Act I Scene 7.
Law of Attraction, A Primer

It is not anyone else's responsibility to please me. I am
not dependant on anyone to meet my "needs" or make me feel

We only "need" physical intervention if we are not in
complete alignment. The laws of the universe are absolute.

Doctors only talk to you about the physical body and can
make you feel vulnerable. They don't talk to you about
energy and getting in alignment with the energy structure of
good health which is ultimately what the healing becomes

We are source energy that has projected part of itself into
this physical experience, but did not project all of you
into this physical experience, just an idea of you.

Comedian Bill Hicks said, "We are a dream within a dream."

We are never in the act of not constructing something, we
are holding vibrations of resistance which construct to us
things we do not want and hold us apart from that it is
which we do want.

Negative emotions really means we've pinched ourselves off
in some degree from who we really are.

Everything in life that is happening to us is happening in
response to the thoughts and patterns of thoughts colored by
our emotional responses to those patterns we are offering.

Telling the life story of how it is or how it has been only
holds us in the same vibrational pattern of what is and thus
the same thing keeps happening over and over again.

There is no source of evil, there is however degrees of
resistance to and a disallowance of well being.

Source will never deliver you something that doesn't feel
good or that you have a sense of fear or worry or anxiety
about. But when these things come we want to blame God for
all the unjustness, when in reality it is our own selves
which are calling them into play. We attract what is in our
life by the dominant vibration we find ourself in.

Many people ask of God when they find themselves in a
dilemma - they ask in a vibration of dilemma and thus can
only receive back an answer of similar vibrational content.
The same with fear or physical sickness. The doctor tells us
we're sick, shows us the test results thereby proving to him
we're sick and he expects you to believe you are sick, so
what do you focus on? Sickness and what's wrong and guess
what shows up? More sickness and more what's wrong and you
just can't seem to figure out why God doesn't answer your

The universe is responding to us in relation to our
feelings. We for so long a time have practiced the vibration
of "there's not enough dollars" and we are being answered
accordingly to this vibration. We need to release any
thought that contradicts.


When we are connected to the light there is no self
defeating going on.

In truth the action we take does not make that much
difference. Either way what makes the difference is the
vibration we are in towards what it is we desire.

If you're going to "do it" then line up with that and don't
worry you did the wrong thing. It's soothing the thought
thus lessening the resistance that's the primary focus of
your efforting.

The universal bank does not know, nor does it care whether
the vibration you are offering is in response to something
you're living or something you are imagining. They respond
to our vibration about it.

Identify a desire then achieve a vibration that matches that

Once we get in the vibration of what it is we want, then we
must be very careful to guard ourselves from getting out of

We are actors in our own play or movie. The cool thing is we
can write the script for the movie. It's the movie company's
job to provide us with all the props. The actors job is to
play the part. All cinema movies and Broadway plays were
written by someone out of their imagination.

We get to write the script for our life. That's quite a
scary concept for a large percentage of the people. To write
your own life means you have to take 100% responsibility for
everything in your life - this is why so few believe that is
the way it works. Now, you can no longer be a victim or feel
sorry for yourself and why you have to have a "devil" to
explain away any unwanted or tragic events and why God
didn't give it to you the way you wanted.

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