Act I Scene 26.
Then they Teach Me be Logical

Society has been geared to focus on being a problem oriented
news feed. We as a whole dwell so much more on the problem,
what's wrong with this or what's wrong with that, the
problem we "think we see" and this behavior is consistently

  Throughout school the teachers focused mainly on what is
wrong on our test papers. I always got big red checkmarks
on what was wrong and cannot ever remember except once, the
teacher focusing on what was right or giving praise for what
I did right for 12 years of schooling.

It was all about what was wrong and they called this
"correcting my papers." And the prevailing philosophy was
over and over and over and over ==> tell him what is wrong
in the hopes that he will get it right. Right at least from
their point of view.

If you haven't already, read Scene 19.
We were taught to Color within the Lines

And since I was told thousands of times and shown it on
paper where I was wrong throughout my school years, I grew
up to believe I was a loser and that I didn't measure up to
the standards set by the "committee of they."

I was never praised for conducting myself in their
definition of "proper behavior" in the classroom or recess,
but I was chastised for failing to obey the wishes of the
teachers and school board in order that I might learn to
"obey", be obedient to, and give up my free thinking and
power to them. So I would be "easier to deal with", and
become a model of sensibility and responsibility so I could
"fit" into society in a proper and acceptable manner.

And so that is just one instance. Multiply in all the other
influences in society and the delusion ratio rapidly
increases so that I became a programmed machine designed to
spend a huge part of my energy focusing on what's wrong.

The doctor tells you that you have a disease, he shows you
all the test results to prove it. He focuses on what's wrong
and not what's right so we dwell on the doctor's report and
what's wrong. You've thus been taught to be logical.

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