Act I Scene 28.
We are the Imagination of Ourselves

We are an aspect of consciousness, each with it's own unique
expression and reaction. We appear to ourself as being
separate from one consciousness, but the rules of the game
require that. And, it's all in that respect a grand illusion
but in no way intended or is any kind of malicious act,
but rather in a way of being actually provided for the
benefit of the whole and of benefit for the individual with
in the whole, as above, so below.

We exist on many different levels of being the world of our
atoms, of our flesh, of our mind, of our awareness of our
environment and while in a classical sense we can separate
each level, they are all synchronistic with each other and
are able to coordinate each level with every other level,
just a mind boggling miraculous series of trillions of
events all occurring individualistically but in harmony with
the whole.

As we perceive expansion and contraction that concept is
only relative to each of those who observe it. At the same
time the universe is expanding, it is also contracting but
again this is only relative to the illusion our mind
perceives it as being.

If we can only believe that the universe is expanding, then
to us it is. But that may not and isn't the perception other
aspects of consciousness has.

Neither or any perception is true or wrong. All perceptions
are experiences and all experiences just are and should be
viewed as such but if we seem to have a need for definition,
then we squander the miraculous and slow ourselves down.

"All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration.
That we are all one consciousness experiencing itself
subjectively. There is no such thing as death. Life is only
a dream
and we are the imagination of ourselves."
~ Comedian Bill Hicks ~

The act of participating in this universe is what creates
our world around us and even by being a participant in it,
is what in some respects creates our illusion of ourselves.

If we don't have a participation with what we deem to be
ourself, then we don't have a recollection of our sense of existence.

All that we perceive is only relative to what we believe is
perceivable or believable in our own world. While it's all
an illusion, an illusion is based purely on what our minds
are capable of understanding in relation to our level of
understanding, knowledge and conscious awareness.

So the illusion is many different things, or multi-
dimensional to many different people all of which are
operating under their own set of paradigms of what is
possible and probable in their own framework of existence.

We are not presented with a polylemma, we are presented with
a range of possibilities of ever expansion if we choose to
see it that way.

This in and of itself gives rise to what we call the human
drama or emotional roller coaster of the ride we've chosen
to be on.

But at any point we can choose to go off the merry-go-round
and get our ticket to ride Space Mountain and experience new
thrills of a different ride.

But being that we become programmed we have a fear of giving
up our everyday melodrama to seek out a different aspect of
the journey. This may or may not give rise to the answers we
seek, but if we perceived this new journey as being merely
the experience and values that a new ride provides, then we
would experience the new as it is purely meant to be: just
one more aspect of our eternal existence being expressed in
a totally new way.

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