Act I Scene 18.
The Field of Possibilities

In the field there are all possible possibilities and all
possible combinations of possibilities. There is a
certainty that the "isness" of what we ask for is there
the moment we ask for it. Knowing that what we want is there
is a vibrational oneness which eases our resistance to
presenting itself as a flow to us.

In the field it is a vibration of energy. Law of Attraction
pulls it out of the field of possibilities and presents it
to us as a vibration which we can interpret with our
physical senses.

There is no absence of what we want, but there is a
gestation period for it to show up in physical. The amount
of time is governed by our degree of resistance. So, we ask
and it is done.

We want the feeling that we think the car, the house, the
boat, the relationship will give us, but it isn't the house,
car, the boat or relationship, it's the feeling of it and
once we formulate the desire, we can have the feeling of it
emotionally as we hold that idea or image in our imagination.

Having this feeling, replaying the feeling over and over,
really speeds up the physical manifestation. Appreciate the

But we keep pulling ourselves back into this physical
reality and allowing the bad feeling thoughts of not having
it to have place and replay those thoughts over and over.

Whatever we get is never a reward or punishment for being
"good or bad", but always a consequence of our vibration.

Struggle doesn't help anything. If it's hard stop it. Trying
to make something happen from a vibration that isn't
cooperating is trying to hard.

Success is all about lack of resistance. Emotionalize and
trump up the great feelings. The more I get connected the
more I feel better and better and better about myself. In
alignment there is ease and in alignment there is peace,
there is assurance, there is knowing.

Life is always working out for me. I am surrendering to the
absolute power of the universe. I don't want to work hard
for my money, I just want it to come easily and quickly. I
just want to feel good and play with my toys and have a
grand old time as I explore the endless possibilities that
each moment presents itself to me with.

Money and prosperity now easily flow because of me and my
relationship in harmony with the laws of the universe. All
possibilities now exist simultaneously in the field. I have
absolute power over how I want the energy to flow and to
manifest itself.


That energy will always, is always, cannot stop manifesting
itself, indeed it it stopped the whole world would disintegrate.

And so it does and always will clothe itself into the
closest vibration to the vibration I am in and the belief
system I currently entertain and give place to.

The field must provide me with what I want and am asking for
- it doesn't have or get a choice in this!

My emotions and feelings about my beliefs are the magnet
amplifier that draws the energy out of the field to be
projected into the holodeck I am experiencing.

I hold the absolute key to unlocking the entire power of
this vortex of energy. The key is in feeling wonderful about
what I desire and in being in a vibe of appreciation for it.
It is the feeling we desire we think we will get in the
physical of having it. We can attain that feeling in the
inner mind by visualizing us already in possession of having
or living it.

This amplifies or steps up the vibe. We must see ourselves
as having it or something similar to it before we get it.
Our work is to create it mentally.

The electrons exist in the field only as waves of
possibilities or potentials. They are not capable of having
judgment about whether a thing is good for us or it isn't.
They are only able to respond by forming into a material
manifestation in accordance with our emotional vibrational

Every telephone has a certain unique number assigned to it.
To get that phone you must dial the correct number. Dial a
different number and you get someone else, not your Aunt
Mary whom you were calling. You dial Aunt Mary's number and
it will always call Aunt Mary, never someone else.

It's the same way with the energy in the field. The number
you dial (the frequency your on) will attract similar
frequencies. Be on anger and anger is attracted back, etc.

The subconscious mind is the part of our makeup that puts
our conscious mind's desire on the frequency then transmits
that frequency back to the receiving stations in the field.

We are transmitters, we are receivers, and we are seers.

Vibes of lack, anger, disappointment, judging, jealousy,
etc., all of these create interference patterns or resistant
vibes which de-magnify or water down the vibes of
appreciation, love, joy, peace, tranquility, prosperity,
money, abundance, good health and well being.

We must constantly guard our thoughts and our emotions and

There is never a limited supply in the field of what we
desire. There is only possibility. Our attention to it
causes it to expand in proportion to our attention to it. To
say money or good health is limited, or to say that there
could be a limit on how much we can have is to say God is
limited. Our belief systems are what and the only thing that
causes us to think there is a limit on it.

We can control our belief systems, get rid of and extinguish
and banish old erroneous beliefs with new and better and
more empowering belief systems.

Our belief systems are in place in order for us to better
and more easily navigate the physical world. An example
would be our belief system knows if we place our hand on a
hot stove we will suffer pain, or if we cross the street
without looking we could get creamed. So our belief systems
are vital to our operating in this world.

The problem comes in when we have had certain of our belief
systems erroneously programmed. An example is when we were
often told money doesn't grow on trees, but this is a total
lie. There's big money growing on trees from the sale of
hardwoods, there's money in the sale of firewood, and bark
for mulch. And money is printed on paper which comes from
trees and how about apples and lemons and oranges which all
grow on trees. So the real truth is: Money does indeed grow
on trees and many people have made fortunes from that money.


And we have belief systems covering every aspect of our
lives and sadly a huge percentage of them especially about
money and wealth and abundance simply just aren't true.

We think we have to go to work and work hard for money and
this is totally untrue. But we don't believe that money can
just show up, but go and ask every lottery winner if they
had to work hard to get that money. No they had fun playing
a game and it came.

People inherit money, they sell property that has
appreciated hugely, they get money from sitting back and
watching royalties from oil and gas come in. People didn't
work hard, or work at all, the appreciation did the work,
and the gas and oil companies did the work extracting the
oil and gas from the ground. How about those who invested in
mutual funds or stocks and then sold them later at huge
profits. They didn't cause the stocks to rise, the stock
market did the work, they just sat back and played along and
said sell and the money came. Even people on welfare don't
work for their money. They sit back and every month a check
shows up in their mailbox.

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