Act II Scene 2.
Are Light Workers here to Save the World?

Light workers are not here to "save the world" especially by
the convoluted concept of fighting for peace.

Being in the "fighting for" vibration will bring more
conflict into your awareness. Conspiracy theories, thinking
of secret societies, inner earth beings, reptilians or such
puts us in a lower order of vibrational state.

We can only achieve world peace as a planet when we have
discovered the peace within us. We can not become spiritual
leaders until we are truly spiritual.

If we are seeking the celestial, we cannot find it in the common.

Beings of the light can only affect the world in an
empowering and positive way, the world around us will shift
towards spirituality when our vibration is of a celestial nature.

Vibration affects everything. Dr. Heglen proved that
meditation does affect wars and crime. Higher vibrational
levels of consciousness are what will cure the world of it's
conflicts and hatreds and bigotry, not fighting for world peace.

Jesus gave the admonition to be ye separate, to come out
from among them.

Romans 12: 2 Do not conform to this world but be transformed
by the renewing of your mind, then you will be able to test
and approve what God's will is - his good, pleasing and
perfect will.

Beings of the light are to seek higher consciousness for
themselves first, the renewing of the mind states this very
plainly to raise our level of consciousness and then will
the will of the creator, that of love and peace be able to
be approved.

Beings of the light are not called to fight an external
enemy, that is not their work.

2 Kings 19: 35 "That night the angel of the Lord went out
and put to death a hundred and eighty five thousand men in
the Assyrian camp. And when people arose early in the
morning behold, there were all dead bodies."

Isaiah 37: 36 says the same thing.

Exodus 12: 29 tells the story of all the first born of the
Egyptians being smote, that's what passover is about so the
angel of death would pass over the Israelites homes.

So fighting is not a being of the light's job. Their work is
to align themselves with the consciousness of the creation
oneness and this is done by raising our vibrations to peace,
love, harmony and appreciation.

We know that higher and higher levels of frequencies affect
solid matter around us. Dr. Emoto's work of freezing water.
He and others have proved that matter is changed by intention.

If we are worried that they are going to "get us" then we
are in the wrong vibration. They cannot "get us" if we are
in the vibration of love and light conscious awareness.

It's good to be approaching the light but it is better to be
the light out into the world. BE the love, BE the
appreciation. Too often we think the light is somewhere
outside ourselves and is something we have to strive to
attain, some sort of mystical path with incantations and
complicated geometry.


Our attention to seeking it or moving towards it causes a
separation instead of a oneness. If you have been around
cats you know that if you walk in a room with a kitty, that
if you try to call the cat and try to get Miss Kitty to come
to you it will ignore you. But if you walk in and basically
pay no attention to it, the cat will sooner than later come
over to you.

Be one with the cat on a vibrational level and you won't
have to call the cat to come, it will just show up rubbing
against your leg or jumping into your lap.

The prerequisite for becoming a Jedi Knight is your
willingness to give up whatever you have to, possibly
including your own ego and your own set of beliefs that
aren't serving you, in order for you to be trained as a Jedi.

There is a higher threshold of collective consciousness that
has begun to infiltrate this world from and before 12/21/12.
Over the past 10 years earth has had it's frequency pulse
raise from 7.3 to close to 13.5 with most likely 14 as being
the final destination. This is raising the vibrational
essence of the planet and inhabitants upon. No one else is
going to do it for us, we must on our own raise our own
vibrational force thus raising ourselves to become an
antenna to receive higher frequencies which are calling us
to the higher state of awareness.

All of the universe is watching this shift change and what we
do has an affect on the whole of the universe.

The greatest power requires the lightest of touches.

We must attain to allowing ourselves to flow in the
synchronicity of an ever easier match to this higher level.
Higher and higher levels require less and less effort. They
require easier and easier flow of consciousness to accept
and allow.

Laughter and easiness in all aspects of life is the key to
integrate it and ourselves to merge as me/you/us/one
consciousness. Fretting, worry, concern are all vibrations
of un-synchronicity as well as stress.

Remember nothings going on here except life, so why get
uptight about it all. Remember it's all just a ride.

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