Act I Scene 8.
A Healthy Way of Focusing

The only way unhappy people can stay in your life is when
you focus on their unhappiness. Learn to focus on their best

Those who are complaining gravitate towards others who are
complaining and then they complain even louder.

People who are broke are a magnetic mismatch to money.

Those who are confident, secure, knowing about the universe
are attracting it and then those who are attracting it stand
there all glistening and shiny and in abundance and those
outside the show are annoyed by it and they say there's
some injustice done here and I'm the victim.

The more I appreciate the more that comes to me. I argue for
my prosperity and how it comes and you argue for your
limitations and that puts you on the vibe of limitation.

Anytime you see something in someone else you don't like....
they may have lied to you and you know it and you feel that
uncomfortable feeling inside you - it's not a warning bell
saying stay away from them or that something's gone wrong
here. That warning bell is telling you of your observation
of that person is causing you to conclude something about
them that the Essence of Light would not conclude.

Anytime you see someone or yourself as less than, you
deviate from the source within you. Anytime you do something
other than love someone, you deviate from the source of love
within you.

When we see something in the world that we deem as being
awful or tragic, we feel bad and the reason we feel bad is
because we are allowing ourselves to deviate from how the
Light Essence within us sees it.

Light Essence doesn't look at what's wrong, it gives
undivided attention to the new and improved version we are
giving birth to.


It's just as easy to create a castle as it is a button. It's
just a matter of whether you're focused on a castle or a
button. If you can imagine it, it can be yours.

When you sympathize with someone else's plight, in time you
achieve vibrational alignment with it which draws you away
from Light consciousness and away from the power which could
help them and you.

The sweetness of the coming of our desires is that there is
a gestation period which is about our preparation for what
that desire is.

Why have a bad emotional feeling and then play it out? Watch
your thoughts and smile because when I smile I am attracting
more and more money to me.

There is no "bad" karma that follows you through reincarnations.

My feeling good or bad is only about me related to me. We're
only sad because we're not in alignment, but we want to
blame external events as the cause of us feeling bad.

Stop trying to control the uncontrollable, which is
everything everyone else is trying to do. The only thing we
can control is our ability to be in alignment with our true

So stop looking at what you don't want and start looking at
what you do want. Law of Attraction will hold you to your
dominant vibration. Leave everyone else to what it is they
are trying to create and stop trying to fix what you think
is a broken world out there. If you're not in alignment,
then you got nothing to give to anyone else.

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