Act I Scene 27.
The Me I See, is the Me I'll Be

We are consciousness instantly manifesting as existence and
every time we desire something, we update the reality we are
experiencing. We are an emanation of a reflection of a
conscious awareness.

"Everything that exists, exists in empty space as
fluctuations or potentials or possibilities."
~ Frank Wilczek, Nobel Prize Winner, Professor of Physics MIT ~

"To see something you have to create it." ~ Frank Wilczek ~

It is a possibility that every other person we encounter is
a different aspect of ourselves in which we are able to
observe ourself in a different shape and form with different
beliefs and ideas, wants and likes and dislikes and the
value in that would be that we can then choose whether or
not to incorporate the feature we like in that other being
into ourself or reject it in order for us to become a higher
empowerment of ourself.

What we do know is that how we perceive others is largely
based on our expectations or beliefs about the other and
secondly that at some fundamental base of our world we we
are all entangled or unified.

"Without an observer there would be no reality, there would
only remain a field of possibilities. Without awareness
there would be no observer, nor would there be a field of
possibilities. Awareness of a consciousness of itself is at
the source level of all that is cosmically, imaginatorily,
and what we call physical." ~ W. D. Cole ~

We only know that Jupiter exists and what it looks like
because we believe what has been told to us by our

"Our life is an experiment, an experiment in finding
ourselves. All choices, all events, all serendipitous
moments are an experiment or a game with us as being the
main player in the game where we get to roll the dice and
move in sequence of how the dice falls or we can defy the
number on the dice and move on the board game of life as we
would see fit in the particular moment we find ourselves."
~ W. D. Cole ~

"Matter is made from acts of consciousness."
~ Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, former professor physics, San Diego State ~

"Parallel universes can only be in existence if there are
unlimited possibilities. Any such possibility when observed
could occur as holographic events in any number of parallel
universes."   ~ W. D. Cole ~

"The speed of thought is infinitely faster than the speed of
light. The speed of light can be measured, the speed of
thought cannot be, it is instantaneous. The speed of thought
is only limited by our human perception of what a single
present moment is and what that concept means to us. The
speed of thought or light is only a concept based on an
oberserver's awareness of the experience they are experiencing."
~ W. D. Cole ~

In the dream state there is little or no awareness of a
linear measurement we call time. Everything just happens or
in other words, everything that goes on is just experienced
outside of our conscious recollection and reflection of what
we deem to be as increments of time.

In an out of body experience time slows down to an almost
still state albeit with the observer being aware that time
is occurring. The observer in this case is only observing a
perception of time as something a physical being is
experiencing. And time as observed by the out of body
observer is at lightning fast calculations but also at the
same level being the observer in a place where time seems to
be suspended and having no affect or effect on the
experience being experienced.

What we are experiencing in our every day sequence of events
is a dream of the super conscious awareness of the mind of
God, or the consciousness of the universal awareness. But we
have too much difficulty in understanding because our
conscious frequency does not allow us to merge with.


Temperature is largely subjugated on what our belief about
the temperature is. In other words, if it was 20 degrees in
Pennsylvania we would that was cold and we experience it as
being cold.

If we grew up in Florida we would think and experience 20
degrees as being not just cold, but frigid. If we grew up in
Alaska or Siberia we would believe and experience 20 degrees
as being warm in comparison to the minus 20 degrees for
those regions in winter.

We are encapsulated by or imprisoned by our physical body
and what signals it is sending to our consciousness about
what it believes is going on in it's owner perspective of
it's own limited environment. but all of this is necessary
for us to be able to navigate in our world.

But mind is not contained within our body, but our body is
contained in our mind and what is actually going on is that
super consciousness is experiencing all aspects of itself all
at the same moment within itself as one being but albeit as
different expressions of itself experiencing a conscious
experience of itself in infinite locations and in infinite
beings; all with unique perspectives all of which are only
aspects of a singular conscious awareness destined to an
ever higher and greater expansion of and in of itself.

We only have an illusion of being a separation from this one
consciousness which is indeed the effect that the one
consciousness intended.

And all we can do is awaken to that and then experience the
life as we want to play the game and ride the ride we want
to because every game we play and every ride we get on and
off of, is a desired experience. We in empowerment realize
we create and expand ourself and no matter what we create, it is
desired and wanted for the emotional response to it and the
experience of it.

It's just like when we do go to the amusement park and ride
the roller coaster. We do that because we enjoy it. We enjoy
it because the ups and downs and thrills and chills elicit
an experience which provides an emotional response we like
and which makes us feel good.

We are all doing what's going on - how profound! But what it
means is that we are all being, experiencing an aspect of
all there is which is beautiful in and of itself.


We only have a rational mind so we can exist as a coherent
being in the experience we are experiencing. Our rationality
is only relative to the time space experiment we find
ourself in at the moment.

We are here because we desire to be in this dream and the
cycle will continue until we choose to have another dream.

All laws of physics which govern our material world are in
place so we can make some sense or sequence of our
environment. We never die as a conscious awareness but we,
because of the laws governing our experience, state that we
must change our conscious awareness of who we are, or stated
another way, get off this ride and go on another. The law
says we are not allowed to stay on one ride for eternity.
Desired is for us to have the experience of all rides in the
amusement park.

It would get kind of monotonous if the only game we ever
played was monopoly, over and over and over and over all
day, every day. It would be rather nice to mix it up a
little and play some poker or shoot some pool or a nice game
of chess.

We perceive our reality as us going forward in time, this is
only a perception of our experience but in reality we don't
move forward or backward in time because time in ultimate
consciousness doesn't exist except as a kind of spatial
dichotomy. Just think of how you view time in your dream
state if you want to get a glimpse of what this means.

All just is and all just is in a present moment which has no
beginning and no end. There is no line of demarcation from
the beginning of one present moment to the end of it and the
beginning of the next. Think speed of thought to define the
present moment. And, our logical minds have to scrape for a
definition to a present moment because it escapes our
rationality. We can't seem to grasp a concept like it just is.

But we only perceive something as a sense of time or linear
movement because this is what our brains need. In the realm
of possibilities we are not just stuck on a one way street,
time is a perception of something being in relation to
something else, meaning our awareness of us being in
relation to something at any particular given instance.

In our linear way of thinking we seem to need to have a
beginning and an end. But in higher awareness there is no
need for these ideas or measurements in fact measurement is
not needed at all.

What we desire because of our imprisonment in our conscious
awareness is a need to put a beginning and an end on
everything. Even in a concept such as a black hole, we think
we need to define it as having an opening and a closing, a
beginning and an end.

Thus we see ourselves as being the end of some aspect which
is only the beginning of another aspect of awareness.

There is rhythm and rhythm fluctuates. It is a symmetry of
and of itself which becomes or is a harmonious creation of
and of itself always and ever experiencing itself in ever
expanding and big banging itself, a celestial galactic type
of never ending orgasm of all the parts brought on by the
endless stimulation of itself.

It is always catapulting itself into greater control over
the experience that the observer is continually experiencing
itself as being and wanting to become.

You get tired of creating the same experiences over and over
like you get tired of playing monopoly all the time and you
want to create new experiences and play new games to satisfy
your own desire for all expansion of yourself. And so as it
is found below (here), so it is found above.

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