Act I Scene 12.
Relationships with other People

All the people in my past who have seemingly hurt me, have
actually helped me to bring about my growth. To all these
people I say, Thank You for the experiences and contrasts.

In alignment you can see others and relationships from a
whole new aspect. What once before you viewed as contention,
now you see as opportunity, now you understand that what you
see in others is a mirror reflection of how you view that
other person and how you view your relationship with that

What once had you seeing other people as not being
trustworthy you now see as being progressing on their own
path towards the Light. You begin to have a lot more
patience with others and begin to bless them for the
contrasting experiences they are providing you with.

And you begin to see them just as divine as you see yourself.

You know that no other person can ever hurt you, that all
hurt to yourself is caused by yourself. But when we're out
of alignment we need to blame another person for what they
did to us and how they hurt us and that we have a right to
me mad at them and even in extreme cases we feel we have the
right to exact revenge upon them, all of which only serves
to justify our feeling of being hurt from someone else.

The only reason we want to be with another person is because
we think we will feel better for having that person, and so
it is with the other person. Where you are vibrationally is
where they are, or in a similar juxtaposition of.

Most satisfying relationships comes from another person who
is close to that vibration you are in.

If we find that we are in a relationship that is providing a
lot of contention or resentment, then what is really going
on is that both parties are growing further and further
vibrationally apart.

Where at once they looked at the other person and saw
beauty, they now look at the other person and see pain.

In effect each person in the relationship has spent their
energies focusing on what's wrong and gotten away from
focusing on who they really are and what they want to happen
with the relationship.

The best way to help someone else is to not suffer yourself
in their suffering.

Trying to feel good makes it a struggle and sets you up for
failure. It's far better to know that you are creating your
own experiences than to believe that there is some god out
there mad at you. There is liberating freedom in finding
this out.

Tell the story of what you want to have happen. What party
do you want to go to and who do you want to have at your

When you recognize how your feeling, you can take
responsibility for what your getting.

We feel bad or sad because and only because we are
separating ourselves from the Light. A battle against
anything is always a battle against yourself.

Babies will love unconditionally and unequivocally until
they are trained by their environment to not feel that way.

I'm not going to hold anybody else responsible for the way I

The part to ponder is that once you find yourself more and
more and more in alignment, then all physical external
experiences and relationships become a degree more difficult
as you rub up against those vibrations of another who isn't
in alignment.

Being in alignment is such pure energy and there is only
wellbeing and peace. Out in the world everyone else carries
vibrational mis-alignment around with them like so much
excess baggage which can never provide as clear and crisp an
experience as a relationship with both parties in alignment

In alignment there are ever deeper or more expanding levels
of awareness, getting yourself first into alignment is the
first solution to any relationship.

Anything external that makes you feel uneasy or affects you
to have resistance, means that you are being called to get
yourself back into alignment.

Awareness always sees each and every moment in relation to
how it sees and experiences itself. Always in perfect
arrangement. In order to stay true to itself, it must always
be in perfect alignment or love and appreciation with all
that is and all that is being experienced. The physical is
not external to it, but an extension of it.

If you have any expectations of how another person should
react in response to you or that they should act in a
certain way, or that they should do or say a certain thing,
they you are placing them in a kind of bondage and saying to
yourself, you don't really believe they are an extension of
the I Am and you are saying that your perceptions of who you
are in relation to them is out of whack with the perceptions
that Light feels about them and you.

That does not mean that if they are in resistance you should
be around them, only be around them if you want the contrast
because states of resistance will always try to drag you
down to match that level of vibration.

And you can search the entire world over to find something
that makes you feel better, the perfect spouse or that soul
mate you think is the answer, and there are indeed many
things you can do to make you feel better on a temporary
basis, but only in alignment can there be eternal feeling
good and in that is always the highest vibrational feel good

Fear is an in the moment indication that the active thought
within you does not agree with the effective thought of
Light. Present yourself in alignment with that and you will
not be able to experience fear or failure.

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