Act II Scene 1.
Humans are not the only Game in Town

Everything is perceptual.

Planet Earth is a phenomenal library of experimental
information, all and everything on the planet is a contributor.

All species of life from the one celled amoeba to the
highest life form of man are contributors to this
information library.

Every single cell in our and each of life's forms from lions
and tigers and bears, from dogs and flowers, from any single
thing that exhibits life are transmitters of their own
information fields. These are transmitting on a continual
basis, every second or millisecond the information of their
environment into this super phenomena of information

As each cell and nucleus and electron on Earth is
experiencing in it's own unique evolvement and as it is
receiving information from all around it - all for the
totality of the evolvement of the planet and solar system
and all that is contained in it. Earth is a living library,
an exchange center of information.

The original creators were from beings of the light. Those
that were associated with the aspect of creation
consciousness called light.

Earth is a light center, an experiment within an experiment.
A dream within a dream. Earth and all that is in it is a
grand illusionary imagination of itself with the capable
properties of an ever flowing stream of consciousness
circuiting into and illuminating every cell in it's existence.

This experiment is how information can be experienced from a
unique perspective and then transmitted and processed and
stored on a range of frequencies where all involved would be
able to participate and share their specific knowledge and
experience with others and the whole of all.

However the planet is locked into a relatively small
frequency range and those on Earth cannot experience the
huge band of frequencies found above and below this
particular band.

It's like radio waves are all around us vibrating on many
frequencies all within a band or range. On our radios we
have FM and AM bands and within those are unique frequencies
radio stations broadcast their sound over.

If we like to listen to rock music we tune our radio to
102.5 FM then we can hear what's being broadcast on that
102.5 frequency. Even though many other frequencies exist
and are simultaneous with 102.5 we can't hear what's being
broadcast on 94.5 until we tune to that. We can't
participate in other frequencies on the FM and AM bands
because we are locked in to 102.5. Tune the radio to 590 AM
and you'll hear what's being broadcast there, but won't be
able to hear what's going on with 102.5.

And thus Earth is locked in on only 1 band of frequencies,
all other myriads of trillions of frequencies exist, we
can't participate. But, we are constantly being "called" to
unlock ourselves to experience more and more frequencies.
The Earth is "frozen", but design, to be in it's own
particular paradigm.

We can and do have the free will to unlock ourselves, change
the radio dial to a different station if you will and the
best way we have as human beings is to ever experience the
more and more riches of our emotional selves.

There are those on the planet who are encouraging this
expansion. Those are of the race of beings of the light,
commonly called light workers.

Within that group of beings of the light are some who are
called starseeds or starseedlings. These are elements of a
consciousness that have had existences on other planets and
now have chosen to incarnate on, or visit the Earth


They are here for many purposes, among them to elevate the
energies and thus assist in the transition of the Earth
system into a higher evolvement of the band of frequencies
Earth is contained within.

They are here to assist, not to force, never to hate those
beings who are experiencing this life form. Starseeds are
not angelic beings from some heavenly place.

They are here to assist and bring about awareness of who
human beings really are. To bring them to that awareness in
ways which are not harming to anyone. Nectar catches more
bees than poison.

The great experience Earth is in the process of experiencing
is that of a shift in human consciousness. Many participants
of races from many star systems are most interested in
"watching" this shift as the experiences and information
derived from this process is of much value to their own
development and the ever expansion of the whole of all
oneness consciousness.

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