Act I Scene 22.
Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Life is but a Dream

What we call our physical personality is a construct, an
artificial construct, composed of definitional beliefs,
emotions and thought patterns and actions.

"Life is but a dream with the observer only having a unique
perspective of what seems to be it's own current reality."
                            ~ W. D. Cole ~

Everything is perceptional relative to our belief system. so
what you think you see isn't necessarily so. What is
happening is that we have vibrational interpretations that
transmit electrical signals to the brain where these signals
are interpreted into what our conscious mind believes is possible.

You can't see anything that you don't believe is possible
and if you do, then your brain will scramble trying to make
sense of what you just saw, heard, felt or tasted until it's
unique belief systems are satisfied on the current level
they are on.

The "realness" of what we have here is "real" but we should
never allow ourselves to believe that perceived realness is
all that there is that's real - thus limiting ourselves to
the possibilities of what else could be real in addition to
what we believe.

There are as many worlds and possibilities in each world as
their are perceptions of them. What is real is only what we
perceive it to be at any given moment. And all of that can
change in any future given moment.

I am so much more than what my senses tell me or perceive the
world around me tells me that I am. I exist and have a
conscious awareness simultaneously on many dimensions of
consciousness and have the possibility of inhabiting many
unique life forms in each of these realms and even in this
realm on different star systems and in many parallel
universes. This is all possibilities but not always a
probability for that entire scenario for every person.

We are here only a very small segment or expression of all
that we are, yet each segment has the full potential of the
entire whole. Each segment is garnering information in each
of it's realms and transmitting this energy throughout my
system or network of life expressions and each interacting
with the unique world it encounters in myriads of ways for
the express purpose of taking in information which is
gleaned from the experiences and subsequent emotions and
feelings of the experience.

Thus it is the evolvement of the whole that is the main game
in town, which also evolves the segments. Each and every
experience is designed by the higher order of life to
provide each segment's with experiences they need to fulfill
their own destinies.

In order for each segment to have these experiences and
provide feedback, it becomes necessary that each segment not
be aware of the other segments, the dream state is one way
of re-connection to and experience of, the other parts of
the segments, but not always should a dream be interpreted
as being exclusively that.

Yet, all events of all parts occur in the Now. Each segment
has it's own perspective of time, which is only relative to
the frequency they are having experiences in.

I am ONE with all of the parts and at the same time ONE with
all of creation, ONE with those who are the creators, but at
the same time only and yet, gloriously a unique experience,
distinctly one with the whole and yet having the experience
of being separate from.

My foot does not experience the same thing as my hand, they
are separate and each having unique experiences of and to
themselves and each sending feedback to the central
processing system of the body, or the controller of each
body part, but my feet and hands are parts of the same
expression of life making up parts of the human body and
each is aware of each others existence and function in the
total effort and each does not question the value of the
other part or the reason why it's there. Each does simply
make up part of the whole and provide information to the
whole which helps each other part of the whole to function,
experience and evolve.

In one existence I can experience flying effortlessly with
no limitations. In another I can experience physical pain.
In another I can perceive the same events in a whole new
perspective, in one experience I am unlimited and in another
experience limitation.

In each is not more valued than the other, all are valued
and everything I do here is valued and each can experience
another parts existence to some degree but only

Everything we experience is of value. There is no judgment
in any experience, except for what a human being chooses to
place. There is no right or wrong in any experience, it is
only experience. We only limit ourselves to experience
oneness and completeness when we do place judgment on any
thought, emotion or event.

Those who are child prodigies are connected but no more than
we are, they simply do not put limits on themselves in that
manner. They don't believe they can't. Their creative imagination
and the having fun with it are what puts them into a non-
resistant state which allows the oneness of life and
collective energy to flow through them in beautiful

(However we all in this particular geometric dimension are
somewhat limited by the collective frequency range that our
planet and everything on it is assigned to. In other words
everything physical here is contained within a certain
frequency band width. While in a physical existence we are
not able to go outside this band and can only experience
within it's ranges.


There are band widths above and below what ours are, but we
can't tune into them in a normal state of physicalness.
There are some enlightened ones who can go outside and tune
in to a different station, but for the most of us we are fixed
which is all well and fine and actually very, very useful,
it could get rather chaotic if things weren't this way.

A good analogy would be if you wanted to listen on the radio
to country western, then you would tune the radio dial to
107 where your favorite country station broadcasts it's
signals on. But if you wanted to listen to polkas, you'd
have to re-tune to 590 to get a different station playing
different music.

If we were able to hear multiple frequencies, like country,
polka, rock and roll, talk shows and Willie's Roadhouse all
at the same time, we simply couldn't comprehend all those
different songs playing all at the same time and we'd go
nuts and turn the radio off. But it's quite competent for us
to listen to only one band width at any one time instead of
all at once.

And as a side note, the one you call God Consciousness, does
have the vibrational ability to tune in to and listen to all
frequencies from all band widths all at the same time and
perfectly understand what is going on at all stations with
crystal clear clarity. In other words that being is
experiencing all experiences of every experiencer all at the
same instant.)

We all have the same abilities to connect that a child
prodigy have and were born with this, yet by age 5 or so,
we've been programmed to have a different belief system
which effectively suppresses the energy fields from allowing
an expression of creativity and instead allowing an
expression of mundane.

We are told over and over we can't do that, don't do that,
money doesn't grow on trees, etc. All forced programming
that effectively forms our belief system which is the magnet
that attracts to us the energy we are putting off and
receiving back.

Only the rare few are programmed in a different way and
their internal magnetism attracts to them phenomenal
expressions of creative energy.

Consciousness is eternal - there is nothing to miss.

Dementia is a soft transition vibrationally into

We are multi-dimensional.

The unknown that we worry about is so delicious. There is so
much abundance and prosperity. We are so blessed to be able
to experience such a small part of it here.

Laughing and loving are healing forces. Confusion and worry
detracts from healing, lines of fear create disease in the body.

You are so phenomenal that it is ineffable to even begin to
imagine the wholeness of all of your parts and magnificent

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