Act I Scene 17.
I Am That, I Am

Phenomenal things and events show up in my life because I
choose to believe I am a phenomenal person. I attract to me
that which I believe I am.

I am that, I am. Read that again.

I am that,

I am that, yes that is what I am.

I am all that I believe myself to be and all that I hold
myself to being. Only when I resist the beliefs will I drop
from them.

Bob Proctor said, "Your belief will create the fact." Jesus
said, "It is your faith that has made you well."

I choose to release all beliefs which are not in alignment
with the Awesome, Phenomenal, Wonderful, Magnificent, Cool,
Great, Dignified, Majestic, His Majesty the King me that I am.

The entire universe is so designed and structured that it
wants to be in concert with me to co-create beautiful music
containing the notes and lyrics of the dreams I have.

Prosperity and abundance abounds in the universe, there is
nowhere lack or limitation. Lack and limitation only appear
to manifest in my life when I choose to be in the vibe of
them. And in reality lack and limitation are only distorted
perspectives as I view them from a distorted perspective of
who I really am.

When I see myself as who I really am, lack and limitation
cease to exist for me.

I am that, I am the only source of my prosperity and
abundance. I am that, I am that which I choose to focus upon
and believe.

I am that, which embraces the absolute totality of a life
with full expression of the possibilities of all it can be
at any one moment and in so doing I say goodbye to an aspect
of me previously that did not serve me for my highest good.

I am that, which is the embodiment of a living truth with no
drama, with no trauma, in every moment that I am. I am that
which is on a journey and experiencing what it takes for me
to take the next step and flow into all that I am that can
take me to see the I am that I am.

It's never about how honest you are in the world, it's about
how honest you can be with yourself.

Some people walk around with an out of order sign posted on
their minds.

I am that who is now so very happy and grateful that I am
constantly revving up my attraction factor that I am
constantly in a state of marvel and awe for all that I am
and all that is me.

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