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Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
March 21, 2003

The "Home Alone" System

We've been busy this week and have done some much
needed revamping of our web site. We invite you to
check out the new additions by going first to our
new Site Map.

I've got a ton of great articles I've written finally
put up on the article index page, hope you enjoy
reading and get something out of them.


The Home Alone System

Recently I was on a tele conferencing call hosted by
Teresa Romain. What a powerful, dynamic lady she is
and what absolutely incredible concepts she puts forth
on accessing abundance in your life.

We all want and need more abundance in our lives.

Or, at least we "think" we need more.

I'm not going to write you a big article on this today,
but instead, what I would really, really like for
you to do is go check out the web page I've put up
that will give you a very unique, interesting and fun
method of  accessing more abundance, or better put,
accessing the abundance and prosperity you Already Have, in your life.

You can find it here:

I've adapted parts of this to suit how I am managing
my baseball team this year. As you long time readers
know, I manage the local Pony baseball team (13 & 14 year olds).

I'm teaching them this year the Home Alone System of

Simply put, we learn that: What we focus on is what
shows up and expands in our lives.

Focus on our errors and strikeouts, and more errors
and strikeouts show up.

But....focus on our accomplishments and achievements,
and what we did right, then more of the same shows up.

We try to teach our kids to have fun.

Marketing should be fun.

Whatever business your in, should be fun. You don't
need another job or something else to do....whatever
business you are in or promoting, should be fun.

And we've discovered a way to make what you're doing FUN!

Did you ever watch the movie "Home Alone"?

Remember the little boy in the movie, Kevin.

Remember what he did when he did something really cool?

He congratulated himself.

He made a fist, pulled his arm down and said.....YEA-SSSS!

I'm teaching my kids to focus on what they did right.
Everytime they do something right, I want them to

So many times a kid gets down on themselves because they think they made an error or didn't hit the ball well
enough, or swung and missed.

What happens to you when you make a mistake or an
error and start to get down on the
next time this happens.

Can you feel a drain on your energy?

Is that fun?

Is that helping you when you get down on yourself?

Next time you do something right, or have a victory,
make a fist, pull your arm down, and say YEA-SSSS!

Congratulate yourself!


Now what happens to your energy?

Can you feel the energy levels pick up.

Which is more fun....getting down on yourself or....

Which one is going to help you be better at whatever you do?

You know the answer.

Do yourself a big favor and take a few minutes and
click below...Theres nothing to buy on that page and
I have nothing to sell you on that page. I really want you
to have more fun with your business and life.

Please Note: we are moving our web pages to a newer,
faster server this weekend, if you are unable to access
these pages, it is only because of the move, try again
they will be up.



     "Golden rule principles are just as necessary for
       operating a business profitably as are trucks,
                      typewriters or twine."

                          ~ J.C. Penny ~


News Stories From Today's Investors Business Daily
or.....What Do You See?

*  The U.S. technology industry lost more that half a million jobs in the last two years, a 10% drop in employment.

*  February 2003 housing starts plunged by 11%

*  United Airlines is seriously considering liquidation
saying in yesterdays news that going out of business
is a distinct possibility.

*  Price Waterhouse says that it expects 180 firms to
file for bankruptcy in 2003. Last year, a record 189
firms went bankrupt.

*  March auto sales will slow to a record 4 year low this month.

*  Boeing announced that it will cut another 5,000 jobs.
They slashed 30,000 jobs last year.

What do you see above?

What do you see in the below phrase:

o p p o r t u n i t y i s n o w h e r e

Some of you see: Opportunity Is No Where

Some of you see: Opportunity Is Now Here

If you are a person who saw that Opporunity Is Now Here, and you are concerned that perhaps, just maybe, you ought to have a Plan B for your finances.....

And you can see from the above that there are literally hundreds of thousands of folks out there actively seeking a quality home business to help protect their financial future......

Then, I'm looking for a couple of very special folks
who would really like to do something unique and fun
with their life and ensure that their financial
future is under their control and not under the
control of the economy or a job.

Go here and see if this is right for you or not.


PS: The network marketing company I'm with,
had another RECORD sales month in January & February
...despite what some people think is a poor economy.

Wanna know why it's working for some and not others?

You'll have to take the test and then when I call you,
you'll know why.



"It is our perception of events that causes stress; not
                 the events themselves."


This One Really Works! 

Here's how you can build a huge downline....quickly!



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