Act I Scene 4.
A Rampage of Money

I want to pay off the loan with my bank because of the
wonderful feeling it will give me. To know that I am in
control completely of my assets. I'm not interested in
procuring huge amounts of money so much for all the things I
could buy, but more so because of the feeling of freedom
huge amounts of money can provide me with and the feeling of
self assurance and confidence I will have knowing that I
will never be in a position where having or not having money
has put me in the past.

I am so much in appreciation for the massive amounts of
money that has already made itself available to me and that
is currently in my vibrational escrow account. The bulk of
my wealth is safe and waiting for me from the First National
Bank of the Universe.

It's not a matter of getting it - I already have deposited
it in the bank, I already have it available to me. It is a
matter of putting myself in the vibrational essence of it
and allowing money to freely manifest itself and flow
quickly and easily to and through and for me.

I know that the harder I try to "make it happen" the more I
am pushing away the very thing I want.

My work is to prevent any resistance to it.

I have complete control and command over every aspect of my
financial empire. I take charge of my money that is
available to me and can easily get more by launching new
desires for what I want.


I am so happy and grateful when money arrives in the form of
checks, cash or material wealth.

I choose to put more belief in what I don't yet see with my
eyes than in what I do. What I do see with my eyes is that
more than enough money Always shows up for me. I do already
have plenty of money.

What I choose to believe is that there is available to me,
Right Now, an unlimited supply of money that is making it's
way to me in this physical realm.

And, I have this feeling of total assurance and confidence
that it is continually manifesting itself to me in ever
increasing amounts and quantities and doing so in Easy ways.

I'm tired of working physically hard for my money. I'm ready
to believe my money in and relax and just let the money flow
effortlessly and easily.

It's time for me to enjoy life. I enjoy my business and it
makes me feel good that I can help others and provide them
with a quality service, and I do get rewarded monetarily for
this service in ever increasing amounts.

It's time for the First National Bank of Heaven to let loose
it's servants and bring to me a veritable flood of money, so
much that I won't be able to spend it all. It's time for
money to arrive in my life in such massive amounts that I
will be totally astonished at all the new and creative ways
the universe has selected to get it to me.

I have faith that more than $1,000,000.00 dollars is making
it's way to me right now for the purpose of giving that
money the pleasure of being in my company. I can see myself
walking into the bank and announcing to the loan officer my
intent to pay off this loan. I can feel how GREAT this will
make me feel and see the look in her face and hear her say,
"That's wonderful."

And I can see myself living in the home of my dreams I have
planned in my mind. I can see how it looks on the outside
and the landscaping and how I will furnish it. I can see
what toys I want in my game room and see myself playing
those games. I can see all the parties we will be having at
my house and all the good times and laughter.

Money loves to be in my presence, I take very good care of
my money, money is my friend and wants to use itself to
prosper me in ever increasing ways by allowing itself to be
used for my pleasure and allowing itself to be used for the
wealth of great feelings I will have as I give a donation of
Ten Million Dollars to Children's Hospital, and for the
great feelings I have as I provide tens of thousands of
dollars for our local library and Humane Society. Dollars
want to make me feel good and want to be used for service to
me and for the enrichment of others.

And I know that money is coming to me in a easy manner and
one in which no one gets hurt or has to die. That money is
already mine and I let go and let the forces of the universe
do their thing in transferring it to me.


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