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Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
October 31, 2003

"It is better to light a candle than to curse the            darkness."

                   ~ Chinese Proverb ~


Do You Want It So Bad You Can Taste It?
By: Susan Dunn

Is there something you really want?  "You'll never attain it unless you know the feeling," wrote Goethe, many years ago, but what a great way to describe it.

We see this in the baby, learning to walk.  How else could it endure all the falls, and cuts and bruises?

We see it in someone like John Sperling (founder of the University of Phoenix) whose son said of him, "The
influences of his childhood made him a loner and just
incredibly tenacious.  He'll go through walls to do what
needs to get done."

Is there something you've wanted "so bad you can taste it"?  And what was the results?

Think of something you want now and when you "vision" it, be sure and use all your senses - touch it, taste it, smell it, hear it, feel it.  This will help it manifest for you.

Affirmation:  I stay in touch with my feelings and use them to connect with others and with dreams and goal.  When I want something, I am passionate about it-.  I envision it. I imagine it so strongly I can taste it, feel it, smell it, hear it's "voice."  I live from my passion.  I pursue my goals with both my heart and my mind.

©Susan Dunn, MA Clinical Psychology, The EQ CoachT, .  We know how important your personal and professional development are to you, and we're here to help.  Let us custom-design a program for you. for FREE eZine.


           "Act as if it were impossible to fail."

                   ~ Dorothea Brande ~



    "Know what you want and believe that you can     have it."

                        ~ Norman Vincent Peale ~


Now Is The Only Time You Have

Things that you desire resonate at a high speed of
vibration when they harmonize with your highest intention.

If, through thought or deed, you go in the opposite
direction of your desire, you literally slow down that
vibration, and you will naturally feel negative emotion.

Negative creating is what you do when you focus on
LACK in front of you. You do this when you want
something you don't see, or if you have something that
you don't want to see.

When energy moves in a direction counter to any desire, it causes resistance, and that resistance causes dis-ease. Whey you turn the energy in the direction that causes easing, dis-ease falls away.

The moment you question your health or abundance, you plant a seed of doubt that could very well sprout. What persists is what you resist, so change the direction of the flow, and take it where you want to go!

In the game of cannot score a touchdown if
you are running in the opposite direction of the goal line.


Excerpted from: Merlin's Message

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Little Johnny was telling his mother about the bus ride he and his dad had taken that day. Little Johnny says "Mom, when I was on the bus with daddy this morning, this lady got on the bus and dad told me to give up my seat to her."

"Well, Little Johnny, that was the right thing to do. That is called courtesy." explained little Johnny's mother.

"But Mom," exclaimed Little Johnny,
"I was sitting on daddy's lap."

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