Act II Scene 3.
The Path of a Light Worker

Light workers they are commonly called, but we prefer to
consider them as beings with the light.

With the light denoting one with the light aspect of supreme
consciousness and at the same time, but not necessarily so
in all cases, a being who is spreading the message amongst others.

While everyone is in essence one with that supreme
consciousness on some level of their being, some have yet to
attain to a higher level of resonance with light consciousness.

Some think they are and really aren't. Don't get yourself
bogged down into the mechanics of trying to figure out
"who's a light worker and who's not."

All beings with the light have their own unique aspects as
they shine their own strengths out into a world they find
themselves in.

One, but not the only, defining line that runs true
throughout all beings with the light is their deep inner
"pull" to draw themselves ever closer and closer to their
inner source of peace and harmony and one withness.

Just because one has not "attained" a state of what we used
to call nirvana does not mean one is not yet a being of the
light. A being of the light always has been and always will
be a being of the light. Attainment of a certain state of
consciousness is not an indicator of whether you are or aren't.

What is an indicator is your desire to be one with.

There is much information about beings of the light, most of
it in terms of light workers. Actually workers is a paradox,
worker indicates that a person has to work to attain or to
be of service, or that there is something one has to do in
order to become a light worker.

A being of the light is one who is allowing, easily flowing
with, gently caressing the softness of the influx of wisdom
and peace and tranquility. Being one with and not having an
effort towards attaining something they think they don't
already have.

It is something that is a knowing. It comes from the heart
and there is no effort towards having to strive to achieve
something. It is being with, it is a harmony, a melody, a
rhythm of essence, a merging with and allowing of.

You have as a being of light have to determine for yourself
what is true and what isn't. Don't take anything just
because it's on the internet as being gospel or because
someone said it was so.

You must, and this is a huge part of your calling, look
inside yourself to find the true revelations.
This is part
of your journey and by finding the answers within yourself
it will serve greatly to strengthen your mental composition
and urge you into an ever increasing vortex of energy that
is swirling you towards an increase in service to others and
higher awareness of yourself.

You will know the truth when the truth resonates with you.
The truth is seeking you to the exact degree of diligence
you are seeking it. You can't cheat in finding it even if
you wanted to.

The only level of truth is what serves you. There are many
interpretations of what a light worker is. You must on your
own volition find what serves you to the highest degree. If
it serves you well, then it is the right truth for you.

There are many levels of truism. You will only find the
level of truth that you are willing to accept and when you
find that level embrace it and go with the flow of it, but
understand that there are higher levels of truth available
and that your mission as a being of light is never complete
on this planet. Strive for ever higher levels of attainment.
But don't let yourself get down on yourself because you
think "you're not there yet," or you haven't attained the
highest level yet (no one on this planet has, so chill
out....). What is more important is that where you find
yourself now you feel good about along with having an
openness to seeking more.

When you are "in tune" you can be presented with wisdom
from any number of sources of higher consciousness.

Lessons can be inspired from a wildflower, or a bumblebee,
or the majestic flittering of a leaf on a sugar maple tree.

The source of where you discover truths is not important,
but you will never open yourself to them from a multitude of
sources until you open your mind to possibilities and
acquire the insight to understand that oneness is in all and
everywhere to be experienced.

When you can see the divinity in a mud turtle as you see the
divinity in yourself, you will awaken to an entire universe
of beingness that is hidden from most of those on this planet.

As you progress upon the path, and it is always a journey, a
journey of a being of light, you will begin to see a
paradoxical change as your perceptions of events and other
people, nature and the planet shift to an entirely
indigenous level of looking at things and reacting to them
and how other people treat you and how you respond to what
they do and say. What you once would have considered as a
mundane platitude you will begin to relish in the wonder of
the awesomeness of that as you view the same events more in
a discovery mode of what that can teach or show you.

For myself a good percentage of insightful perceptions have
come in the form or journaling often with a precursor of a
seed planted by an external source or with a soon to be
external example, which I may call a synchronistic display
of serendipitous truth in it's explanation to me. And so
without the trepidation I once had, I can now go about the
days events with a higher understanding that life is here to
bless me. That actually the entire sequence of events
unfolding before me is there to prosper me instead of
beguile me. To lead me into ever higher forms of thinking
and awareness of the magnificent wonder of all around me
with an all encompassing matrix of amazement.

Simply put, life is so much more fun now than it was before
as I open myself to all the possibilities of each and every
moment and see within that moment the divinity of it and all
that it contains.

How would you feel about yourself and play the game of life
if you absolutely knew that nothing you ever said or did, or
thought was wrong. That everything you are, every thought
you had, that every action you took was wanted and valuable
and needed and that you were viewed as being a magnificent
expression of life.

How would you feel if you absolutely were assured that
nothing you ever did was considered as being wrong. And,
that nothing anyone else in your experience ever did wasn't
of immense benefit to your development.

Would that way of viewing life be totally empowering to you
and give you a complete sense of freedom and wholeness and

What if you were a synthesis of, an archetype, a cusp of the
endless and harmonic rhythm of a melodious musical
expression of a never ending flow of infinite stream ever
expressing itself in ever increasing quantities of beautiful
expression with no concerns about linear measurements of
what might be or what could be, just an expression of what
can be and could be and is.


What if?

How would that view of who you are affect who you think you

The sadness of human experience is that humans don't see
themselves as sovereign. They don't see themselves as being
gods. They don't see themselves as being one with oneness
and thus they don't allow themselves to experience life here
as a glorious expression of an aspect of experience that is
totally without condemnation.

What if you were superfluously designated to and assigned to
a life of total abundance and wealth of experience, of a
being one with the light aspect of supernatural light
essence all of which being contained in and of itself.

Would you approach life and all it has to offer you with an
amazement of all that every moment has to offer? In that a
being of the light has arrived at a higher point in their
portfolio of existence yet knowing that increases in their
abundance await them as they seek ever higher levels. There
becomes a unity of being with all of the experiences
encountered which become more and more an encapsulation
which becomes a focal point of leading them into higher
levels of seeing each of the lessons every moment presents
itself as containing.

Even if you are not yet at that place in your conscious
existence on this planet, understand and take a well
deserved rest in believing of yourself that you are vital,
you are important, you are appreciated and well loved and you
are being watched and all that you do, say, and think is
right. You can never get it wrong. You can never fail, you
are only on a ride and that ride should be fun and joyous
and amazing to you. But should you decide you are not worthy
and you are being held in judgment and that you are
anything less than the magnificence you are, then don't fret
grasshopper, the stupendous consciousness of all never ever
sees you as that.

Take heart in reveling in all that you have become and are
now. Enjoy and love and embrace what is happening and
understand that what is happening is that, and all that that
is, is an unfolding of all that is in ever increasing
magnitudes of expression of a totality of dichotomous
experiences of which you and all that is contained within
you are presenting to the wholeness.

Woof! You can't ever get it wrong, so just enjoy the ride
and know that you are cherished.

Begin to watch yourself in every moment. See what is
happening in each moment. Revel in that and open yourself to
the infinite possibilities each present moment provide you
with. You are here to experience and nothing you experience
and feel is to be judged as being right or wrong. You just
are and you just are an expression, you are a dream within a
dream, always an expression of an informational feedback
into a oneness of consciousness. A total value to all the

Life is an amazing journey into an expansive twilight zone.

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