Act I Scene 2.
There is no Limit to our Ability to Expand.

Everything is true - everything we focus our attention on
will become and expansion, there are different levels of
expansion. And there are different levels of truths for each
level of expansion all unique but all in an amazing
unfoldment of synchronicity with each other level.

In this universe there is no such thing as no. Everything
you ask for is given.

I will always have more than enough of everything I want.

We can't get it wrong because we never get it done.

If we have the ability to desire it - the universe has the
ability to deliver it.

Make it a priority to do more things that are pleasing to
you, for there is no more important thing for you to do than
to feel good.

Reach for thoughts that provide you with relief. Don't look
at those thoughts that seem to tell you that things aren't

I have to make me feel good - it is vital - that means I
have to let everyone else off the hook. Things are getting
better for me, evidence is everywhere. I'm gonna talk the
well being, good things up thus softening the resistance.
I'm going to reach for better and better feelings, thoughts
that give relief.

People like Facebook because of the way it makes them feel.

What we are and what we have today is a result of what we've
been thinking and feeling.

1. Decide what you want.
2. Give thought to it until you receive it, but make it a joyful
    thought that carries good emotional feeling.
3. Never experience any feeling of lack of it.
4. Let go and let it be delivered.

I know that when I get up in the morning and go to a job
that it will be there. I never doubt that the physical
presence of a job, a building with an office or a job site
is there. I never get in the car in the morning and say, I
wonder if it's there. You get in the car and drive away with
100% expectation that your destination is there. Apply that
same level of belief to that which we are desiring and it
becomes a manifestation. Just as I have zero doubt that
after my day at work I will come back to my house and that
it will be there waiting for me.

Our belief systems are only refined to the point of what we
believe is possible.

When you feel fat, you cannot attract slender. When you feel
lack, you cannot attract abundance.

If you give thoughts to that which you have, that is what
you will continue to attract into your life.

Create the picture in your mind of who you want to be or
what you want. The picture has to come first.

Right now is the starting place for what you will become. I
love the place I'm in right now and I appreciate that place
- I accept that I Am - I am way more than I already know.
There are all kinds of delicious experiences awaiting me.

Imagination is knowledge about things not yet seen.

You gotta believe and then you'll get the answer.

Tap into the essence of who you really are.

We are no more and no less divine than Jesus.

We form a perspective of something then we try to make
everything fit into that - which only leads to a distorted

God is consciousness that is an expanding combination of me,
you and all of us and all of everything.

However, when we put a perception of a God in superiority to
ourself, we also must place that essence outside of ourself
and in so doing we subvert who we really are which puts us
further out of alignment with and creates resistance to.

We can't learn about God, we can experience a oneness with
the energy that is.

I'm going in because it feels good, there I'm more clear
minded, there I'm more at peace, I'm not going there to "get
something" material.

Unworthiness is something we do to ourselves.

I've inherited a fortune, thus there's no reason for any
apprehension about money.

Choose any thought for the emotional content it can provide
you with.

You have complete control over every aspect of
manifestation, but we have to control it by being in
alignment with the vortex of energy that is oneness with it.

Manifestation is energy that is transferred. Manifestation
is always I the eye of the beholder. This time space reality
that everyone is perceiving is nothing more than vibrational

Man was set forth on this planet by a broader perspective
and continues to evolve by experience of those here. What we
actually see as others is vibrational interpretation.

Thought became pondered then became manifestation. Our
reality is only real to ourselves because of our
interpretation of what we believe to be real.

In appreciation we are a vibrational match to source.

Problems inspire us to higher states of consciousness. Our
concept of angels, God, the supernatural, is only a
reflection of what we allow them to be.

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