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How Can I Advertise On The Internet

Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
September 26, 2003

Everyone wants to know: How can I advertise my business the cheapest and the most effectively on the Internet.

Today I've written an article that gives you a case study of what we are doing that Is Working very well for us. Our expenses are very low, and our traffic is growing and growing really incredibly well.

From this past April, we have gone from just starting one web site to over 30,000 visitors a month. By this time next year, that figure should easily triple or quadruple.

What we did wasn't hard, it did take some effort and time, but very little dollars. It's nothing that anyone can't do. For your information, we use Frontpage to develop our web pages.

If you can compose an email, you can use Frontpage.
The only bad thing about Frontpage is it's a real bear to
work with tables.

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How To Advertise Cheaply & Effectively On The Internet
By: Dave Cole

Advertising, that's the name of the game isn't it?

To make money with any online business, one thing
you've got to do is: get the word out about your Web site.

Without traffic, and quality targeted traffic, your chances of making any kind of return on your investment are pretty low.

The question everyone wants to know is: Where and How do I advertise to get the most effective results. What should you do and what shouldn't you do?

We want to advertise in the most cost effective and yet
productive method possible. One answer is: Search Engines, but not necessarily just any search engine. The number one engine is Google. That's our target. A good number of "other' search engines on the net tie in to Google, and they have the highest traffic of any engine going.

Here's what we did.

Starting at the first of this year, 2003 we spent several
months compiling over 250 pages of pet care information.
In April of 2003, we got them all posted on our site at

These pages covered info on dogs and cats, on a wide variety of subjects. Remember:
.net didn't even come into existence until January of 2003 when we bought the domain name, and the domain didn't get on the Web until March.

At the end of August we checked our Web stats and had around 29,000 visitors in August alone. That from a start of zero visitors in April. Also remember, this article was written the first of September of 2003.

Our search string requests for August were over 6500.
Meaning that out of all the search engines out there, that
many searches were made that were filled by our site on various keywords.

One example, go to and type in the keyword phrase: tapeworms in dogs.  You'll find we have a number one listing for that phrase.  Not bad for the web page being up only since April of this year.

Now if your cat is eating all your house plants, what
are you going to do? Go to Google and type in "cat
eats house plants" and you'll find we have a number 1
and number two listing for that phrase.

We put up over 125 pages on horse care information in
June of 2003. Again, go to Google and type in the phrase "types of horses". You'll find that in only 3 months time, we have attained the number two listing.

Then type in "horse treats", you'll find we have the number 8 listing on the first page, which is absolutely excellent considering the competition for this phrase.

And we could give you a bunch of other keyword phrases and keywords that rank very high on Google, and since Yahoo and other engines use Google, rank also in the same high spots for them.

What this also means is: a steady stream of very high quality and targeted traffic to our site on a daily basis.

How did we attain such a high ranking on so many keywords in such a short time, and what were our expenses in doing so?

First off, we provided Internet users with quality information on a wide variety of topics, all within a defined field. In other words, we gave pet owners a lot of really good information on all aspects of pet care for dogs, cats and horses.

Google likes sites that provide quality information. They could care less about flash introductions or fancy graphics. In fact, while our pages look nice, they certainly aren't award winners for graphics. However, for the user, they load fairly quickly,
are short, and easy to read.

Secondly how did we rise so high in rankings such a short time? We did it because we didn't target the major keywords in the field. We targeted less used keywords, but also targeted a lot of them.

For instance, dog tapeworms only had 325 requests per month on Overture for August. Types of horses had 1114. The big boys in the pet related field like Petsmart, Petco, Purina, etc, don't go after the small, less used keywords. But we did and if you are seeking information on tapeworms in dogs, or your kitty eating the house plants, do a search, you've got to see that our site is where you'll find what your looking for.

And of course after you read the info we give you, you also read about our pet products we have for sale.

IMPORTANT ==> What we also did was find three
related sites with very high established rankings on Google and purchase some small adverts with them. The adverts contained our link, which is what we were seeking.... our link on their site.

This amounts  to about $30 a month in advertising costs, but has been a  tremendous help in giving our pages much higher rankings with Google.

See Google likes sites where they find links from other very high ranking sites back to them. For instance, is a very high ranked site, in
fact it's the 4th largest horse site on the Internet.

We were able to secure a two year link back to us for about $5 a month. This link back has made absolutely a big difference in ranking our horse related web pages. Before we got that link, our types of horse keyword phrase ranked very low.

What we never did was submit any of our pages to any
search engine using the free submits, nor did we ever
post to any FFA or links pages. Google doesn't like FFA or Links pages and will penalize you if they find your web link on one of those.

In a nutshell, what we did was:

1. Provide Internet users with valuable, quality content on a topic.

2. Get a few links back to us from established, high ranking sites. (Not from us to them, but from them to us only)

3. Use the right meta tags and keywords.

4. Spend about 30 dollars a month in advertising on other sites that ranked high on Google

Here's the meta tags we used for the Types of Horse page

<title>The Three Types of Horses</title>
<meta name="description" content="different breeds and types of horses">
<meta content="horse breed, horse type, type horse, heavy horse, light horse, pony, draft horse, horse care" name="keywords">

Nothing fancy or deceptive there.

So what you need to do is:

1. Find a market you really like to be involved with.

2. Learn as much as you can about that market.

3. Get your own domain name related to that market.

4. Provide Internet users with quality info on that topic from web pages on your domain.

5. Get your site linked from two or three other already
established sites in that field.

6. Use the right keywords for your web pages.

That's all we did and the cost for us was registering the domain name at 12 dollars a year, monthly hosting for the web site, plus 30 dollars a month for adverts.

We also spent about $60 to submit our site manually to
Inktomi and, although I honestly don't believe it made any difference in our page rankings with Google. What the Inktomi listing did was get us a decent number of hits from MSN search. I personally think the listing with Momma was a waste and wouldn't do it again.

So if you don't have a lot of money to spend on
advertising, I think that from the above, you can see
that it is possible to achieve a great number of
Internet visitors to your site, and do it very cheaply.


Now Is The Only Time You Have

You were born into physical form from the nonphysical
realm of existence. From the womb of love and wisdom you came forth as Daughter or Son of Source, Universal Royalty.

You are the Royal Majesty of Creation, a spiritual manifestation.

You are an extension of Creative Life Force, a solar ray of Source energy, an aspect of the Infinite, a spark of the Divine. This is who you are, where you came from, and where you always return.

There is No condamnation from on high.
Divine Love knows no limits, has no restrictions and never condemns.

It Just Is.....and supports you unconditionally in your
expression of creativity. You are of the family of Universal Royalty.

Act the part, for it is written in your heart. You are here to thrive, not just survive.


Excerpted from: Merlin's Message

Editors Note: See Marelin's ad below for more info on how you can Attract More Money into your life


Tips on Using The Telephone

Telephone tips for networkers. Compliments of
Tom "Big Al" Schreiter.....

I interviewed my telephone hero, Tom Paredes, and had the complete interview recorded. I asked Tom how he gets so many cold prospects to be friendly and join with just a telephone call.

You could purchase the audio tapes of this interview,
but here is a no-cost solution. I had the complete
interview transcribed and you can download it free at:

Hope you enjoy Tom's great tips.


            "Champions aren't made in the gyms.
      Champions are made from something they have
      deep inside them - a desire, a dream, a vision."

                        ~ Muhammad Ali ~



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