Act II Scene 4.
How does it Feel to Be some of the Beautiful People

As you encounter a growing awareness of the concept of
yourself as a being of the light, or a so called light
worker; you will begin to notice beauty where you weren't
able to see it before.

You begin to experience people who previously may have
rubbed you the wrong way, no you may see them as simply
being on their own path of self attainment or self discovery.

A richness of belief begins to show a display where you once
saw only tragedy or misfortune. You replace judgment of
others with an understanding, you see them in an entirely
different aspect than you did before. Actually what is not
so much happening as them changing is that you are the one

Things like jealousy, fear of what others may think of you
or say to you, bigotry, judgment, unkindness begin to fade
away and become replaced with things like respect, empathy,
compassion, understanding of others, patience with others, a
looking for the lessons to be learned from interactions with
others, seeing them as being one with you and seeing them as
the source light sees them as kings and queens and great
warriors, might men of valor and stature and eminence.

There is the ever increasing, almost incessant desire
within yourself to come to a oneness with source light, a
oneness with yourself and with all others and all that there is.

As the Beatles sang, "We are some of the Beautiful people."

The source light does not need your help. It most wants your
You can't go out and "save the world." You can
save your neighbor, you can't fight for this, that and the
other. It is not your work to interfere in other's business
unless they ask you. It is not good for you to go about with
the manner that you try to persuade others to follow your
own set of doctrines and philosophies. Each must find

Your work is to find you.

Beings of the light recognize what people are doing to
themselves. We are here for the experiences we can provide
to ourselves, to others and to the fullness of it all.

We are messengers who must affect our planet and others by
the way we affect our states of our own consciousness. By
doing this, raising our own level of awareness, we affect
the level of awareness in the world around us.

Pushing our message on others or a feeling we must interfere
in the lives of others is a poor selection of our energies.
When someone comes to you because they are drawn to you of
their own volition, then you may, with ever cautious steps,
invite them into the exploration of an expansion of their

Be cautious of the selfish desires of the human ego as you
are in counseling with others as it may suggest to you in
subtle or even flagrant ways that you are above them in some
respect thus exalting yourself over them and leaving you
with a prideful feeling.

The progression of a being of the light will reveal to that
the quickest and most effective way of interaction is not by
preaching to them a discourse of your knowledge on the
subject and laying out a litany of suggestions for them to
follow, but much rather firstly seeing them as the wholeness
of creation they really are and gently leading by your
vibration of their eternal essence into a desire for them to
begin to see themselves as you and source light sees them.

Only when a person begins to glimpse at the nature of who
they are, will they themselves set forth on the journey of
advancement they destined themselves to attempt into higher
evolvements and expansions.

We are not looking forward to upcoming times of great
enlightenment and great healing. A being of the light is
living right now in his or her own time of great
advancement, great enlightenment and great healing of their
own physical and emotional aspects. As Dr. Suess said in his
book Marvin K. Mooney, "The time has come, the time is now."

Understand that there is no great hero or savior coming.
That great hero and great savior is here now and that is
not a being outside of your own awareness. You are the
mighty man of valor, you are now the being of light, you are
now one with the conscious aspect of light consciousness.


The world doesn't need saving and in fact doesn't want it.
The world is an experience experiencing itself to ever more
defining degrees within and trying to expand and contract in
and of itself. You may be in some respects a microcosm of
the whole, but in some respects you are the macrocosm.

What there is, there is and what it is, is just what it is.
All of what it is, is indeed a totality of expression of all
there is; even though it may appear to be to some as being a
complex system of individualistic rituals and woes, a
veritable soap opera of drama which tries to suck us in to
it's spider web of entanglement - which in and of itself is
a portrayal of things the way many perceive them to be.

But a being of the light is able to observe this from a
different viewpoint and watch as the world of uninformed go
about their business running the squirrel cage around and
around in an endless circle which always leads them back to
an I'm still nowhere advantage point.

A being of light can see the state of affairs but chooses to
consciously avoid this and at the same time recognizes the
information that's where they are at. And, for them that's
where they consciously choose to be and that experience for
them is available should they decide to gain from it. But
only in seeing this can we also see how valuable it is for
us to be where we are at, thus gaining a greater
appreciation for ourselves and the journey we are on.

Thank you.

We are not, as an ego would want us to be, "better" than
anyone else. We're just where we are and living quite
peacefully and harmoniously with the rest of the ecosystem
that we find ourselves involved with currently recognizing
that we are becoming more and more empowered by our vision
of all events.

Water flows easily and is gentle. When water freezes it
becomes quite hard. Harsh mechanical methods are required to
break it up but will never break frozen water to the degree
if flows as water gently and safely, it will only break it
into smaller and smaller ice slivers.

Warmth will easily with no effort melt hard ice to a less
resistant state so that it will again transform to water
flowing easily.

The warmth of your love will melt the coldest of hearts to
enable that coldness to flow easily and gently in a stream
that now nourishes the soul and the environment it

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