Act I Scene 16.
A Better Way to Enjoy the Journey

Children love to play because they are the ones who create
their own reality and are in control. They enjoy the feeling
associated with their control.

They are the ones molding the clay and the enjoyment is in
doing it not so much as in the final product.

While having the win is satisfactory and enjoyable, it's
creating the processes that gives us the most enjoyment and
is why we play the game.

We think that winning the game is the big deal, but the big
deal is really how we are creating the win.

Painters paint for the pleasure of the painting, not for the
pleasure in the final product.

Enjoy the journey, the journey provides us with a multitude
of choices we can use and do use to create the next brush
stroke in the masterpiece we are arranging.

The frustration and resistance comes in when we give up
trying to control our environment.

When we give up trying to control the environment then we
can have a much better experience with the environment. We
we can control is our thoughts about the environment and our
emotional responses to it.

I am so able to affect from the quantum field and the
process of my doing this - of my creating the external
circumstances of it happening, the wonderful feelings I can
arouse as I use my creative imagination and power of thought to
create and extract from the field exactly what I desire in a
way that is most easy, fun and relaxing. This is a process
which gives me the most feeling of powerfulness, not so much
as in the physical manifestation of it.

Physically having the money is nice, it's great in fact, but
even greater is the feeling I have as I create it. The journey
from point A to point B.

I create the feeling first, the more powerful and
emotionally elicit the quicker the manifestation of it. Of
course I can create a feeling of anger or hatred and have
that manifest itself also.

We are from a source of energy that has projected a part of
itself into this physical experience, but did not project
all of us into the physical, just an idea of us! The larger
part of who we are is this source of energy.

Thank you. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful
contingent of people in my life with so many varying points
of view and beliefs that offer to me such a collage of
varying experiences and perspectives.

I just feel so much in appreciation for all they have
offered me and continue to offer me. I know that too often I
shut myself away from these, but still appreciate their
presence and am realizing that they add so much color and
variety and contrasts that it is beginning to overwhelm me.
I used to be in a place of feeling judgment, but now
realize that was only a place of false perception I had
about myself.

I realize that everyone in my life is now there for a
reason, and I desire to embrace this and to fully enjoy what
they offer. I was so wrong in my previous mis-interpretation
of who I was and who they are and how they fit into my life.


What a phenomenal co-creation this truly is and everyone
else is seeking a level of wholeness and truth and searching
for it and an understanding of how they can get back to who
they are.

There is a journey we are to take. Joseph Campbell calls
this the hero's journey. But this journey takes us from our
local, temporal, egoistic point of view of our self to an
understanding of a person of destiny, of a person of
wholeness and completeness, this is the journey.

All the characters in that story are a part of or projection
of ourselves. When we get a calling to be above and beyond
ourselves, we are not qualified, but God qualifies us to do
the becoming. Our yes to that calling is what qualifies us.

The more I play in my virtual realities the more ambience I
feel. Everything just seems to happen for my benefit. I'm
like the little children who are playing the game for the
experience of playing the game because now I'm the one in
control of how the game turns and how I make the moves on
the game board.

What is true is that I always Win the game. What is true is
that I always play the game. In fact the game I play does
not have a winner in that I am competing against anyone or
anything else. I am always competing against myself and thus
I am always the winner and always the ultimate winner.

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