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Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
October 24, 2003

"If you're not playing a big enough game, you'll screw
             up the game you're playing
        just to give yourself something to do.

                    ~  Anonymous ~


How To Win In The MLM Rat Race
By: Owen Brown

To win in the MLM Rat Race you must first
separate yourself from the pack!

Here is the number one rule you MUST not
break if you want to succeed in building an
MLM business online.....

"Stop Leading With Your MLM!"

The 7 fastest ways to build your MLM are:

1) Know what you should be promoting
2) Realize your limitations
3) Be realistic
4) Be creative
5) Plan for success in different places.
6) Be professional
7) Get Paid To Promote Your MLM

If you follow these seven simple techniques you will do just that!

1) The purpose of all of your advertising
should be to build your list of opt in subscribers
NOT to send people to your MLM company website.

2) YOU cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars
purchasing every gurus ebook, ecourse etc.

If you find a resource or tool you think will help
build your MLM do more research, look for a
lower price or a bundle of products that include the
product(s) you are interested in purchasing.

I personally found a resource that has over
$2,000 worth of tools and resources for only $50!

I was paying $27 per month plus I invested from
$9.95 and more for a few products they had available.

As a bonus they also have a phenomenal pay plan
that is NOT MLM that paid me $400.00 INSTANTLY within
hours after I started promoting it!

Get your arsenal of tools, software etc by

Just one of the tools in the above resources is
worth well more than $50. In fact one of the
resources they have will allow you to create
UNLIMITED professional quality
Mini Sales sites for YOUR ezine and or products.

I highly recommend it.

3) Face Reality, realize that your MLM business is
a real business. Know up front you will spend two
things to truly build an organization that will
allow you to generate a true and lasting residual

All promotion has a cost, whether it costs
you TIME or MONEY is what you need to decide.

It takes TIME to reap the benefits of FRE.E

You need to determine if it makes sense for you to
wait for a free service to pay dividends or if you
should bite the bullet and use a fee based
promotional method.

The main reason to consider a fee based service is
if it will allow you to see results in a fraction of
the time it would take for a FR.EE service to do the

4) Everything you do should be focused
on building your list, newsletter or ezine and
sending quality content to your subscribers.

Most importantly you should consistently develop
methods of weaving your MLM into the content.

5) Plan for multiple streams of income up-front. I
don't care what your MLM sponsor tells you if you
are not making enough money to cover your
autoship, pay for leads or advertising you are out
of business!

In promoting your MLM online you want
to promote valuable tools resources etc. to your
subscribers that will not only help them achieve
their goals but that also pay YOU!

This way you can afford to keep promoting your MLM business while your residual income builds.

Most Internet Gurus, who are honest,
will tell you that the BIG money they make is NOT made with the upfront ebook or ecourse sales but in the back end courses tools and resources they sell.

YOUR back end is YOUR MLM program!

6) Create a professional apperance that makes you
stand out from your competition.

If your MLM has given you a website like

Get a FRE.E redirect from

The best scenario is to register a domain name and
have it forwarded to your MLM company replicated
site address.

You can do this through
and have them redirect your new domain to your mlm
company replicated site.

See below for an example of both:

A) cjb redirect=
The URL I was given was:

B) which
directs people to

While the site address was not that long another
consideration is for you to brand the name of YOUR
chosen domain instead of the MLM companies.

If you ever change companies you simply continue
promoting the same domain and may ultimately capture
someone who looked at the original program and decided to take a second look down the road.

One of two things will happen, they see the new
program, like it and join you OR They contact you
and ask about the other program which opens the
dialogue between you and the new prospect.

This means YOUR phone rings instead of YOU
ringing others phones!

I have had numerous people contact me
after a program on one of my links changed.

After a brief conversation most of them join me in
my current program!

7. When possible get paid to promote your MLM

Like it or not, most people you are marketing to
are already in one or more MLM programs.

So when you are promoting tools and
resources to your newsletter or ezine subscribers
and even your downline why not get paid to do it?

Visit to start
getting paid to advertise your MLM!

Follow the seven steps above and you will
be on your way to Winning The MLM Rat Race!

Wishing You Sustained Success
Owen Brown
3 John II


©  Article by Owen Brown, founder of the
"MLM Marketing Tips" Ezine 2003
The "MLM Marketing Tips" ezine is the #1
resource for cutting edge MLM Marketing tips,
strategies techniques tools and ideas that will
help YOU turn your MLM Into an ATM!

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"First comes thought... Then organization of that thought into ideas and plans. Then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning as you'll     observe, is in your imagination."

                         ~ Napoleon Hill ~


Now Is The Only Time You Have

Physicists have now repeatedly documented that subatomic particles behave differently when observed by different people.

Quarks and neutrinos often move in concordance with the thought of the observing scientist!

Albert Einstein said that all matter stems from thought.

Science has verified that all matter can be measured as
varying frequencies of electromagnetic vibration. We know that the speed of the vibration increases as it moves from dense matter up through sound, then through the spectrum of light from infrared through ultraviolet and then to the higher finer frequencies, which we call thought.

Emotions and feelings are associated with all thoughts. Thoughts form into mass, and that mass becomes matter.  As you send forth your strong desires, your emotions radiate electro- magnetic energy that ripples endlessly throughout the Universe.

You have set non-physical energy into motion that forms mass, and that mass becomes physical matter. You have called forth that which is the perfect reflection of what you are radiating, by your very emanating eminence! You have launched
a creation, You are the Creator!


Excerpted from: Merlin's Message

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