Act II Scene 5.
The Saga of a Pleaidian King

A long, long, long, time ago, in a galaxy far, far
away, there lived a man of great valor, a General in the
wars. The man was a brave soul having a compassion and
concern and caring for the fellow comrades in his troops.

This man earned a reputation as being of great love for his
fellow Pleaidian beings as well as for his organizational
skills and abilities to judge and assess on the field of
battle and the field of the generous life that surrounded him.

Being brave in his actions the General was known to put his
own life on the line to protect those less endowed. For
those reasons and others, the man was anointed as being of
the status of a Pleaidian King after the wars were over.

Being of the Light and In the Light, King David was now
eligible to be on council with many other great beings who
were all highly esteemed for their own unique virtues,
characteristics and wisdom.

When council made the decision to send workers into the
Earth experience, they needed "scouts" who were in a sense
true pioneers which would send back information in order
that the later influx of Pleaidians, the transition of them,
would be made easier and that they would be more capable of
accomplishing the planned mission.

There were many scenarios discussed about the coming to
Earth. Many ideas presented, most were not adopted. The main
concern of council was the state of affairs of the human
spirit in relation to it's essence.

While the Pleaidians had an investment in the genetic
seeding of Earth many hundreds of thousands of years ago,
they have mostly made it the practice to not be involved in
the affairs of the human race, but have been watching the
evolvement's progression.

Most of the beings from other star systems on the Galactic
Council of Light Beings along with the Pleaidians were in
agreement not to interfere with planet Earth unless there
were to be a major catastrophe where destruction of a large
percentage of all of the human race would be in jeopardy.

There were many discussions on whether the Pleaidian
connection with Earth beings was to be discovered as was
there on the universal councils and those of the various 9
other star systems involved. Finally an agreement was
reached that it was a time in the course of events on Earth
that gradually extraterrestrial life would re-introduce itself to the
way of experience on Earth.

The Pleaidians and those from other systems began to make
planned voyages for exploration and also for the human mind to
begin to accept the concept that they weren't the only game
that was being played in the universal ball park.

The majority of other star-terrestrial beings from other
planets coming to Earth were also of the Light Aspect of

There were others who had come before and intermingle with
other aspects of consciousness which were and are not so
pure in their ethical practices and wish to make
interference patterns for their own selfish interests.

Pleaidians and others did for the most part not come to do
battle with these. Pleaidians are peace and love beings who
wanted to share their methodology, information and awareness
with those enlightened enough on the Earth to be able to

Being that the Earth was designed to undergo a tremendous
shift in it's consciousness from the constitution of it's
beginnings, it was felt that in the best interests of all
universal essences that a bit of "help" from those who were
of a different perspective of the Light Consciousness would
be a valuable addition to the transitioning of the
population and nature during this time of greater awakening
and frequency change.

And so council voted to begin sending Pleaidian emissaries
and missionaries to Earth in various stages and in various
methods. Some appearing as human life forms, others being as
what is called on Earth spirit guides, still a few were
chosen to actually appear to selected individuals.

Scouts were needed and King David volunteered as did many
others from the Pleaidians and other star systems.

King David agreed to incarnate into the human expression and
understood that by so doing he would have the essence of his
self encapsulated into a range of frequencies which were not
common to his norm, the range that life beings on Earth are
locked into. It was a much "harsher" range of frequencies
than what he had been used to.

He and others who would incarnate also were of unselfish
motive fully understanding the consequences of what was to
be occurring and with the realization that a part of the
essence of his oneness with the Light Aspect of
Consciousness would diminish to a much greater degree.

Being of great courage and valor King David on Earth now had
to experience fears. For every virtuous and magnificent
characteristic King David once had, there was on Earth a
polar opposite and varying degrees of them.

This was all vital in garnering the information that was
needed. On Earth, King David experienced the fears, timidity,
cowardice, that was so untrue of his Pleaidian nature. He
did this so that others would benefit.

