Act I Scene 24.
The Meaning of Life

The meaning of life is that there is no meaning of life. Nothing
in life has built in meaning except what we assign to it.

Said another way, the meaning of life is for us to give it
meaning. And, the meaning we choose to assign to it
ultimately determines what effect we get out of it. And, the
effect we get out of life is totally based on how we define
our reality.

Life is supposed to be fun. Now assign that meaning to your
life and see how much fun the ride can become.

Law of Attraction - what you put out in life is what you get
back. The energy we put out is the energy we get back. The
meaning we assess to anything is the meaning we get back.

It is completely in our power to determine what it is we
will experience in every facet and aspect of our life.

We must learn to give ourselves a permission slip to expand
into higher and higher and higher evolvements. To allow the
metamorphosis of our breaking out of the cocoon into a
beautiful butterfly.

If a tree falls in the forest when no one is around does it
make a noise? Yes it does. Just because a human life form
is not there to "hear" it and hearing is only an
interpretation of a certain frequency - there are myriads of
life forms in the forest such as other trees, plants, bugs,
animals, etc., that are all able to interpret the vibration
of a tree snapping and hitting the ground, although they may
not have the same interpretation that we do of what the
noise "sounds" like to us. They each interpret the
vibrations on their own unique way.

Animals and plants are much more intuitive or able to
interpret the vibrations of nature than man often is. We
don't to a large degree because we have been trained to
check the weather channel to find out if a storm is coming,
when an animal and plant can sense it internally and just
know. They have to rely on their instincts because they
have nothing else.

We cannot be more abundant and more wealthy than we already
are. We only lack these things to whatever degree because
that is how we have been trained and that determines how we
perceive our world around us.

We are right now as truly abundant as we will ever be - if
we believe we lack something then really what we have
conjured up for ourselves is an abundance of lack.

So the issue is not how do I become more abundant, what
steps do I have to take to make it happen, but rather we
have to believe we are always at all moments abundant in


Abundance is only a concept that can be represented by many
things including lots of money, big houses, expensive care,
excellent health and there is nothing inherently wrong with
having trillions of dollars, dollars is only a symbol that
represents something.

How does having lots of money make me feel? It makes me feel
powerful, it makes me feel important, it makes me feel
secure and confident, if makes me feel like I have more control.

However, money and abundance is only a state of mind.

Money is an energy. If is a feeling we get the more and more
we become. The paper that money is printed on isn't money,
that paper is only a representation of the energy we call

When we receive paper we are actually receiving energy. When
someone gives me a 20 dollar bill, they are actually
transferring a certain amount of energy on a certain
frequency from their energy field to me.

The paper we hold in our wallets is not money, it is Federal
Reserve notes in various denominations.

A good definition of abundance is the ability to do what you
need to do when you need to do it. To be in complete harmony
with your true inner nature.

Most spend their lives in mediocrity just trying to get by
and make it until the weekend where they find themselves to
exhausted to enjoy their 2 days off. They are always wishing
things would get better, never content and happy that
everything is already perfect, never realizing that
everything right now is perfect, that right now is their
lucky day and that right now they are living in an
unbelievable sea of prosperity and wealth and never realizing
that right now is all they ever have anyway.

But instead they choose to replay past experiences or
project hopeful wishes into a future that is vague to them.
Somehow believing that some mysterious outside force is
somehow in control of their lives and thus relegating
themselves to a belief that they themselves cannot every
attain a life of freedom and expression of the totality of
who they really are.

Most never question who they really are. Most never question
the status quo of what they have been trained to think they
are and then find some deluded sense of comfort in the drama
that plays out in their lives always believing that they
have no influence or ability to create exactly the life that
they should choose to live. And further never realize that
they are always, whether they know it or believe it,
creating the exact circumstances they now find themselves in

They are like puppets who react and respond to world news
events and politics and how "they" should do things
differently taking a viewpoint of all that's wrong in the world.

Never realizing that they in the right now moment have
absolute control over what comes to them and how they
perceive the world and that how they perceive the world to
be is what is creating the next and next and next moments.
And, that they ultimate gift they have been given is that
each has the absolute authority to create their life the way
they want it to be and never understanding that by staying
in the vibration of mundane they in themselves are
attracting more of the same mundane as if it's all a self
fulfilling prophecy.

Do not judge whether you have changed by whether or not the
outside has changed. Gauge whether you have changed to the
outside, whether or not it has changed, it is how you
respond to the external that makes the difference. And then
things externally can change because if you respond
differently then that's the statement that says you've
really changed and then you can reflect that.

How cool the ride is when we become totally encompassed in
the blissfulness of the endless possibilities contained in
each and every moment of our life.

All of creation is pulling for you to experience the
deliciousness of each of the God given gems contained in
each and every moment you choose to become more of yourself
than you could have imagined by giving up and relinquishing
any stupid ideas that you are any less than an essence of
the creation energy you really are.

Every experience is totally valuable. Watch yourself and
your reactions as you experience these events and laugh
constantly at everything that you happenstance to encounter.

Learn to live the life of constant amazement. The life that
is incredible at each moment of it's existence and that
millions of possibilities exist for you in every moment of
your being. Life is meant to be an exploration of who you
are and what you would like yourself to be and how you feel
about yourself at any given instance in time.

Feel good about yourself. Enjoy and relish every experience
that you encounter. Every second is precious and every
second contains within it the totality of all that ever has
been and all that is and all that will be. You have been
given a gift of majestic proportions, one that no amount of
money on Earth could buy. The gift of being able to see this
and allow it to unfold in every phenomenal ways to enhance
the quality of you life experience and of who you really are
and your relation to the macrocosm of the experience of
consciousness expressed within and throughout eternal

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