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Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
September 20, 2002


Today's issue of Prosperity is one of the
Most Important ones I've ever had the privilege of
writing and sending to you.

I'm going to chat with you about something I really doubt you have ever heard before when it comes to

I've never yet seen an article in any marketing e-zine that has addressed this topic.

I sincerely hope today's issue will change your life.

And I'm going to ask you this: If you don't ever read
another thing I send you, please take 10 minutes and
read both of the below articles.

This is Not a sales letter, I'm not going to make a
single request that you join anything. I've even taken the
paid ads out for this issue (we will get them in next week for those who have paid).

I wrote this issue because I care about your success.


Touched By An Angel
By: Dave Cole

Walking home alone one day from her class in New
York City, something stopped her. A noise, a faint,
very faint......pathetic mewing.

As the young pharmaceutical student pushed aside
the weeds in this abandoned lot and knelt down, she
found this pitifully emaciated, obviously dehydrated,
little orphan Coon cat.

Little did our hero realize just how serious the trouble was.

The kitty was feverish, her eyes watery and barely open. Her natural black coat with it's chest bib of white was a lifeless, rat-colored gray, matted with excrement and dirt.

The symptoms were frighteningly familiar and heartbreakingly classic: distemper.

Our young student petted her tentatively. Weak as the
kitten was, it somehow managed to raise her little head
and look at the was a look of gratitude and
a plea for help that the young college student never, ever has forgotten.

Without hesitating, our Angel of Mercy picked the kitty
up and raced to the nearest phone booth. Frantically
leafing through the Yellow Pages she called the first
veterinarian listed.

The situation was explained and the kitten's symptoms, but to her dismay was told there was nothing she could do.

Call after call to every vet in the book returned the same response. Finally one veterinary clinic agreed to see her.

Distemper was in those days routinely accepted as being virtually incurable for cats, for kittens it was a death sentence.

Wrapping the little orphan in her sweater, she raced for her car. The little kitten tried to push her nose against the arm of this lady seeking comfort and reassurance. As the young lady started driving to the clinic she named the little kitten, Tashi.

Upon arrival at the clinic she felt like crying. It was wedged between a butcher shop and a laundromat in a run down section of Brooklyn. From the outside the place looked like a flophouse. The waiting room wasn't much better.

The doctor, Dr. Goldberg led them in to the examining
room immediately. Before Tashi could even be put on the table, the doctor was preparing a syringe and gave her an injection. Examining the kitten from head to tail the doctor only shook his head.

The young student, lips quivering and heart pounding asked....
"Will she....?"  she couldn't even finish the sentence.

"You must force her to eat." came the reply. "There is
nothing more I can do." "Bring her back tomorrow,
if she is still alive."

Back at home in her tiny apartment, this young lady
spent the entire evening hand feeding Tashi at regular intervals.

Distemper is known for causing cats to refuse to eat or
drink and therefore, unwittingly starving them to death.
Tashi seemed to view the nutritional ministrations as
cruel and unusual punishment. It broke the students heart, yet she couldn't really blame Tashi.

The student ignored Tashi's feeble protests and sustained herself by repeating, "All's fair in love and war." This was war and our hero was in love.

At 5 in the morning battle fatigue set in. Tashi seemed no better for all the love and attention. Totally exhausted this Angel of Mercy fell asleep alongside Tashi. She didn't even want to think of waking up.

Three hours later she had no choice. Two white tipped
paws were patting her nose, the black tail was tickling
her chin, and a warm furry head was rubbing against her chest.

Our hero was euphoric!

Tashi had made it through the night.

Every day that first week she made a trip back to
Dr. Goldberg. Every day, the doctor sadly shook his
head and said, "Bring her back tomorrow, if she's
still alive."

Within 4 weeks the scrawny Brooklyn back lot orphan
blossomed into a five pound bundle of boundless energy and remarkable beauty......and this young lady's life was forever changed.

Jane Bicks no longer wanted to be a pharmacist.

God had sent an angel in the form of an almost dead kitten and placed that kitten in a spot where He knew Jane would find it.

Jane Bicks had found her calling in life.

Taking Tashi with her to Italy, Jane graduated summa
cum laude from veterinary school at the University of Parma.

Dr. Jane Bicks has served as the President of the Veterinary Medical Association of NYC, served on the Advisory Board of the Cornell University Feline Health Center, helped set up the largest animal shelter in the world: the Center for Animal Care and Control, has authored 3 books on pet care, appeared as veterinary expert on CBS' "48 Hours", ABC's "Good Morning America",  and many, many other national TV shows. At present she is veterinary expert for the Animal Planet series, "Petsburgh".

