Act I Scene 11.
Please just send me One Million Dollars

Our thoughts create our beliefs. Our patterns of thought do
not develop in response to that which is around us.

Our beliefs are only a consistent pattern of thoughts which
were thought over and over and over. This belief is a

Most are offering most of their vibration in response to
what they are observing and they are not all that particular
about what they are observing.

For most folks it goes like this: they see something and
they have an emotional response to it, which brings more
like it which they have another emotional response to. When
really, these emotional responses are only indicators of
vibrational stance.

Contrast can cause us to focus.

Do you like the way you feel living in the contrasts which
surround you? If yes, then you're focused in a way that
doesn't contradict who you are.

We control our emotional responses to everything. This means
we are creating our own reality.

The wholeness of who we are is contained in this moment of
time. It's time we start consciously allowing the details of
our wonderful life to surprise and delight us all day, every

Focus on the resonance with who we really are and who we
really are is amazing.

If we try to reach for something that feels really out there
when we are not in vibrational match to it. Such as, I want
one million dollars to show up in the next month.

I don't really believe that one million dollars will come in
the next month, I don't really believe it will happen and so
it won't because I'm in the vibration of not believing and
not in the vibration of the one million dollars. I want it
yes, but and so I have to get myself in a vibrational match
to that idea of having the one million dollars.

The layer of resistance we feel is what keeps us from the
one million dollars. Donald Trump and Warren Buffet don't
have this layer of resistance. They expect one million
dollars, actually they expect a whole lot more to happen and
they are in vibrational alignment with it occurring and so it
happens quite frequently for them.

When you want one million dollars and you're not in
alignment with it, your mind goes to thoughts of how's it
going to come, what am I going to have to do to get it, I
can't get it, etc. All of that puts you on a resistance
energy pattern.

Much better to ask for it and then get yourself out of the
way of it.

Unfortunately we are trained from the early stages of
childhood about money by people who are out of alignment
with huge sums of money.

In alignment, you become aware that anything is possible,
there are no limits in that resonance. There is a calm sense
of assurance, of joyful anticipation and expectation, where
dreams are born and ideas flash forth, a place where all is
well and one million dollars is as easy to imagine as ten cents.

Out in the physical it has a tendency to drag you back into
it's seemingly finite mess with it's well defined shapes and
formulas. Our mind begins to tell us, "well, that was a nice
dream, but....."

Only in alignment can you see the infinite magnitude of our
wildest dreams transpire. It is the Law of Attraction that
will bring it to us on the physical.

By being in alignment we are magnetizing our minds and
beliefs to "yes, it really is possible." We can do this
outside of alignment but it takes a whole lot of very
consistent, persistent effort. And the key word there is
effort. It takes a lot of effort to bring it about. In
alignment it comes easily. Easy is the key word.

It just flows easily and it feels utterly stupendous.

And that's what we want. All efforts should be directed to
getting in the vortex and being in alignment with the
potential of the energy field we are seeking.

There is the business of living, food has to be cooked, wood
brought in for the fire, the grass needs to be cut and the
flower bed weeded, but hey, after you get in the flow and
the money comes, you can hire servants to do all this for
you! Ha Ha!

The effort you have to put forth is once you determine that
one million dollars is what you want, then get out of the
way of it and get in the way of feeling good about
everything including and most especially you.

You've got to spend more effort looking at what isn't seen
than what you do think you see.

Much better feeling than "how am I going to pay for this"
is, "Thank You so much for the big money that is flowing to
me and that has already come to me and will continue to flow
easily to me whenever I desire it."

Which one of the above 2 scenarios makes you feel better?

Let go of the one million dollars and don't try to force it
to happen. Just get connected and allow it to flow easily. I
like easy. And by the way, I usually would say, one million
dollars or more. Reason behind this is the universe just may
have it to send me two million dollars but I'm hindering
that flow by limiting the universe to what it can do and
limiting it to how much it wants to bless me.

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