Act I Scene 3.
A Rampage of Appreciation and Abundance

I understand law of attraction. I know I'm a vibrational
being and that I create my own reality. It's Easy and money
just keeps on coming to me and the easier I get and the
easier I feel about money, the easier it comes to me. It's
Easy to get in line with what I want and get in the vortex
of my creation.

I am in a Really Good place. It's Easy. Life is Easy.

I am loved, I am cherished not only by others but by my
source, by my spiritual guides. They all love me and want
nothing more in their existence than to see me happy,
successful and living a life of constant total amazement.

And I have fun with all of this, I am enjoying the contrast.
I appreciate who I am and where I'm at and I appreciate the
contrast and challenges that other people add to my life. I
know I will always be in a win, win situation and that
others will always be blessed by my presence.

I really, really, really, really, really, really life
myself: the person I've become and the person I'm becoming
and the money and good times just keep on rolling in.


I am currently sitting on top of the world. All good things
come to me - I appreciate all the contrasts that everyone in
my life offers and I am at peace with them and with myself
and with others and I am at peace with our government and I
am at peace with our current state of affairs and I am at
peace with the planet, and I at peace with the workings of
the universe.

I know that I am and let the good times roll and know that
an entire host of delicious experiences is on their way to
me. I am finding the liberation in my mind. Thank You Mr.
Universe for being so kind and loving to me and providing me
with such an amazing wealth of knowledge and wealth of peace
and over abundance of prosperity.

I live in a universe filled with a huge spectrum of
possibilities and I am open to receiving those possibilities
which will fill my life and heart with gladness and joy and
benevolence towards others. What on Incredible life
experience I am having. How Sweet It Really Is!

Money comes to me in ever increasing amounts through a
variety of sources, but I am totally detached to whatever
outcome because I know I will ALWAYS be taken care of in the
most Kingly and serendipitous manner.

Life is GREAT!


It's a wonderful life and I'm in it!

I'm living it, I'm living the dream. I just let it flow. I
can get in the vortex anytime I want and it feels wonderful,
peaceful and I'm in complete control.

I am at EASE and I allow the flow.

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