Act I Scene 20.
Focusing on things of Wellbeing

Imagine a game, we'll call this the game of wellbeing.
Everyday you get up and as the dice are rolled you play the
game. In this game in order for you to win big, the rules
state you must feel wonderful a large percentage of the time.

You always play the game, you always win, but unless you
play by the stated rules, you may not win the prize you
wanted. When you do play by the rules, money, wealth,
prosperity and good health reward you with their presence.

It's easy to love yourself - it's much harder to not like
yourself. Jeepers, I Feel Wonderful.

My feeling good or feeling bad is only about me related to me.

It's easy to feel good, it's much harder to feel bad.

Inspiration is the element of oneness of you calling you.

If something feels bad or a struggle, then stop, take a look
around to see what it's trying to tell you and then look for
what feels better.

And, when we really, really, really feel good, we have a
tendency to mess up that vibration by trying to explain or
figure out how we got there.

Isn't it nice when someone says to you, "Boy you really
upset me." How novel that I have that much power over
another person that I can affect their emotional health to
that degree.

They are really saying: I don't have enough control over my
emotions and decision making process and that I am allowing
you to control me and I am blaming you for the rotten mode
I'm now in rather than accepting that I don't have the
ability to control myself. Therefore I have to blame other
people or other circumstances so that I don't have to face
my fears and let my ego be humbled in realizing I'm not a
whole and complete person and that I am out of whack with my
true source which holds the inner peace I am seeking.

What they are doing is trying to drag you into their own
chain of emotional pain because misery loves company and
since they are feeling taken advantage of, they want you to
feel the same way.

Great Glittering Galaxies

Everything we do affects our vibration. What we watch, what
we hear and say, what we see, what we feel, how we walk, our
posture, what we eat, what we read, who we are in contact
with, everything in our environment. Absolutely everything
has an affect on us, and it is constantly going on.

Writing something down has an affect, typing something has a
different affect. Writing puts us on a higher vibe than
typing on a computer. Eating whole foods puts us on a higher
vibe than eating highly processed foods. fresh is better
than canned food. Having good posture has a better affect on
us than slouching. How you feel in your clothes and how your
hair looks makes you feel different ways.

We would do well to constantly surround ourselves with
things of a high vibe. We must learn to anything and
whatever it takes to feel good.

This is a grand process.

Our heart is a reflection of the soul of God.


It is easy to choose this thought or that thought and relish
in the better thoughts. Don't take life too seriously, have
much more fun than you have been.

Follow the path of least resistance to the flow of wellbeing.

Key Principle ==> When you learn that you can do more with
less, you will be able to do less and get more.

Focus on the feeling of the relationship to get in the vibe
of having it. The path of least resistance is the path of
least discomfort.

It is easier to let something be done, it is harder to try
and make something happen. It's only hard to attract a
one million dollars if you believe it is.

You can believe that life is hard or that life is easy, and
as Henry Ford said, "Either way you get to be right."

There is nothing serious going on here, it's just life and
life is just a ride in an amusement park. Remember: It's all
just a ride.

I understand that I create my own reality. I'm doing it
constantly whether I am aware of it or not. I understand
that how I'm feeling right now is a prediction of what my
future is going to be. I am offering a vibration and my
emotions are what is my indication gauge that either I'm on
the right track or not. If I'm feeling negative emotion,
then to get to a better place I need to change my vibe to a
higher emotion.

There is always, always something to be thankful for.

The world we live in is a mental/vibrational world. It
responds to vibration.

No matter how hard you try, you can't change all the
conditions surrounding you externally, there are simply too
many conditions going on all around you out there. The only
thing we can do is change how we view these conditions and
what responses we will have to them and hopefully allow them
to elicit good feelings in us.

Frustration of not being there yet puts us on a resistant
vibration. We say, I'll feel better when: I retire, when I
get more money, when my perfect mate shows up, when they
quit bugging me, etc.

That's why you simply have to change your perception of what
is really going on. A better perception of not yet having it
would be, how nice it is that I am on the road which is
leading me into higher and higher vibrational patterns and
that every road stop or seemingly pothole in the road along
the way is really only an illusion that has been set forth
to help me stay on the road and help me in achieving the
level of happiness I am seeking.

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