The status of a King became lowly and fearful and all
through his human existence he had this fear of watching so
many other humans to be so seemingly confident, especially
in fields of sports and academics where he once had excelled in.

Yet the experience of his former Pleaidian life had been
stripped of his genetic memory in order that the former life
would not affect his experiences on the Earth plane.


Being once as a prolific scholar with amazing oratory
capabilities and articulations, always with an ever
inquisitive search for expansion into a higher and higher
evolvement of consciousness. Many of the traits,
psychological traits did follow King David, yet held nascent
in a single strand of uncovered DNA, were gradually allowed
to open appearing in various stages and events in his human
life, yet never to be allowed to blossom into a full blown
event as he once realized himself to be.

As a former commanding officer in the Pleaidian space
patrol, King David oversaw and engineered many exhibitions
of power and destruction, but believed them to be vital to
the cause, which at that period was the perception, limited
as it was of at the time, the "right" course of beliefs to
be held.

King David was a true pioneer from a technologically
advanced civilization to where he was born of human mother
into a world where sorrow and pain and suffering were all
too common and accepted as being the normal state of events.

A world where conflicts and emotional casualties happened
frequently, all of which, the human emotional gauntlet of
experiences were to be analyzed and incorporated towards the
higher evolvement of the individual and the collective
consciousness of the realm within each and within and
wherewith of the planet.

The genetic manipulations of the creators of Earth were of
such that humans could not remember readily the experiences
and lessons of past lives. But, these genetic manipulators
were not allowed to remove the seed that too often lies
dormant, that contains the knowledge that humans are of and
an extension and expression of the creation source of
awareness and consciousness.

Only a far few humans were ever able to tap into that seed
and allow it to sprout, far more preferring to allow
themselves to be caught and live in a spider's web of so
called reality, external situations and circumstances which
all throw up a smoke screen preventing humans from allowing
their true nature to surface and which prevent them from
fulfilling their destinies in ever more expanding forms of

But some on Earth do, a rare few "remember" they can unlock,
to a degree. The masses have no clue, no interest and prefer
to eek out lives of mundane existence just trying to get by.

From a very early age on Earth, King David had this inner
calling, an urge, a faint yet persistent provocation to
"know." To know who he was and what it's all about. There
was in him a deep inner urge, faint at times, but always a
gentle calling, a prompting, subtle, yet ever present, weak
but to strong to suppress.

The experiences of King David on Earth led him into many
formulations about the human challenge. One of which was the
innate need to believe in something other than themselves as
being supreme. He found that many turn to a religion, or to
business, or politics, or science.

And when humans believe in a god that is seen as being all
powerful and hopefully in control, then humans in almost
every instance believe that power to be external to them.
When they pray to a god who they believe is in some place
called to humans as Heaven, they then set up the ensuing
believe that their god is external and thus create the
agreement of separation and thus further reinforce their
belief that there is a god and then there is them.

This dichotomous belief separates the human from the
experience of oneness which was so much less than the
Pleaidian experience King David once had lived in so easily.


The experiences of the "scouts" on the Earth plane and the
few exhibitions of those actually appearing from the
Pleaidian way since about the time of the Second World War
on Earth have been a vital synthesis to the more rapid
influx of those who have been willing to appear here, mostly
coming as King David did, appearing in the flesh in order to
have the experience of a mortal.

This influx began to grow in greater proportions about the
time of the 1980's decade as currently measured in Earth
calendar time.

They came for the experience. They came for the re-
discovery. They came for the evolvement of the glorious
times that Earth will and is beginning to experience. Some
came to re-unite with. All came by design and permission and
with prior knowledge and agreement. All came in peace and
all seek an ever expansion of higher levels of consciousness
oneness with the Aspect of Light Consciousness.

The Pleaidian connection is being revealed to those on
Earth, as is the connection to those in other star systems.
King David is pleased to see and is in appreciation for all
that is and was and is to be.

Peace, Love and Happiness to all.

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