Act I Scene 19.
We were taught to color within the lines.

We give up on our dreams because we are taught not to dream.
We are taught to focus our attention and energy on external
circumstances. Then that we should attach negative or positive
emotions to that observation.

"Imagination is more important than fact."
~ Albert Einstein ~

We were taught, as Roger Hodgens of Supertramp wrote, to be
logical, sensible, responsible, rational.

But as he went on, there are times, when all the world's
asleep, the questions run so deep, can you please, please
tell me who I am, who I am.

Giving up on our dreams does not allow us to use our
imaginations to dream and further more helps to block our
belief systems from believing, achieving or actually living
our dreams which now can't come true because we are taught
to be logical.

===> And that we should base our belief systems only on what
we think we see and learn in and from the environment.

Schools really destroy our ability to create and dream. We
are taught to color in between the lines and that only this
is proper and accepted and only by coloring within the lines
can we get good grades and be accepted by our peers. And our
parents reinforce this concept of getting good grades so
they can tell other parents what a bright young lad they
have as a child. Instead of allowing the painter to paint
the picture because of how it makes them feel while doing it.

There is a story about a young man in art class who was
working diligently on drawing a picture when the teacher
came by and said, "Billy, what are you drawing?" Billy
replied, "I'm drawing a picture of God." The teacher said,
"No one knows what God looks like." Billy said, "Just wait
until I get done and then they will."

When you structure everything in your life to stay within
the lines, you die inside a little bit at a time with
every time you do it instead of coloring the picture for the
pure enjoyment of how doing it makes you feel.

This entire script I am writing here entitled "The
Subterranean Circus," I'm doing to express my creativity and
imagination and for the pure expression and feeling I am
deriving while doing it.

If children grow up believing that coloring the picture for
the enjoyment of how it makes them feel is not acceptable,
that they have to color the picture in order to please
someone else, then that can lead to a feeling of
unworthiness and of having to conform to other's viewpoints
of what their peers think they should be all of which only
adds pressure and destroys creativity. If you're going to
get punished for coloring a picture the way you want it to
be, then why even bother coloring. The only motivation would
be to feel accepted which is why all children follow and
having the feeling of being accepted in so deep an emotion
and so desired by the human species.

Thinking outside the box is not accepted behavior in school.
Go read, "Up the Down Staircase" where you will find the
main quality that schools desire is obedience. Creativity is
not a desirable trait.

One of the most important things we can do is create
ourselves the way we want ourselves to be and to see
ourselves as being this way. Why don't we see ourselves as
being anointed as kings of the world? Why don't we see
ourselves as being the warrior, the knight, the champion of
life, of being the me with all the money, why don't we
imagine ourselves as being anything we want and having
anything we want like we did when we were little children.

Because they send me away teach me how to be responsible,
logical, practical, sensible.


We saw ourselves in a different light when we were little
children and we did this easily. Jesus said unless we must
become like little children before we can have the riches of
the kingdom.

The riches of the kingdom, the key into it is creative
imagination, the riches are we can be and do anything we want.

Little children are mostly focused in the moment, in the
now, they are clouded by the future and only to growing
degrees of the past.

Can we learn to be in love with the energy we are now in
this moment? Focusing on the value of what is in the now or
focusing on pockets of things to worry and fuss about which
don't make you feel good.

However the salvation of our souls is assured.

We must learn to create habits of thinking in accordance
with the good we desire and the good feelings we have while

We are unlimited in this moment until we focus our attention
on something other than that.

Little children don't focus on these limiting things, things
like coloring inside the lines until they are groomed to
believe in such nonsense. They don't consciously say to
themselves, "I'm limited." They don't even have a concept of
what that means until they are programmed to believe that
they can't have Buzz Lightyear as a toy because mommy and
daddy can't afford it, and by the way young one don't you
know that money doesn't grow on trees? And so they grow up
believing that money is scarce and hard to get and that they
can't become the imagination of themselves because that
isn't the proper thing to do, they have to grow up to be

And little children don't say to themselves "I'm unlimited"
either, they do just play in their now without a concept of
time constraints until they are trained that now it's
bedtime, now it's time to eat. They don't know it can be
done or can't be done until we train them to believe such.
They just do and create in their now, never wondering if
another now will come or if Iran will attack Iraq or if the
president will raise taxes, they actually don't care, they
just do what they do because of how it makes them feel
regardless of what anything else is going on in the world.

But we have to be logical and base our way of living on
what's going on in the middle east or what China is doing or
what the stock market did or what the preacher said in his
sermon on Sunday, or who won the Super Bowl and what were
the best ads.

We all limit ourselves to a huge degree because we let past
conditioning and past experiences dictate to us what our
future and sadly what our now experiences will be like.

The misfortune is that a huge percentage of what occurred in
the past or better, how we perceived those events was
erroneous information - BUT -we used this wrong information
to construct our belief systems and so the objective now is,
if we want to change our world and how we relate to and view
it, we must eliminate old wrong thinking belief patterns and
install new habits to guide us into new and better belief
systems more in harmony with what we want to become.

People born into extremely wealthy families have the belief
system that there is only abundance and that wealth just is
for them. People born in poverty have the belief that
everyone is against them and that they can't be rich, only a
little better than poor.

What would it feel like if ???????

Anytime we're looking at what is - we're holding ourselves
from looking at what we've become.

Little children are so ready and full of eagerness and
anticipation for what's next. Adults tolerate that, but
emotionally freak out from having that expectation of a
constant what's next without having a reassurance of some
kind of semblance of security about it. Adults need security
blankets much more than little children do and find that
even in their own mundane existence. How hard it is for an
adult to break out of a comfort barrier once it's in place.
They become secure in even knowing there isn't enough money,
because that is a constant they can rely on.

We are never going to hear an answer to prayer when we're
still suffering in the problem.

Henry David Thoreau wrote to the effect, When a person dies
the sad part is not the death of the person, but the death
of all the dreams the person never accomplished.

Most people are never going to see themselves as wealthy or
healthy, the would like it, but are too stuck in the
beingness of where they are at and the perceived fear of
displeasing others that they erroneously believe they think
others feel about them.

Most of the being hard on ourselves hinges from our belief
that we have to get it right. That we have to color within
the lines to be accepted and normal and a valuable
contribution to society.

The Light of source energy loves us unconditionally whether
we come into that light or not, whether we color in the
lines or not. It doesn't care if we color inside the lines
or outside the lines or don't even color, it only loves
without condemnation and without judgment and without any
sense of having to get it right and without any sense of
getting it wrong. There is no right and there is no wrong
from it's perspective, there just is being in the now and
experiencing what the now is with an eager anticipation for
what's coming next.

It is always a suggestion from the source of all to allow
the wholeness of who we are, it is never a commandment and
never a judgment if we do or if we don't.

There is no right or wrong here, all that it is, is that you
feel happy, fulfilled, complete, whole and content. Color
within the lines if you want, color outside the lines if you
want, or don't even color at all, it doesn't matter, the
only thing that matters is how you feel about yourself and
the experiences you provide for yourself about any course of
action you take. You can't get it wrong no matter what
course you take. You can only get it wrong when you let
others control you're thinking and control how you feel
about yourself and your experiences.

Today is December 24 and tomorrow is Christmas and I get
presents whether I am worthy or not. We are the only ones
that put self imposed limitations on ourselves.

"Nothing external has any power over you."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

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