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Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
October 17, 2003

"For my life is simply unbearable without a bit of                           courage."

               ~ The Cowardly Lion ~



Courage - How To Get It!
By: Linda Larsen
© Copyright 2000

We definitely need courage in our lives in order to be more successful, confident and happy. And while sometimes it just seems to be there, other times it seems, courage is nowhere to be found.

So how do we access it when we need it?

Try the following idea: Slowly and methodically expand your comfort zone. All of us live within a defined space from which we make most of our decisions in life. While we're comfortable talking to these people, we might be very reluctant to even approach those people.

We're comfortable asking for a $3,000 raise, but we
wouldn't dream of asking for a $5,000 raise. We're willing to spend $50 on a nice dinner, but $100 would make us really uncomfortable.

Try this. Each and every day do one small thing that you wouldn't normally do. Ask for something you need, something you've been quiet about for too long. Go to a movie by yourself. Buy a great book that's a little out of your price range  but would help you learn something that could help you in your career.

Start small, go at your own pace, but do one thing each and every day. Decide on what one action you will take for each day, just after you wake up, and before you get out of bed. Plan what you will do, and then visualize yourself doing it with ease and confidence.

Feel the feelings you will feel as you move forward toward your goal. Notice the smile on your face as you applaud yourself for moving outside your comfort zone. Then step out, take action and watch your courage quotient begin to elevate.

Remember, the point is NOT whether you are successful in your endeavors. Sometimes you will be and sometimes you won't. The point is that you will begin to feel an enormous sense of pride for having taken action in spite of your fear, and as you take more and more risks, your comfort zone gets larger and larger. Pretty soon, you can actually get more comfortable with - the uncomfortable! Your confidence level will rise and you'll starting getting more of what you want and need from life!


Linda Larsen helps individuals and companies get unstuck, have more fun and be more productive. She is an international speaker, trial consultant and author of the book, True Power, and the best selling audio program, 12 Secrets to High Self-Esteem.
She can be reached at:  or 941-927-4700.




Ever Think of This???
From: Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

1. How much in bonuses will you earn from just one good distributor?

2. If you earn $83 a month in bonuses from that one good distributor, that would be nearly $1,000 a year.

3. In ten years, you would have earned $10,000 just because you sponsored that one distributor.

4. So what if you set a $1,000 budget to find that one good distributor? You would earn back ten times your budget.

5. Of course, this only works if you stay with one company for more than two or three weeks.


Now Is The Only Time You Have

While here on Earth, there is only one rule that will
show you all there is to know.

For all of life is a mirror, and what I mean is easily seen
in the Royal Rule of Reflection. Your outer physical
reality is only a reflection of who you are experiencing
yourself to more, no less.

What you are being is what you are seeing.

All reality is reflective of your relationship to everything.
How you see it is how you get it.

You are always empowering any reality you choose to
reflect upon, so why not wield your power Royally?


Excerpted from: Merlin's Message

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Little Johnny was telling his mother about the bus ride he and his dad had taken that day. Little Johnny says "Mom, when I was on the bus with daddy this morning, this lady got on the bus and dad told me to give up my seat to her."

"Well, Little Johnny, that was the right thing to do. That is called courtesy." explained little Johnny's mother.

"But Mom," exclaimed Little Johnny,
"I was sitting on daddy's lap."


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