Act I Scene 10.
Talking about the Vortex

The vortex is a mental playground, a neutral zone which is
free of resistance. The vortex is an ease and flow of
energy, a cool place where you can just go and chill out.

You can revel in the place of fullness of all you've become
without one requirement of.

In the vortex you will find a free zone of flowing ideas and
cooperative components that will make you feel worthy and
lead you to an idea that just feels good to think it. Ideas
that just feel good for the sake of the idea. The vortex is
calling us to the behavior for the pleasure of the moment.

In alignment there is only pleasure, clarity, stamina,
vitality, coordination, in sync with energy, dancing a dance
with the universe, a feeling of love and appreciation, a
feeling of freedom, of just being, a relaxation of the
rigidness of our physical environment and constraints we
have to follow in the physical.

Being in the vortex lets you know that everything you want
will manifest as support and evidence of your alignment with
your creative choices.

It's a delicious experience.

Tune yourself with general statements of empowerment. When
you start getting specific on non-resistance, that's when
you start flying.

Affirmations can be a guide to get you in. Easy can get you
in, If it's easy, it's good. Easiness is not laziness, it's
being smart.

I am harmony
I am awareness
I am at peace
I am in contentment
I am wealth

Affirmations are just words unless you have a feeling behind
and driving them.

I am in control of all aspects of my life and it makes me
feel really good about myself when I conquer a situation
that previously would have defeated me. (when you find
yourself in these situations, you know that you are spending
more time where you should be than spending time in

I am free flowing, free forming, constant manifestation of
success - OH YEAH BABY!

Bring it on!

Your attention to a problem prevents the solution from
coming. Your attention to a problem actually attracts more
problem to you. If we have a problem what we want to do is
think about solutions, not think about problems. The
solution is already in the vortex. The problem brought the
solution with it. But we aren't in the vibe of solution, we
are in the vibe of problem.

So: Stop focusing on the issue!

Create your own vibration!

"I want more money but I don't have enough." That splits our
vibration and negates the more money flowing.

Zig zag all over the place and all over the place shows up.

Anything less than who we really are carries a degree of
resistance with it - the degree of resistance being equal to
the degree of separation from one we are feeling.

So, the solution to everything is to feel good and get in
the vortex and allow the groove to flow out and in and
through and throughout and then we just go merrily on our
way zipping along in ease and comfort and knowing with this
silly little grin on our face.

We are great beyond our comprehension. When we can see and
feel and know that and see ourselves from that perspective,
then we live an amazing life.

Quit trying to get.

Instead, Flow with Ease.

Where there's resistance, there's discord.

Much of the material in this chapter has been derived or
inspired by Jerry and Esther Hicks and Abraham.

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