Act I Scene 14.
A Message on the Creation of Reality

I like knowing I am the creator of my own reality and that
the money that flows is directly related to my thoughts.

I like knowing that I can adjust the amount of money coming
to me by adjusting my thoughts and emotions attached to them.

I like knowing that if I have powerful and abundant thoughts
about money that a powerful amount of money and abundance
will flow to me.

I know that I do now have and live in abundance. Abundance
of health, abundance of relationships, abundance of
finances. I can see the manifestation of all of this all
around me. Everywhere I look I see abundance.

I love being in a state of mental and emotional abundance
where I am calm, cool, collected, full of clarity and full
of confidence, in a state of serenity, peacefulness and

Because I entertain rich thoughts, wealth and prosperity
have to come to me by the actions of the Law of Attraction.
It's like if I throw a baseball up in the air, it has to
come back down. I didn't bring it down, the law of gravity
brought it down, the law of gravity is working abundantly
all the time in my favor blessing me. I couldn't stop the
ball from falling if I wanted, it came down on it's own. And
just as I've thrown up thoughts and feelings of money and
prosperity, so the Law of Attraction is bringing that back
to me.

Only good things can happen to me and only wealth can show
up at my door. Everywhere I look I see wealth. Riches and
blessings are continually being shared with me. I live in a
rich universe that gets it's rocks off blessing me.


It's raining, it's raining money, it's raining blessings,
it's raining prosperity, it's raining abundance and in fact
now it's pouring out so hard these things on me I just sit
back and watch it all happen. I may even have to go get an
umbrella to shield off all the abundance.

In fact every time I breathe I am making money. My money
stream is constantly, 24 - 7 flowing easily to me. Every
time I smile I'm making more and more and more money.
Every time I rejoice the flood gates are opened a little bit
more to let more and more prosperity flow to me. I love it.

I now have this unique feeling of freedom and security and a
great feeling about myself knowing I am the one creating my
exact level of financial income.

Dollar signs in my eyes, all I see is MONEY!


And I'm having a good time, in fact I'm having a great time.
I am grateful that my whole being is in alignment now.

I understand that to be in a bad vibe about anyone else is
not a good place to be if I want to easily attract more
wealth and so I am diligently achieving a place to be able
to look at anyone else and see God.

What I want is done, already done on a vibrational level.
What I want is in the field of possibilities already there
for me. There is no further need to talk about what I want
except that talking about what I want makes me feel good. I
now let it be done and now let Mr. Universe do his thing and
let it experience feeling good by bringing to me what I

I understand from my new found point of perspective that
it's only my physical viewpoint that I can't physically see
it yet. I now let go of my need, my pre-conditioning that I
think I need to do something to make it happen. I now let go
of that wrong information and condition myself to let go and
let God deliver it. I surrender all to, I give up my need
for me to make it happen. I soften my resistance and with
complete confidence know it is already done.

This is now my luckiest year ever as I bask in the warmth of
total abundance, total prosperity, and total wealth in all
aspects of my life.

How thankful I am that I am in a position to be able to
bless so many people. I am so grateful to be me.

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