Act I Scene 15.
Information is just Information

All the information we receive is just information. It's not
negative or positive, it's neutral. It just is.

When we attach a negative emotion to that information then
we view that information as being negative and vice versa.

Far better to just let the information be neutral. Not react
to it, and use your energy to feel good about yourself. In
other words, just go stick your head in the sand and pretend
your a carrot. Ha Ha, just kidding.... about the carrot that is.

The physical emotional response we have in response to an
event is caused by the introduction of a neuropeptide
flowing through the blood into the cells and once the cells
get them (almost instantly but possibly closer to up to 5
seconds), then the cells have a response and we feel an

Our cells and brain can and do get addicted to the influx of
certain neuropeptides and the emotional response attached to
them. Thus, we create reality to provide us with a set of
circumstances that will illicit the emotional responses and
thus satisfy the emotional cravings or addictions.

Every time we change to a more pleasing emotion we create
more addictions to feeling good and the more reality will
mold itself to provide us with more feel good and it
perpetuates so the better it gets the better it gets and it
keeps on getting better.

And if you're addicted to the feeling or emotion attached to
it of money coming to you, then your own chemical addictions
to that emotion will set up a play more conducive to your
getting more money.

So, you've got to look at everyone around you and never
stand in a place of judgment, everyone is in their own
state of addiction and need. And, there's no judgment in
this statement.


All of this is just neutral information, thus anything
anybody "does to you" is first to be looked at because you
need that emotional response and secondly because they need
the response they feel within themselves.

Obviously then the better you feel about yourself the more
events that will show up to confirm this.

While drugs provide an emotional response it does not mean
they are "bad" in one sense for you. The drug just is, but
in the same respect most drugs over time wear your body and
mind out and put a shroud over the brain so that it comes to
believe the dependency on the drug is all there is. Drugs
are very powerful in that. But it prohibits the natural
state of joy and peace that can be had and too often the
drugs put you in a place where you have to steal or lie to
get money to support the habit and prevent you from
understanding that you can have money as response to an
emotion easily. They just provide a distorted view of
reality that takes you away from who you really are.

The conscious mind thinks or responds to logics and the
subconscious responds to emotions and pictures. The
subconscious is more powerful. The subconscious cannot
differentiate between what's real out there and what's
imagined in there. So if we can imagine what we want our
reality to be, then the subconscious will create it.

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