She has won numerous awards in her line of work including three Presidential Citations. Dr. Bicks is one of the pioneers of veterinary nutritional/alternative medicine and is recognized nationally as a foremost authority in the natural treatment of animals.

Currently Dr. Bicks is the Executive Director of New Product Development and Education for HealthyPetNet where she oversees all product development and supervises a board of veterinarians and pet industry experts who ensure HealthyPetNet's cutting-edge formulas meet the highest standards for quality and effectiveness.



What Is Your Calling In Life?
By: Dave Cole

Jane Bicks found something in her life that has forever
changed the course of animal nutrition. That something
has helped thousands upon thousands of pets & animals
live longer and healthier lives, and thus given those pet owners more years of enjoyment and fewer vet bills.

That something is what motivates Dr. Bicks to get up
in the morning and work until late evening.

She was given a purpose in life.

Jane Bicks is one of the most respected holistic veterinarians in the world. That something brought her to the place of world fame.

Jane could have said no to that something.

It was her choice.

Jane Bicks is also one of the most gracious, caring ladies you would ever want to meet. Her whole focus in life is to help as many animals as possible.

On the day she picked up that little dying kitten,
God Almighty extended to her a most precious gift.

It was a gift of love, a gift of mercy, a gift of compassion and the gift of a true purpose in life.

God put a calling on her life.

Do you know what your calling in life is?

I have a calling in my life. I know what God wants me to do. When I get up in the morning I do so with a purpose.

That doesn't mean there still aren't struggles, and problems, and defeats. It does mean I am helped by a higher power in the universe than my own to see past these problems and temporary setbacks.

You see, when you get a calling on your life, and you say yes to it, you also receive spiritual forces that help you accomplish what you are called to do.

When you are doing the will of the higher power in your
life....and we respect that there are so many diverse
cultures and religious beliefs that read us......yet every
one of them does believe in the existence of a higher
power in the universe; when your life is in harmony with
what that higher power has chosen for you......

Then,....... then, you can find and experience true satisfaction and joy and rewards.

When your life is in opposition to those spiritual forces,
then the consequences will not, nor can they be,
as pleasant.

I ask you again, Do you know what
your calling in life is?

How many times do we all find ourselves looking at
various opportunities out there on the Net and thinking
of how much we can get or make from it.

How many times do we place ads with the extent purpose of only making a dollar.

Do you want to know why Internet marketing opportunities are collapsing left and right....and why people are not making money?

Do you and I promote our opportunity because we want to make money.......or do we promote it because we sincerely and genuinely care about the success of the person who clicks on our ads or joins up under us?

Are we so hung up on making a buck that we forget
who we really are and what our real purpose is in life.

Please understand, I am not putting down any person or
any opportunity. I am as much a capitalist as any of you and do desire and expect a return on my dollar invested
in my businesses.

But what I am saying I promoting a business
because I want to get rich.....or because I have the integrity to know that my products and opportunity will genuinely help others to find success.

I confess, I've joined with more than one opportunity
just cause I could see a fast buck in it.

So I'm learning as you are.

Is what I am doing, and promoting, and writing, and saying to people what the higher power in my life has called me to do?

If I'm following my calling it's really pretty cool...because you know what.....then it really doesn't  matter whether I make money or not.

Then, that point.....making money is not the focus
of my life. My focus is on what I'm supposed to be doing.

Then....if the money comes, fine. If it doesn't, fine.
It really doesn't matter. I'm still a success.

And you know what else......when you give up the focus on making money and switch the focus to doing what you are called, then and only then can you really call yourself rich and wealthy.

And what a strange anomaly it is.....when your focus gets off making money and on to doing what your calling is, then the money does come.

Dr. Jane Bicks is one of the richest persons I know.

She's discovered that in the big picture in life..... and I
hope you can make the jump with me
doesn't really mean much of anything at all.

She became rich because she said yes to that calling
and it did not matter at what cost to her. She has followed and remained true to that calling and would not ever compromise her integrity even though at times it would have made life easier for her.

A calling is a gift from above.

Receive your calling, ......say yes to it, .......and you
will become more of a success than you ever imagined.


I hope this meant something to you today.
It came from my heart.

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As always, enjoy your life, enjoy your day, it's God's
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