Act I Scene 29.
Understanding how the Law of Attraction Operates

If you want to receive something, then desire it, then let
it go. The harder you try to hold on, trying to hard to make
it happen, only pushes what you want further away.

Desire what you want.

Then believe it's done. It is done. It's done. On a
vibrational level it's done. It's done the moment you dream
it into existence.

Don't think about what you want and then follow up with how
am I going to make this happen. Any future thinking about
what you want should only be because you want to re-play the
feeling you have when you think about it.

You don't want something except for the way getting it will
make you feel, or the way you'll think you'll feel when you
physically get it.

The better you feel and the more emotional "ump" you put
into the feeling and the more you visualize or seeing
yourself in possession of the thing you want, the quicker it
will come.

My part in the process is to feel good and not allow
resistant vibrations to get in the way of the vibration what
I want is on.

Do what feels good.

And then revel in that feel good emotion. But if you get out
of feel good, then try and get yourself back into it. Do
something else. Play with the dog, brush the cat, listen to
an inspiring song, read good literature, ride a bike, look
at beautiful pictures.

Go for a walk and enjoy nature, look far into the horizon,
as far as you can see and get lost in the vastness of the
view. (That is very powerful)

Throughout the day watch your thoughts and the emotions you

Earl Nightingale wrote that the strangest secret is that man
becomes what he thinks about all day.

Law of Attraction is a force that manifests what we want. We
just create and then allow the law to bring it to us.


What you are feeling right now is what is being attracted to
you. Nothing can happen to you that you don't first create.
And it's easy to create, we are all doing it all the time
and it's a whole lot easier to create abundance and good
times than it is to create lack and hard times.

But when we do create lack and hard times, troubles,
difficulties, then we have a strong tendency, (because of
our past programming to dwell on what we physically see....
which is only an illusion) and then we set our emotional
vibrational tone to all of those difficulties and Law of
Attraction will deliver them to us right on schedule.

Everything that happens to us is a guide. A guide to inform
us of what vibration we are in.

What trips everyone up is the comparing of what it is you
want and what is in the physical reality. If we can't first
dream it and get there in our minds, then it can't happen
externally. Everyone wants outside circumstances to change
so they will feel better and outside will only change when
you feel better first.

The secret is don't look at external - unless external is
what you want. We are observing what is instead of dreaming
about what will be.

The substance of the universal mind is consciousness,
therefore it's behavior that's important.

The known physical world is governed by a set of classical
Newtonian type laws. The law of gravity is one of those
laws. You drop a ball and it falls down. Jump off a 10 story
building and you go down. It happens every single time you
repeat the event. It never operates in a different manner.

The Law of Attraction is one of the more powerful laws. It
always works and it always works in precisely the same
manner. Just because we weren't taught it in public school
doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

The Law of Attraction controls how physical experiences that
we have appear on our range of physical existence.

In is always working in every single instance of our
experiences bringing to us events and situations in response
to the emotional vibrations we are emitting.

We get to experience physically what the dominant emotional
vibration we are experiencing is transmitting - Total

All emotions are vibrational. The brain is a type of radio
transmitter that sends out that vibration our emotions are
on to the field.

In the field of possibilities, all possibilities exist. The
Law of Attraction draws out of the field the "best fit"
vibration and relays it back to us where a type of
holographic image is then emitted, similar to a movie
projector - into our dimension of physicalness. Then as we
experience this with our physical senses, we then choose an
emotional response to it which determines what our next
physical experience will be projected. (Note: this is a very
simplified explanation of what happens, but the details and
technicalities of the precise way it works isn't important
for now, what is important is that you understand that the
law does work)

All of this happens very quickly and it continues moment by
moment to repeat the procession throughout the day.

The respite from this is sleep. However in sleep something
else occurs which we are just going to throw out her. In
sleep the pineal gland found in the middle of the brain
produces a substance call DMT (dimethyltryptamine). DMT is a
natural substance classed as a hallucinogenic. DMT greatly
enhances and/or modifies, or colors the experience of

In dreaming we view an entire different dimension or
frequency of events. All events in in this state are without
limit. In our physical we have a definite need to put limits
on things, this is practical for us to make order out of our

The Law of Attraction and the field also operate similar to
the dream experience, in that there are no limits and no
impossibilities. Practicality is not a consideration,
neither is a sense of definition like we have in the
physical, that sense of definition and our perception of
time don't play much of a role in a dream, and neither does
it play much of a role in the Law of Attraction.

