Act I Scene 32.
Trying to Control the Uncontrollable

Trying to control the uncontrollable actions of any other
person will drive you cuckoo.

A battle against anything is always a battle against yourself.

My feeling good is only about me related to me.

No one has any power over us to make us feel in a certain
way unless we give them that power and it to whatever
varying degree we are willing to let them affect us.

Too many people are dependant upon the behavior of others
and when this happens we always find ourself in a place of
needing to control others in such a way that we think we can
affect them to act in ways that will make us feel good.

This is putting us in an uncomfortable position of needing
to be control freaks and as the world gets bigger, we find
there are to many moving parts and you find less ability to

   Freedom is stop trying to control the uncontrollable. And
then control the only thing we do have absolute control over
which is our alignment with our inner higher nature.

Then the more and more we come into alignment, the more and
more Law of Attraction will bring to us harmonizing
situations and people.

Jesus said seek first the kingdom and THEN all the right
material wealth and right relationships will be provided to
you. The key word is then.

So our effort is to focus on feeling good and getting
ourselves into a better alignment and then Law of Attraction
brings us more good feeling things.

Thinking about not having enough money or on the problems in
life doesn't make us feel good and since Law of Attraction
works on a vibrational basis, it is drawing to us more lack
and more situations of dis-harmony.

Focus on appreciation for what you do have and appreciation
for who you are and more things we can appreciate show up
and we are able to perceive even the same things we saw
before as being unwanted as now being things we are in
appreciation of.

But we have this proclivity towards observing what's in our
physical reality and basing our feeling good or bad on
judgments about those events because that's the way we've
been taught to be.

And, it's easier for us to do this because that's all we've
ever done. but the rewards come when we don't focus on
physical reality and instead focus on getting our vibration
in alignment with a higher better way.

Seek FIRST the kingdom.

We all have patterns of thoughts about all subjects and we
all perceive what is around us according to what we believe
fits in with those patterns of thoughts. This is why optical
illusions work so well to fool us.

Law of Attraction is constantly bringing to us all the
events and circumstances which harmonize with our thought
patterns and "trick" us into believing or reinforcing our
beliefs that indeed what we are seeing and experiencing is
what reality is. And thus we continue to live lives of quiet
desperation because we believe the illusions we are creating
for ourselves to be real.

The true reality is the vibrational essence of who we really
are and that's the reality the great teachers thru history
have tried to steer us into. We have to merge with this
because energy of source will not like to merge with the
unwanted reality just to satisfy ourself.

If you look at all events that show up in our life and say
to them, "I did that" even the so called unwanted events,
then you can come to a realization (what a nice word to use
here), that you can change the unwanted to a wanted.

But it's so easy to give other people credit for the way
they behave, and that of course feels logical to us.
However, actually it isn't logical, it's an illusion because
always the way other people are behaving towards us matches
our expectations of how we think they should behave towards
us. People will always raise or lower how they behave
towards us based on our beliefs about those people.

It is always a spiral of vibration.

But when we base our thoughts on how we think they feel
rather than on the reality of what we want, they somehow
seem to appear to be a disappointment to us.

While all of how they are acting and reacting to us may be
true, we have to realize that there are all kinds of and
many truths. But we can't use these truths as our criteria
for our own focus.

Those truths are just information and nothing more.

They don't create our reality unless we give up our power to

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