Act I Scene 31.
It's about Time we Played the Game of Life

Einstein missed it because you can't factor time in. There
is no time, there is only our perception of what we believe
time to be. Times does not exist, harmony and rhythm do.

"The universe is created by a consciousness which manifests
in physical reality through a blueprint we call Sacred
Geometry, which repeats over and over giving the illusion of
linear time." ~ Thoth ~

"Reality is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."
~ Albert Einstein ~

"Time and distance is only relative to our perception of
what we deem time and space to be." ~ W.D. Cole ~

We can only perceive concepts of time and distance by our
conscious awareness of what we believe these concepts to

Certainly time and space and distance concepts are vital to
ourselves so we can effectively navigate and interact in the
world we find ourselves to be in. However, when entertaining
these concepts from a higher level of an awareness,
proportions do not seem to be or need to be in anywhere as a
closely defined concept as we in our physical awareness need
them to be.

Thus in higher levels of awareness, time and distance become
only relative to the awareness of the dimension we find
ourselves to be in at the current now.

The Earth orbits around the sun a certain number of days, it
spins on it's axis a certain amount of time, 60 seconds make
one minute, 5,280 feet make a mile. There is a certain and
definite order to the workings of the physical world around
us which are vital to our being able to experience this
world. Without this definite, pre-determined orderliness the
game could not be played.

All games have predetermine rules. In Monopoly there are
rules to abide by and each player in the game is in the game
to experience what the game can provide and each of those
players are required to abide by the rules.

If there were no rules, then then the first player to roll
the dice would win every time. The first player would simply
roll the dice and then declare that all players forfeit all
their money and chances to play to the first player.

If I were the first player in the game I would be the
winner, but also be the loser because I denied myself and
the other players the opportunities to experience the ups
and downs, the thrills and disappointments that would be
derived by playing the game in it's entirety according to
the pre-set rules.

If in this world there were no pre-set rules then the first
player in the game of life would, or could have
automatically declared themselves winner of the game and all
others invited to play would have to forfeit their
experiences to the winner and the game would be over as soon
as it got started.

Thus there are pre-set rules to the game of Life for the
purpose of all to be able to be participants in the game and
be able to play the game on some kind of level.

The rules of the game are of such that we as humanoid
consciousness perceive all time, space, geometry to be
somewhat uniform, but each does perceive these concepts of
time, space, geometry in their own unique way. but still in
a manner that enables them to continue to be players in the

In Monopoly you play until you give up or become bankrupt.
In life you play until you give up (suicide or similar
suicide of not wanting to live anymore in your mind), or you
become bankrupt (death by other means) but all in all you've
still been allowed to be a player in the game.

The game never ends, it only continues albeit with different
personalities each perceiving the order of the universe (the
rules) as being what it is to them at their present state of
understanding of who they are and what they believe possible
(how they see themselves as fitting in the game).

The master players are those who recognize that winning the
game is not the objective. That all who choose to play are
the winners. But, also recognizing that they are only
playing the game for the experiences the game provides.

They understand the rules of the game and why the game is
being played and thus don't get sucked down into the
conflict of winning or losing but rather rejoice at the
opportunities to be a player.

The concepts of winning or losing is irrelevant. Focusing on
winning or losing is what most people do and thus they lose
by failing to wake up to the richness of the experiences,
all experiences derived from simply just playing the game.

You don't ride a merry-go-round or a roller coaster to
"win." You ride for the pleasure and experience of riding.

You play the game of life for the pleasure of it and the
experiences of it, not to win or lose.

Just because you choose to be a participant in it declares
automatically that you win unless you determine that there
is a chief end of winning or losing. They you become a
victim of the very game you chose to play for the sole
purpose of the experiences it would provide.

And the concept of win or lose is only relevant to what your
belief systems are telling you that they think winning or
losing is. And, quite frankly, most of everything your belief
systems are telling you about this is all wrong anyway.

The only objective of the game is to provide a wealth and
abundance of experiences of varying degrees to each
participant in the game. And today you can be the hat or the
horse or any other symbolic piece that goes around the board.

And you can own Boardwalk, Pennsylvania Avenue and all the
railroads if you want and at the same all other players in
the game can "own" them.

In the game of life you and you alone control what numbers
appear on the dice if you come to the realization that this
is only a game and that you can never lose in the game. That
all you have to do is be a willing participant in the game
and you will always win.

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