All form in our physical is preceded by thoughts and
emotions. Therefore our only work is to emotionally have -
feel good - appreciation - love - emotions.

We have access to every possibility that exists which is
infinite contained in the field of possibilities by our
emotions. They are portrayed back to me, but they are
"filtered" by what my belief system says that is possible as
the vibrations of those beliefs either amplify or detract
from the amplitude of my emotions.

So if I believe that having something like a lot of money is
bad, then all projections about money will be affected by
that vibration and manifest in their appropriate form.

If I believe money is good but I have to work hard for it,
then opportunities will present them to me to make money but
most will involved me having to work hard to get that money.

I am super wealthy because I know that all possibilities
exist for me in the field and that I can access these
possibilities and in fact - this is scientific - that I
constantly do access this, but my self limiting beliefs
prevent the Law of Attraction from manifesting super wealth
to me.

So I must re-program my belief system, which is easy, but it
takes diligent effort, most of which is involved in not
paying attention to the physical but paying attention and
constantly re-programming my mind with wealth concepts and
wealth vibrations.

Feel wealthy, feel abundance, recognize and believe that all
that really exists is abundance and wealth.

There is Never any lack anywhere in the universe. The only
lack we encounter is the self imposed limitations we place
on ourself.

And unfortunately most of our past programming is wrong
information. And thus the sad state of human affairs because
everyone is basing all their decisions on erroneous

Placing their entire future and present on physical
interpretations of what they have manifested without knowing
they are all gods who have the absolute most control over
their lives. But instead giving all that power and glory
away to external things which they believe have the power
and it's all B> S>

But everyone lives like this and everyone lives an existence
merely trying to get by in life never realizing the
magnificence and magnitude of who they really are and what
they can have easily and effortlessly.

The world around us is an amusement part. We're all here for
the ride, and right now you're in a corner of the park
called the Subterranean Circus.

You can enjoy the ride around the circus and you can control
the ride in life you're on, where it goes and when you can
get off, or, you can be afraid of it and give up all your
vitality and energy to others.

This is all a dream within a dream, an illusion, a type of
holographic projectional experience. We can accept that and
live a life of constant total amazement in it or be bitter
about the cards we've been dealt.

It's easy to create the life we want to create for
ourselves. We are all creating our lives all day long
anyway, so why not make a change and create things a little
better if you're not pleased with what you've been getting.

It's a wonderful life. Life is Amazing. I expect miracles.
Prosperity surrounds me. I am infinite, I am eternal. I live
in a sea of endless possibilities. I can change my mood
anytime I like to a better feeling one. I am in complete
control of my thoughts and the direction of them. Today is
Christmas and I get presents. It is easy to create my own
reality. I feel phenomenal. Life is easy. I am so thankful.
I am a masterpiece, I am a Mona Lisa. I am a king, I am
worthy, I am loved, I am cherished and adored and highly
blessed and highly favored by the most high of gods. I am
happy, whole and complete right now. Right Now I Am.

Learn to separate your expectation of what it is you desire
from what you think you see in your external environment,
and it becomes easy. Life becomes easy and things come
easily when you put more faith in what you don't yet see,
but imagine with your mind, than what you do think you see
in the physical.

This is what the Bible is talking about having faith. Faith
is simply believing in what you don't see more than in what
you do.

A belief is just a thought you think over and over. It
becomes more powerful over time and the more you
emotionalize it, the more powerful it becomes.

"The subconscious mind has no ability to differentiate
between what is real and what you imagine." ~ Bob Proctor ~

"Reality is built out of thought." ~ Edgar Cayce ~

The more we look at matter the less and less solid it really
seems to be. What appears to be more real is that there are
only relationships. We are all connected and entangled and
related to each other and all that we see in our universe to

"The reality of the universe is consciousness on ever
expanding, but illusionary to our human senses, levels of
consciousness is all there is. Our observation of reality
changes reality." ~ W. D. Cole ~

"All that we are is the result of all we have thought."
~ Buddha ~

"The field is the sole governing agency of the particle."
~ Albert Einstein ~

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