Act I Scene 23.
Superman's Meditation Experience

The higher level of consciousness can be compared to a dream
state where there are no limitations.

You can be on a beach of your own making or an already made
beach and instantly be high in the mountains or on another
planet or in the far out galaxies of the universe.

There is no equation calculated by physics that can
determine the speed of thought. How can you measure

The speed of light is like a snail's pace compared to the
speed of thought.

There is no time constraints, in fact there is no measurable
time, but there can be if you choose to have that.
Everything experienced in Superman's meditation happens in
the now.

You can instantly and effortlessly change your proximity to
a location upon will. You can take on any body form, you can
be Clark Kent or Superman or Spiderman or a great operatic
singer if you wish.

You can play music or not, listen to it already being played
or not. You can be the one playing a beautiful rhapsodic
melody on a baby grand and at the same time be the key being
struck, the baby grand itself and the music being resounded,
all simultaneously.

You can have guides to go with you into the meditation
journey, entertain friends, visit anyone, be around anyone
and share experiences with them or be alone, but there is
never a sense of loneliness, you always know you are never

There is a duller and at times, many times lack of our
physical sensations, you don't feel hot or cold you can be
in the snow without any clothes on and not feel chilled.

You can swim in the water with all your clothes on and the
instant you get out you're dry. There is no need to breathe
while under the water, you're like Aquaman.

There are experiences and awarenesses of those experiences
and instantaneous changing and mixing of experiences and
surroundings, yet nothing is really "solid" as we know solid
to be. It is all much like being a hologram within a hologram.

Anything you can imagine can happen and it will all be
without judgment. Whatever happens is purely an experience,
an illusion of sorts and who can place a judgment as being
good or bad on an illusion. Emotions don't seem to play much
of a role.

There is no fear, you can skydive without a parachute and
have no fear. Or, you can jump off the highest cliff and
then fly to your heart's content without effort or conscious
will, it just happens.

Your vision is mostly focused on what's in front,
peripheral vision is limited.

There can be spoken words but they don't seem necessary,
it's mostly a type of telepathy, you just seem to have this
communication with others and your surroundings that is all
fun and all harmonious.

There doesn't appear to be any order to events, they don't
play out before us as they do here, even though the
randomness like in our dreams appears to us here as un-
orderly, there is no sense of that un-orderliness, however
there is a rhythm, a certain continuity, a flow.

You can float, it all is like your floating with the
greatest of ease all the time, you float with your partner
if your with one. There is no feeling of being tired or sick
or physical pain. You can stub your toe on a rock and know
it but the sensation that we feel as pain is deadened and
even non-existent. You can run a knife in your stomach and
have no sensation of pain and no blood.

There is only cooperation amongst participants.

There is no need for food, there is no need for money, you
can have all the money ever made but for what reason?
There's nothing to spend it on, everything is free. If you
want something you simply create it out of your imagination
and instantly you become aware of it.

You become like Superman able to leap tall buildings in a
single bound, faster than a speeding bullet, able to stop trains.


We all know that there are over a hundred million people in
China, yet we do not have a conscious awareness of those
people or any other people or places until we consciously
make a thought about them. And so in Superman's meditation
there are infinite myriads of places and beings that visit
there yet none are aware of any experience or person outside
of themselves until by intention they are drawn to an
experience, place or person.

There is no negativity, nor negative type experiences or
negative type thoughts towards another being, nor is there
what we would think of as being acceptance of those, but
more just a being with that other being, in other words an
interaction is just as it is.

While observing the experiences from a point of observation
as a seer, yet at the same moment the fundamental truth of
oneness is existent. Awareness is sort of a duality, there
is an observer to all events and at the same time a part of
all that was happening, apart from but also one with.

Superman was the dreamer and the dream.

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