Act I Scene 33.
Oz The Great and Powerful

In the Disney movie, Oz The Great and Powerful, a Kansas
magician called Oz by his friends, finds himself in a
mysterious land also called Oz.

He falls from the sky in a hot air balloon where he is
instantly met and proclaimed to be the wizard who has come
to fulfill the prophecy and save the land of Oz from the
clutches of the evil witch.

Oz plays the game of the great and powerful wizard while
being enticed by the riches and beauty of the land of Oz,
but he knows in his heart he is just an imposter.

When faced with the exceedingly difficult task of
eliminating not one, but two evil witches from the Emerald
City, he makes a confession to the good witch Glinda.


Oz the magician tells her he is not Oz the great and
powerful that has come to save them, but he believes himself
to be not a very good person. He tells her he is a fake, an
illusionist, a con artist. Oz the magician has no faith in
himself and is driven by fear of his seeming inadequacies.

Glinda the good witch knows what he believes about himself,
but she sees him in a different light. She can see through
the shell of his seemingly outer being into his heart.

Then Glinda introduces Oz to his army of soldiers consisting
of munchkins, farmers, tinkerers, and clothes makers. She
tells Oz that these people believe in him and that he must
convince them he is Oz the great and powerful.

Oz packs his bags and is ready to throw in the towel and get
out of Dodge, when the little China doll sparks an idea in
his head.


Oz returns to Glinda full of excitement and enthusiasm and
announces he has a plan to overthrow the evil witch's rule.

It's great fun to watch how Oz uses magic and illusions to
finally conquer the two evil witches and goes on to rule the
throne. By the way, the 3d movie was incredible to watch.

Oz the magician finally realized that deep inside himself
there was a spark, a dormant seed waiting to sprout. When he
let himself stop believing that he was only a poor magician
that wasn't good enough and allowed himself to look at what
could be possible within him - he did become Oz the Great
and Powerful.

He was the wizard in the prophecy. He just hadn't realized
it yet and when he finally did, he accomplished miracles.

Glinda was the representation of all that is good, which we
could call God. God always knows what we appear to be to
ourselves, (which is usually never true), but he sees us all
as being Oz, always Great and Powerful! And also believing
in that goodness just as Glinda always knew Oz was a good

And aren't we all too much like Oz the magician, Oz the con
artist when we don't see ourselves as being great and
powerful and good? And who are we really conning? Is it
others or is it ourselves with this illusionatory view we
hold of ourselves?

Always we are looking at the illusion that we aren't great
and that we aren't powerful. Always looking at the illusion
of how we relate to our world and what we can get from it,
instead of looking at and operating our lives under the
reality of who we really are inside ourself and the
greatness that lies too often dormant inside ourselves.

Oz discovered that everything he really needed to defeat the
self destructing view he had of himself was already within


He didn't become Oz the Great and Powerful after he
eliminated the evil witches. He had to BE Oz the Great and
Powerful BEFORE he could even attempt it.

The fun part of the movie is his defeating the evil witches,
the truth of the movie is how he overcame his own illusions
of who he thought he was to begin with in order to see the
Great and Powerful wizard he really was all the time.


And that is what it's all about. You understanding that what
you may currently think about you is really an illusion and
getting to that place where you see you, and believe in you
as putting on the greatest magic show on Earth. You are you,
Oz The Great and Powerful.

And now it's show time. You really are more Great and
Powerful than you might have ever imagined.

The evil witches you are called upon to eliminate in your
life are really the false mis-conceptions of who you think
you are and a replacing of them with the reality of the
Great and Powerful being you really are. Evil is only what
you might believe is wrong with you, and usually all that
is, is an illusion, a false misrepresentation of who you
really are.

As Oz the Great and Powerful learned, it's all about how you
see yourself as being. A trickster, a con artist, a fake,
or.... as being the Great and Powerful being you really are.

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