the USA team won the gold medal by beating out an excellent Japanese team in extra innings, 2-1. Watching the game, I noticed the total focus of the USA pitcher, Lisa Fernandez. She was totally engrossed, intense, and focused only on what she was doing. Lisa has been called the best softball player in the world by CNN Sports Illustrated. Lisa only made 1 mistake during the entire 8 innings and that 1 mistake resulted in a home run by a Japanese player.

     The women's softball team uses the absolute best coaching in the world for their training. In fact, Team USA was so good they were riding a 112 game winning streak going into the Olympics.

     The interesting thing that we should know about Team USA is that they employ a team psychologist who travels with them to all their games. The psychologist has taught the girls that in order to consistently win and play their game at such high intensity levels, they must rid themselves of ALL negative thoughts.

     The psychologist feels so strongly about this that she has put a replica of a toilet in the dugout. Whenever any of the girls find themselves having a negative thought, they are instructed to go pull the chain on the toilet, (it even makes a real flushing sound), and then let that negative thought be "flushed away" from their minds.

     The psychologist is so adamant about this that she has given each of the girls a key chain with a miniature toilet on it to carry with them wherever they go. If at any time the girls find themselves having a negative thought, they pull out the key chain and flush away that negative thought.

     The pulling of the toilet chain is a physical representation of what they want to have happen in the mental realm. Getting rid of the negatives and then re-focusing on the positive! They are told to ALWAYS focus their thoughts on positive events that have happened.

     Our third Olympic athlete is Megan Quann. In a television interview after her semi-final win, the announcer made mention of the fact that Megan relies heavily on her ability to visualize in her mind, the performance that she wants to have happen in the real event.

     Megan said she will lay in bed before the event and actually see in her mind the performance that she wants to have happen when it's time for  the physical event. It worked well for her as she took home the gold medal in the women's 100 meter breaststroke.

     What We Need To Learn:

     These 3 stories illustrate some very key principles that we need to employ to become top notch network marketers.

     Rulon Gardner believed in and had confidence in himself, worked incredibly hard to do what he did, and never let the thoughts of a totally dominant opponent get him down.

     The softball team is the best trained in the world. Each of the players are totally focused on what they are doing at the time and each of them got rid of any negative thought as soon as it came into their mind and then re-focused their thoughts to the positive events.

     Megan used extensively the power of her mind by practicing the art of seeing herself and her performance in her mind the way she wanted it to have happen in the physical.

     Our next story tells of a network marketer who herself uses most of these principles and is now on her way to becoming a gold medal winner in her own chosen field.


     Mimi Kislin: Our Gold Medal Course Member

     Mimi, the mother of 3 children, had a full time job until one day her little girl decided that mommy should be home with her instead of away at a job.

     Mimi had no computer skills to start with, but with a very real desire to be home with her child plus make some extra money, she became determined to find and do something on the internet.

     She found the Adplacing business and decided that she could do it. Mimi admits that at first she was scared and confused. But there were 2 factors which kept her going. Her burning desire to be home with her child and the unlimited support she received from her upline.

     At first she was overwhelmed by it all, but as she says, "I was determined to get through it....I stuck to my guns and made it work." 

     Her first month brought her a check for $95.00. In only her third month she has 54 people signed up under her and is expecting a check close to $400.00!

     As a Prosperity course member she has some nice things to say about the course.

     "It has reinforced the feeling of my self value and helped the true capabilities that are in me to come out and do a fantastic job. I knew I would work at this job to make it successful, BUT, there are always days when you feel like throwing in the towel. Then you think back on something you read in the course, and you say to yourself, I can do this, I can be successful, and then you just start where you left off, feeling like you are accomplishing something."

     When I approached her about this interview, her reply was, "Sure, when and how." No hesitation, no selfish thoughts about what's in it for me, she is that kind of a person. In fact, she wanted to do this because she felt it would be of value and help to inspire those who are just starting out.

     She is the kind of person who you always hope there is a letter from in your inbox. The kind of person who genuinely cares about the betterment of others in her downline and others who are members of this course.

     That's what being a success is all about. That's the kind of person the Prosperity course is trying to develope and exemplifies what the course is all about.

      Making money is fine, but there are more important values and qualifications to being a success than just money. We are trying to promote and develop people like Mimi.  People with integrity, character, unselfish values, and people with business responsibility.

     Mimi wanted to share some parting words of wisdom with you.

     "Don't give up. Don't expect a big check your first month. It takes time to build your business. Rome wasn't built in a day! You get out of it what you put into it. The job is easy, you just have to work at it a few hours a day, but you have to work at it. Nothing comes from nothing. Always focus on those that you have heard of or know that are bringing in huge salaries. That can be us too! We just have to be patient and put in our hours."

     When asked if setting goals was important, she said, "Absolutely! If you don't set goals, where are you going? You have to work towards something and then when you reach that goal, you make another one. You just keep going."

     Well Mimi has set some goals for herself, some very lofty ones too, and if I know her, she will obtain and surpass them. Our hat is off to a very successful course member and business person!

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