Act I Scene 5
God and Consciousness

Consciousness is perspective. God-ness is non physical
perspective intertwined with the experiencing of itself on
an ever expanding array of vibrations.

Human perspective is more involved with thought. God
consciousness is more involved with being.

Our inner being has an inner being which has an inner being
which has an inner being and so on and so forth.

Each level or frequency each of these are on, has it's
consciousness, but these conscious states are mostly
involved with the level each of which finds itself on.

But it is still all one continuation of consciousness.

Each level has it's own value.

You are source energy that has projected part of itself into
this physical experience, but did not project all of you
into this physical experience, just an idea of you.

We could state that another way, we are one of God's dreams.

If we were totally immersed in a higher realm of
consciousness, then we would lose the human perspective and
not be able to experience the value of the contrasts this
life has to offer.

Our physical perspective is important and valued.

We underestimate when we think that to be in a higher
spiritual place consciously all the time would be better -
it is not as long as we have physical bodies. What is good
is a mix of both worlds.

Animals for the most part are much more connected to source
than we often are. They are here to help give us the
contrasts of their experiences with us.

God stands in the place of our utter knowing who we really
are. Who we really are is already a done deal, it is that of
a vibrational essence.


The following lesson is inspired from Abraham Hicks
material, Learning to Allow.

The benefit of the contrasting environment is millions of
times more valuable than the negative is detrimental. If we
did not have the ability to discern difference, we could not
have preferences and we could not perform and if we could
not prefer, we could not summon source.

The entire universe is predicated upon our ability to choose
a new idea, which is why we have so much dissonance.

There is nothing more important than that we feel good. When
we feel good we have control of our vibration and when we
have that control, we are the deliberate creators of our

It's easier to allow than to disallow. It is natural to
anticipate happy out comings.

Thank You Jerry, Esther and Abraham.

The power of a mind is the only thing that matters.
Alignment brings the money. Alignment is what allows the
flow of wealth and health and wellbeing.

You gotta believe it before you see it.

We've been trained to tell it like it is. And, Law of
Attraction will provide you with your every wish as you
vibrate on the frequency of the evidence of what you see in
your environment to shore up your beliefs about what you
think reality is. We somehow seem to believe our reality
whether it is true or not. We will discuss this issue much
further in Act I Part 6.

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